Remember these shots?
That was Before!
And, after much scrubbing and cleaning
with a mix of Vinegar, Baking Soda and Lemon,
and then,
Spraypaint!  Yay!  I love Spraypaint!

This is the result of my labours.....
Doesn't it look so pretty now?
The nice thing about this birdcage is it has the original gorgeous glass feeders attached to the sides!

My dilemma of what to put inside the birdcage has been fun as well!
I finally decided on a broken "Tinkerbell" like fairy
we've had for years in the garden.

I had to glue her wing and foot back on
and then spraypaint her, but she's lovely now sitting in her nest of
(the dreaded) Spanish Moss!

The only thing is....
I feel kind of sad that she's locked up in this cage.
Dan thought I should leave the door open at the very least!
My Poor Tinkerbell!

Sunday's Best Linky Party!
Even if you don't have lots of money, you can still
freshen up your world with paint!  And, of course, little touches here and there
to accent them.
Have you got an old bench that needs painting or just a side table
that would be so much prettier painted up?
How about a sign on your gate that needs refreshing?
All those little things add up to a cleaner look.
I know....some things shouldn't be painted...they look excellent in their
shabby, roughed up way, but they can be more of a focal point if
surrounded by cleaner looking items, I think.
It's funny, but I bet all of you could look around inside and out and see
something that has aged a little more than you wanted it too or has a bit of
rust on it now, or just needs the colour changed because maybe it's too "80s"!

My favourite zap of colour these last two years is RED!  
(and antique white!)
Someone told me it's because I'm menopausal...hahahaha!
Is that like an andropausal guy buying a red sports car?

Here's some of the red things I've added around my home!
This is an old dough table which we were told
came out of Cranmer Farm in Stoney Creek.
I know, I could have sanded it down and stained it to be a lovely
historic looking piece of furniture, but I wanted
it for our outside Screened-In room
and I wanted it to be a happy room!
I painted this with exterior Behr paint.

We've had this old bench here for about 18yrs! 
A friend from work gave it to us years ago because she was
going to throw it out!
It's been yellow, and for years was just a chipped up mess sitting out in our garden
in the old house.
Then....I started seeing red.....hahahahaha!
Same paint used as the dough table!

This was just an old tin, rusty hanging flat pot.
(Not sure if it actually served a purpose at one time as any more
than has little vents in the side?)
Spraypaint and Done!

Look around your house today....really look at it.....and I bet
you'll see something you could "freshen up"!
A great idea for this came from my decorator friend Maureen.
She says "Take a photo of your room and you'll be shocked at what you see"
Things you don't think look so bad, show up in photos like a sore thumb!

I'd better get my camera out today!


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