Since making the first two flowerpots (HERE), I've tried a few more
and I recently made one for Robynn (our daughter) for her birthday.

The story behind this Jade plant is....

When Dan & Robynn's mom were still together, they had started a little jade plant
from a leaf they obtained...somewhere.
Her mom still has the plant, I believe, because her brother started one from it.
He gave us a small plant from that plant and Robynn really wanted one because it
reminded her of her know...just one of those inanimate objects that remind you of the old memories you cherish?

So, we decided to give her the plant her brother gave us and we kept a wee piece of it to try
and grow another one.

And, my idea was to combine her memory of the plant with a pretty pot.
(Whitechurch Road is where she lived when she was young)
Robynn's Jade Plant
I really like how this pot turned out.
Laurie from Heaven's Walk gave me some pointers after I made my first ones
and I tried them....she said to let the
clay part show through more to make them look more aged and they do!
Big thanks to Laurie for helping me in my frustration!
Also, I used the house graphic from The Graphics Fairy, and it chipped off a
wee bit in the transfer process after mod podging, but I LOVE IT chipped up like that!
It just adds to the look I think!


              This is definitely not an "old" item, however I thought it was kind of neat.  Obviously, it's meant to be used as a wine caddy.  I picked it up out at Mizeners Antique Market the same day I picked up that &*$#% tray!  This was $10.00.  I planned to spraypaint it and then put three different sized candles in the base of it with some nesting straw around it.  I think it will make a lovely glow in whatever room it ends up sitting in, don't you?  This didn't take too long...quick and easy! 

            I spraypainted the cast iron with an antique white (I know...always antique white's a kick I'm on!) and when it dried I put my battery operated candles into the wine holder circles and simply surrounded them with Spanish Moss. 

            I say simply (hahaha) because it was...however, totally messy stuff to work with!  I've never used it before and I had to pull out the vacuum cleaner afterward and vacuum everything!  Little fine hair-like fibers all over the floor and the table and chairs in the dining area!  Crazy!  But, I wanted it to look like a nest and it does! 

            What is it with me and nesting today?!  hahaha!

            As a final touch, I tried a bow go.  But, I do think at Christmas you could put a lovely ribbon on this to make it more seasonal!  Then I tried some white flowers, but it looked like something that would be the centerpiece at the head table of a wedding...just sayin'!  So, finally...I called my friend, Maureen...the decorator....and asked her if she had any birds laying around?  And...she did...what a lovely whimsical touch!

              I made these flowerpots for two of my childhood friends' birthdays which coincide in the same month.  We've known each other since we were 5yrs old and last night we convened for one of our quarterly "Girls' Nights" where we gather at one of our houses, bring two appetizers each and a birthday gift for whoever's birthday is near.  There's four of us and we put our jammies on and just gab and eat and have a little wine. 

            These really weren't as difficult as I thought they'd be to make.  I used the instructions from Heaven's Walk and had a little hands on tutorial from my friend, Maureen .  The hardest part was standing back and looking and trying to make the pots appear aged.  Hard to do when you've just painted them!  I found that a sea sponge, once again, gave me better control and I just kept layering greys (two tones) and watered down whites onto the white-washed pot.    The frames of the lettering were courtesy of The Graphics Fairy, but the cracks, lovingly handpainted onto the pots, are courtesy of me!  Hahaha! 

            For instructions on how to make these, visit Heaven's Walk or Its All Connected for a step by step tutorial!  If I can follow them, anyone can, because we all know what a Spaz I am! 

           I gave these to my friends last night and I think they liked them!   I do!

The Graphics Fairy

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