Since making the first two flowerpots (HERE), I've tried a few more
and I recently made one for Robynn (our daughter) for her birthday.

The story behind this Jade plant is....

When Dan & Robynn's mom were still together, they had started a little jade plant
from a leaf they obtained...somewhere.
Her mom still has the plant, I believe, because her brother started one from it.
He gave us a small plant from that plant and Robynn really wanted one because it
reminded her of her know...just one of those inanimate objects that remind you of the old memories you cherish?

So, we decided to give her the plant her brother gave us and we kept a wee piece of it to try
and grow another one.

And, my idea was to combine her memory of the plant with a pretty pot.
(Whitechurch Road is where she lived when she was young)
Robynn's Jade Plant
I really like how this pot turned out.
Laurie from Heaven's Walk gave me some pointers after I made my first ones
and I tried them....she said to let the
clay part show through more to make them look more aged and they do!
Big thanks to Laurie for helping me in my frustration!
Also, I used the house graphic from The Graphics Fairy, and it chipped off a
wee bit in the transfer process after mod podging, but I LOVE IT chipped up like that!
It just adds to the look I think!

Remember these shots?
That was Before!
And, after much scrubbing and cleaning
with a mix of Vinegar, Baking Soda and Lemon,
and then,
Spraypaint!  Yay!  I love Spraypaint!

This is the result of my labours.....
Doesn't it look so pretty now?
The nice thing about this birdcage is it has the original gorgeous glass feeders attached to the sides!

My dilemma of what to put inside the birdcage has been fun as well!
I finally decided on a broken "Tinkerbell" like fairy
we've had for years in the garden.

I had to glue her wing and foot back on
and then spraypaint her, but she's lovely now sitting in her nest of
(the dreaded) Spanish Moss!

The only thing is....
I feel kind of sad that she's locked up in this cage.
Dan thought I should leave the door open at the very least!
My Poor Tinkerbell!

Sunday's Best Linky Party!
Even if you don't have lots of money, you can still
freshen up your world with paint!  And, of course, little touches here and there
to accent them.
Have you got an old bench that needs painting or just a side table
that would be so much prettier painted up?
How about a sign on your gate that needs refreshing?
All those little things add up to a cleaner look.
I know....some things shouldn't be painted...they look excellent in their
shabby, roughed up way, but they can be more of a focal point if
surrounded by cleaner looking items, I think.
It's funny, but I bet all of you could look around inside and out and see
something that has aged a little more than you wanted it too or has a bit of
rust on it now, or just needs the colour changed because maybe it's too "80s"!

My favourite zap of colour these last two years is RED!  
(and antique white!)
Someone told me it's because I'm menopausal...hahahaha!
Is that like an andropausal guy buying a red sports car?

Here's some of the red things I've added around my home!
This is an old dough table which we were told
came out of Cranmer Farm in Stoney Creek.
I know, I could have sanded it down and stained it to be a lovely
historic looking piece of furniture, but I wanted
it for our outside Screened-In room
and I wanted it to be a happy room!
I painted this with exterior Behr paint.

We've had this old bench here for about 18yrs! 
A friend from work gave it to us years ago because she was
going to throw it out!
It's been yellow, and for years was just a chipped up mess sitting out in our garden
in the old house.
Then....I started seeing red.....hahahahaha!
Same paint used as the dough table!

This was just an old tin, rusty hanging flat pot.
(Not sure if it actually served a purpose at one time as any more
than has little vents in the side?)
Spraypaint and Done!

Look around your house today....really look at it.....and I bet
you'll see something you could "freshen up"!
A great idea for this came from my decorator friend Maureen.
She says "Take a photo of your room and you'll be shocked at what you see"
Things you don't think look so bad, show up in photos like a sore thumb!

I'd better get my camera out today!

            I'm sure we've all been there!  What do I do with all the photos....the tangible, physical ones?  In this day and age of digital photos, you can just print as needed, but back in the day before these wondrous cameras, you either had to place them into photo albums (a tedious job to say the least!) or like me...keep them in a rubbermaid box!  That's right!  So unorganized! 

            I was a busy, working mom & wife.  I didn't have time for organizing photos.  Really?  I was lucky if I got the laundry caught up!  You just don't have the time or the inclination to do it.  You'd find an envelope of newly developed photos and throw them in a drawer...later, perhaps days (maybe months...eek)  you'd pull them out and move them to the box.  Then when you actually want to take a look at have to search willy-nilly all through the box, just to find that particular special photo you want to display!

            A few years back, Dan & I bought this lovely 28-drawer cabinet at our favourite Antique place "Country Corner" outside of Simcoe. (Sorry..they don't seem to have a web page or I'd link to it because they are awesome!)  It's 42"h x 18-1/2"w x 9"d and fits perfectly under our antique telephone.

            The drawers are labelled with (two each) our names, the kids names and their spouses names...if they were around when we had prints of photos...and some other varied labels like "pets, Dan's parents, my parents and friends".  It's beautiful, because often one or another of the kids will be here and their drawers get pulled out as they show someone their photos from throughout the years.  Lots of laughter fills the house with the memories rekindled.

            The best part though, is that we're actually looking at the photos, instead of passing on going to drag out "the box" and if someone gives us a recent print-out of a photo, we have a drawer specifically for it now, instead of it being crammed into the junk drawer! 

            Here's to keeping the memories close!


              This is definitely not an "old" item, however I thought it was kind of neat.  Obviously, it's meant to be used as a wine caddy.  I picked it up out at Mizeners Antique Market the same day I picked up that &*$#% tray!  This was $10.00.  I planned to spraypaint it and then put three different sized candles in the base of it with some nesting straw around it.  I think it will make a lovely glow in whatever room it ends up sitting in, don't you?  This didn't take too long...quick and easy! 

            I spraypainted the cast iron with an antique white (I know...always antique white's a kick I'm on!) and when it dried I put my battery operated candles into the wine holder circles and simply surrounded them with Spanish Moss. 

            I say simply (hahaha) because it was...however, totally messy stuff to work with!  I've never used it before and I had to pull out the vacuum cleaner afterward and vacuum everything!  Little fine hair-like fibers all over the floor and the table and chairs in the dining area!  Crazy!  But, I wanted it to look like a nest and it does! 

            What is it with me and nesting today?!  hahaha!

            As a final touch, I tried a bow go.  But, I do think at Christmas you could put a lovely ribbon on this to make it more seasonal!  Then I tried some white flowers, but it looked like something that would be the centerpiece at the head table of a wedding...just sayin'!  So, finally...I called my friend, Maureen...the decorator....and asked her if she had any birds laying around?  And...she did...what a lovely whimsical touch!

              I made these flowerpots for two of my childhood friends' birthdays which coincide in the same month.  We've known each other since we were 5yrs old and last night we convened for one of our quarterly "Girls' Nights" where we gather at one of our houses, bring two appetizers each and a birthday gift for whoever's birthday is near.  There's four of us and we put our jammies on and just gab and eat and have a little wine. 

            These really weren't as difficult as I thought they'd be to make.  I used the instructions from Heaven's Walk and had a little hands on tutorial from my friend, Maureen .  The hardest part was standing back and looking and trying to make the pots appear aged.  Hard to do when you've just painted them!  I found that a sea sponge, once again, gave me better control and I just kept layering greys (two tones) and watered down whites onto the white-washed pot.    The frames of the lettering were courtesy of The Graphics Fairy, but the cracks, lovingly handpainted onto the pots, are courtesy of me!  Hahaha! 

            For instructions on how to make these, visit Heaven's Walk or Its All Connected for a step by step tutorial!  If I can follow them, anyone can, because we all know what a Spaz I am! 

           I gave these to my friends last night and I think they liked them!   I do!

The Graphics Fairy

Brag Monday

            My daughter gave me this garden shelf for Mother's Day (yes, back in May) and I really wasn't sure what to do with it?  Dan hung it in the larger washroom upstairs and I kept pondering what to put in it.  I put in lotions and tried candles, but was worried about it catching fire if I lit them, then a few days ago, I thought...just do it!  So, I went to the Dollar Store and picked up some artificial flowers and a clump of grass from Michaels, as well as some wee battery operated tea lights that were on sale.
     With florists foam, I built up the bottoms of each square container and put in soaps and candles and interspersed the flowers in the florists' foam around them.  And, just for a little perk, put some q-tips in a small jar with a ribbon.  I feel better that I've done something with this, because I really love it, but it was an awkward piece of wall art to deal with.  Coincidentally, one of my other daughters bought the exact same piece around the same time from Winners and she is having the same dilemma I had.

              With florists foam, I built up the bottoms of each square container and put in soaps and candles and interspersed the flowers in the florists' foam around them.  And, just for a little perk, put some q-tips in a small jar with a ribbon.  I feel better that I've done something with this, because I really love it, but it was an awkward piece of wall art to deal with.

            Coincidentally, one of my other daughters bought the exact same piece around the same time from Winners and she is having the same dilemma I had.

              This tray caught my eye out at Mizener's Antique & Flea Market in Flamborough on Hy 5.  It was $15.00 and appears to be a cherry wood frame around a glass enclosed picture of grapes, with brass handles. The back of the tray is old felt that has matted and balled up.  There is also a crack in one corner of the tray which I'll fill and sand.

I have a few ideas for this, but the main one is to paint it antique white, base under the glass too, and put an heirloom doily under the glass.  My friend also suggested I use the idea from Heaven's Walk to podge some Victorian lettering or drawing onto the base before putting the glass back in.  Although I've blogged about this and we all know it wasn't quite as easy as having the idea and doing it in this case, I ended up putting a stencil motif on the tray and exchanging the icky felt for fresh white felt.

  Do you love it!  I really love it!  And the most awesome thing about this project is I know what NOT to do to make it this beautiful!  Challenge?  You better believe it was....

            Five coats of paint on the frame....due to the battery acid off-spray, needless coats of paint on painter's canvas...because the stenciling wouldn't work on the bumpy surface.  Attempts at painting the edges of the blurs on the stencil with a small paintbrush and a not so steady hand.   Then, discovering that I could have just painted that piece of bristol board I had in the first place anyway because that's what worked best!   The stencil was a Plaid Stencil Decor product I picked up at Michaels.

              I do have to tell you something....I picked up some Martha Stewart Pouncers for doing stenciling...thinking, I'll use those again for sure, and that's what I had been using when I did the first Canvas Fiasco...and I practiced again on the spare painted bristol board and still wasn't super happy with the results, so I went into my own artist cache in the spare room and grabbed a very small sea sponge and tried that out.  I found I had much more control using the sea sponge and it seemed to actually "pounce" better than the tools made for the trade!

            The finishing touch was the heavy grade white felt on the bottom of the tray.  I just glued that on with No More Nails. 

  Quick and easy to put together!  All you need are Christmas Balls for the tree...the best ones of course have lots of bling!  Add a battery operated string of lights.  In this case I used some I'd had for quite some time that actually looked pearly on the string section of the lights.  Some wiry Christmas ribbon, again with the sparkle effect.  Oh yes, of course....the glass vase and in my case here I set it all up on a lovely platter.  Voila!  The ambiance in the room is warmth and coziness.

              The idea for this magazine rack or book rack came from my friend Gail who introduced me to these when I saw them in her kitchen.  This is from the back of an old church pew and would have held hymnals originally.   I have two I picked up at an antique place up north.  Originally, they were not painted, but had a dark stain on them and one was in my kitchen holding cookbooks and another in my washroom, holding reading matter.  In this home, I don't have enough wall space for something like this without making the kitchen look cluttered, so I painted them and I have one in each washroom.  This one is in the powder room and although it may sound tacky to have magazines in your powder room...for obvious reasons, it's a fact of life that people read in the washroom and we do have overnight guests and it looks quite charming I think and keeps the magazines from piling up in a corner!  When I'm completely finished my powder room, hall, laundry room redo, I'll post photos! 


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