Oh Yah Baby!
The Chickens Are Coming!
We paid for and met them today.

Four beautiful five month old laying hens of which
Three are Rhode Island Reds and One is a Barred Hen.
You can see the Barred Hen better in this shot.....
The people who owned these are moving into town in August and have no room to keep them anymore, but love them to bits!
Remember, we picked up this coop back at the end of March this year?
Then do you recall when we were eating crow...er...hen very shortly after?
Well....we've got our plan in motion now and within a day or two will
be ready to show you our little chicken casa.
We'll also be getting two of these Rescue Chickens from Maureen's daughter Christie's rescue farm we visited last week while picking up a riding lawnmower.
Bless their wee hearts....
If you follow Maureen's blog "It's All Connected" you'll have seen her
Rescued Chicken Update yesterday where she explains the fascinating
progress her birds have made in the short time they've been with her!
I can't wait to see ours flourish and become....cocky?  Hahaha

Now that the crazy birthday extravaganza is over, we can focus on our little
part of the world again so....keep an eye out for these new additions to our family!


27/06/2012 16:59

You are going to love having those chickens!

27/06/2012 19:29

Can't wait to read about your chicken adventures! They are beautiful...will you be naming them? Of course! You have to!

03/07/2012 06:55

Yes...definitely naming them! For sure! We have them now! I'll be posting soon about the coop! xo

Rukmini Roy
02/07/2012 02:09

Weeeee. How I love playing with them...but remember getting pecked by one, once. Haha. I love them. Can I please name one? Please?


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