Since making the first two flowerpots (HERE), I've tried a few more
and I recently made one for Robynn (our daughter) for her birthday.

The story behind this Jade plant is....

When Dan & Robynn's mom were still together, they had started a little jade plant
from a leaf they obtained...somewhere.
Her mom still has the plant, I believe, because her brother started one from it.
He gave us a small plant from that plant and Robynn really wanted one because it
reminded her of her know...just one of those inanimate objects that remind you of the old memories you cherish?

So, we decided to give her the plant her brother gave us and we kept a wee piece of it to try
and grow another one.

And, my idea was to combine her memory of the plant with a pretty pot.
(Whitechurch Road is where she lived when she was young)
Robynn's Jade Plant
I really like how this pot turned out.
Laurie from Heaven's Walk gave me some pointers after I made my first ones
and I tried them....she said to let the
clay part show through more to make them look more aged and they do!
Big thanks to Laurie for helping me in my frustration!
Also, I used the house graphic from The Graphics Fairy, and it chipped off a
wee bit in the transfer process after mod podging, but I LOVE IT chipped up like that!
It just adds to the look I think!

1/19/2012 01:04:55 pm

Hi Wendy!
I'm in Southern Ontario, too, and, I would like to buy a Splendid Blender pen, but, have been unable to locate one.
Where did you get yours, please?
I love your plant pots!

5/29/2014 12:11:25 pm

Your article is one of the most unique articles I've read in a while. I have learned a little something today about this topic that I hadn't thought of before.


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