I'm sure we've all been there!  What do I do with all the photos....the tangible, physical ones?  In this day and age of digital photos, you can just print as needed, but back in the day before these wondrous cameras, you either had to place them into photo albums (a tedious job to say the least!) or like me...keep them in a rubbermaid box!  That's right!  So unorganized! 

            I was a busy, working mom & wife.  I didn't have time for organizing photos.  Really?  I was lucky if I got the laundry caught up!  You just don't have the time or the inclination to do it.  You'd find an envelope of newly developed photos and throw them in a drawer...later, perhaps days (maybe months...eek)  you'd pull them out and move them to the box.  Then when you actually want to take a look at them....you have to search willy-nilly all through the box, just to find that particular special photo you want to display!

            A few years back, Dan & I bought this lovely 28-drawer cabinet at our favourite Antique place "Country Corner" outside of Simcoe. (Sorry..they don't seem to have a web page or I'd link to it because they are awesome!)  It's 42"h x 18-1/2"w x 9"d and fits perfectly under our antique telephone.

            The drawers are labelled with (two each) our names, the kids names and their spouses names...if they were around when we had prints of photos...and some other varied labels like "pets, Dan's parents, my parents and friends".  It's beautiful, because often one or another of the kids will be here and their drawers get pulled out as they show someone their photos from throughout the years.  Lots of laughter fills the house with the memories rekindled.

            The best part though, is that we're actually looking at the photos, instead of passing on going to drag out "the box" and if someone gives us a recent print-out of a photo, we have a drawer specifically for it now, instead of it being crammed into the junk drawer! 

            Here's to keeping the memories close!

              The idea for this magazine rack or book rack came from my friend Gail who introduced me to these when I saw them in her kitchen.  This is from the back of an old church pew and would have held hymnals originally.   I have two I picked up at an antique place up north.  Originally, they were not painted, but had a dark stain on them and one was in my kitchen holding cookbooks and another in my washroom, holding reading matter.  In this home, I don't have enough wall space for something like this without making the kitchen look cluttered, so I painted them and I have one in each washroom.  This one is in the powder room and although it may sound tacky to have magazines in your powder room...for obvious reasons, it's a fact of life that people read in the washroom and we do have overnight guests and it looks quite charming I think and keeps the magazines from piling up in a corner!  When I'm completely finished my powder room, hall, laundry room redo, I'll post photos! 

            72 Wondrous Drawers!!  My Dream Cabinet!!  Made in Berlin, Ontario sometime between 1911-1916 for use in a General Store.  Berlin, Ontario changed it's name to Kitchener in 1916 due to the stigma involved with Berlin in the beginnning of WWI.  This cabinet is 8ft wide and heavier than you can imagine....we had 6 guys bring it home from Country Corner Antiques (again...my favourite store) and when we moved from Hamilton to the river here, we had movers...who were not impressed with the weight of this baby.  It does come apart in two pieces, top and bottom, but is solid oak. Each drawer has a slide-in glass piece behind the front of the drawer where you could put grains, pastas, beans, etc to fill it up and I haven't finished yet....obviously.  The bottom are slider doors and the space inside those cupboards is huge, along with the four deep drawers above them.  Presently it sits in our spare room.  It's difficult to figure out where to put such a massive piece of furniture! 

             The first photo of my drawer fetish!  We acquired this cabinet back in the 90's at our favourite Antique store, Country Corner Antiques, on Hwy 3 at Nixon Rd outside of Simcoe.  It's actually a redo using an old bird coop and reclaimed wood to make it a lovely piece of furniture.  Actually, if the truth be told, it smelled like an old bird coop when we first got it, but we stuffed dryer sheets in the drawers and eventually, the smell did indeed leave it.  I know....gross!  We actually used it in our washroom in our old house for a number of years due to only having a large pedestal sink and no cupboards, but now it's used to store all kinds of things.....mostly jars of spices, packages of seasonings, birthday stuff like candles and cake decorating items.  It's right next to our kitchen, but is in the livingroom, so it's handy, but pleasing to the eye! 

             This light fixture is in our screened-in room, where I was looking for a light airy feel.  A somewhat Shabby-chic look.  Along with a chandelier hanging above a large red harvest table and some wicker furniture, it really feels homey at night with just this wee light on out there.  I bought this, as you see it, in a store in Jarvis called "C'est la Vie".   I've bought a few things there, but normally prefer to buy unfinished stuff and paint it up myself.  Her stuff is quite lovely in that store and nicely arranged with many accessories for home decor along with full sized unique looking cabinets all shabby-chic'd.

             From the moment I knew we were covering our pergola on the deck into a screened-in room (bug free zone!) I've had this idea in my head to make it light and airy looking, with a feminine touch in the light fixtures.  Chandeliers and foo-foo lamps go so well with wicker don't you think?  This fixture came from C'est La Vie in Jarvis as well and can really light the room up at night while still looking elegant!

              I bought this vanity table a couple weeks ago at Crossroads Antique Market in Brantford for $125.00.  It was exactly what I had been looking for after watching my Aunt Linda primp & preen at her vanity table in her bedroom!  A great idea because we all know how we women are....taking our time after our showers and basically confiscating the washroom for a long period of time.  This is also great for getting all the "stuff" out of the washroom.  So, this is the table all taped up and ready to prime!

  It's already looking fresher & cleaner and I'm excited at this point! (Except for that chair in the mirror!  Hahaha!)

            And this is the damage that was caused when I attempted to move the table off the plastic drop sheet on it's ancient wheels.  It slipped and fell backwards!  Luckily, none of the three mirrors broke.  They just fell out of the frames somewhat,  however, my paint job suffered when the framing from the mirrors fell away from the dresser and cracked up.  I hadn't taken a photo of the completed table because I had wanted to set it up all pretty like the following finale photo!  I'll still have to fix the cracks, even though Dan put it all back together for me, but I'll have to wait until the paint cures for awhile.  By the way, the colour is Benjamin Moore's Mayonnaise, Advance paint, pearl finish.  Use a good brush....not a nylon one!  And don't do it in air conditioning because it dries very quickly.  Helpful tips from the person who learned!

            Gorgeous! See....it all worked out in the end!  It looks awesome!  I absolutely love it!  I know....I'm so excited!  I picked up a wee directional lamp at IKEA so there'd be light in this corner and I attached some antique glass knobs I found in Nova Scotia onto the drawers.  The wrought iron chair was a freebee from the neighbours next door and now all I need is a nice cushion and I'm ready to get beautiful too! 

             The grand finale is some lovely lavender scented drawer liner paper from Crabtree & Evelyn which, by the way, I picked up for a song a year ago in Ottawa....a song being $1.00 for the whole box of liners!  Gosh, I'm a bargain hunter!  (pat on back)

         That's the end of The Vanity Table Fiasco!

Dan & I picked this up years ago as well.  When we purchased it for a song at an Antique Market, god knows where, it was all dirty and rusty.  It had been used by Farmers to transport chicks from farm to market.  There would have been lots of these in a truck or wagon carrying chicks.


            We sanded it and refinished it, then painted the wee wires black and now it's a conversation piece, as well as a tidy place to put our many different pepper shakers, salts and gourmet oils.

          Happy Anniversary to Me!  Dan bought this for me last year on our anniversary and I was absolutely thrilled!  It's from early last century and is wrought iron.  Although it isn't set up how it should be right now, you can get the drift, yes?  Guy sits on one side and Girl sits on other....very chaste!  Like a courting bench....you can look at each other and possibly kiss, but don't touch!  Almost like having a cage between two people!

             He picked this up at Mohawk Garden on Highway 6, south of Caledonia.  It's such a romantic gift isn't it?  Eventually, it will be close to our pond out front!  And....maybe we'll even kiss!  Hahahaha!


    Wendy from Rural Southern Ontario....I'd like to share some of my renos, revamps, recycling, new items that are just cool and antiques too!


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