I definitely have some catching up to do with my blogging and
really don't feel the need to explain other than "It's Summer"...
a time when your family & friends are socializing with you regularly for
BBQ's and campfires.  We've all been there right?

Enough said.

Quite some time ago, we were visiting our friends Lynne & Paul around the
corner in our wee village and she showed me her ingenious towel rack
Paul had made for their washroom.
If you look closer, you'll see the end brackets are none other than
wall mounted plant hangers!  Isn't this a fabulous idea?!
Dan & I were mulling over ideas to use as chicken perches in our coop and
it suddenly hit me....we could use Lynne & Paul's fantastic towel rack concept!
Although it's not as pretty as their towel rack, it works wonderfully.
Our chickens return to the coop each night at sundown and when I
enter the shed to close their pulley door, all four are lined up perching and cooing
on this particular perch...the longest of the three Dan made for them.

It just goes to show you, you can use your decorating skills in the chicken coop!
Or, perhaps you'll encorporate the towel shelf somewhere into your home.
Either way, this was an idea worth sharing!


14/08/2012 10:34

I can just see your hens all sitting in a row...what a clever idea! Not a bad towel bar either... ":o)

16/08/2012 02:05

Aye! Too good for the girls... How's hash? How I long to see her children and her children :P

18/08/2013 02:40

Although it's hardly as gorgeous as their towel torture, it processs wonderfully.
Our cowards yield to the cage every darkness at dusk besides whereas I
begin the shelter to vicinity their pulley exit, many four are lined up perching moreover cooing
on this scrupulous alight...the longest of the trio Dan made for them.

23/08/2013 02:17

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28/09/2013 08:34

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