This was such a unique story narrated through the eyes of a five year old boy, Jack, who literally spent the first five years of his life being raised by his kidnapped mother in an 11' x 11' Room.

            Extremely well written, almost as if the author, Emma Donoghue,  had experienced this phenomena herself.  How would you handle teaching your child about everything with barely any learning tools and no hands on experience with things we all take for granted?

            At first, when I started reading it, I was thinking...this is so strange...reading a book in the person of the child involved....but then you realize, the handicap of his reality is amazing.  I've never read a book like this and I loved it! 


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            All my life, I've read like a maniac...under the covers as a kid with a flashlight and still now into the wee hours of the morning.  Once I pick up a book, there's nothing else I want to do.  You get lost in books and to me, it's like watching an excellent movie, but you design the set and choose the appearance of the characters in your head while reading.  It's called imagination!

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