This was EXCELLENT!  Wow!  I just put it down and had to rush into the house to post a blog!  I can't wait to see the movie! 

            The furtive struggle of black maids treated so badly in the 60's in Mississippi and their relationship with their white employers is made public (anonymously) through a visionary, 23yrold white woman searching for equality between not only races, but also people in general. 

            The characters and the writing is done so authentically, you feel as if you know them all personally and then....it's over!  Worst part was when it ended, because I wanted to keep reading!  Definitely pick this book up!  Wow!


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            All my life, I've read like a maniac...under the covers as a kid with a flashlight and still now into the wee hours of the morning.  Once I pick up a book, there's nothing else I want to do.  You get lost in books and to me, it's like watching an excellent movie, but you design the set and choose the appearance of the characters in your head while reading.  It's called imagination!

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