A fast paced, easy read about a federal protection officer, Corte, and his principals, who are the people he's protecting from a hired lifter.  The lifter, Henry Loving, always seems to be a few steps ahead of Corte throughout the story and there are many twists and turns that are completely unexpected as Corte strives to uncover the reason behind the lifter being hired.  The lifter is dangerous because he'll use any means to acquire the information he's after, torture being a primary method.

            The reason I loved this book is because (and no offense to Jeffery Deaver, but) it wasn't about Lincoln Rhymes.  I was getting a bit put off with that same character in all his recent books and had actually stopped reading this author for awhile, but this book has brought be back to being an avid fan again.  Thanks Jeffery Deaver!

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            All my life, I've read like a maniac...under the covers as a kid with a flashlight and still now into the wee hours of the morning.  Once I pick up a book, there's nothing else I want to do.  You get lost in books and to me, it's like watching an excellent movie, but you design the set and choose the appearance of the characters in your head while reading.  It's called imagination!

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