Remember these shots?
That was Before!
And, after much scrubbing and cleaning
with a mix of Vinegar, Baking Soda and Lemon,
and then,
Spraypaint!  Yay!  I love Spraypaint!

This is the result of my labours.....
Doesn't it look so pretty now?
The nice thing about this birdcage is it has the original gorgeous glass feeders attached to the sides!

My dilemma of what to put inside the birdcage has been fun as well!
I finally decided on a broken "Tinkerbell" like fairy
we've had for years in the garden.

I had to glue her wing and foot back on
and then spraypaint her, but she's lovely now sitting in her nest of
(the dreaded) Spanish Moss!

The only thing is....
I feel kind of sad that she's locked up in this cage.
Dan thought I should leave the door open at the very least!
My Poor Tinkerbell!

Sunday's Best Linky Party!
              This tray caught my eye out at Mizener's Antique & Flea Market in Flamborough on Hy 5.  It was $15.00 and appears to be a cherry wood frame around a glass enclosed picture of grapes, with brass handles. The back of the tray is old felt that has matted and balled up.  There is also a crack in one corner of the tray which I'll fill and sand.

I have a few ideas for this, but the main one is to paint it antique white, base under the glass too, and put an heirloom doily under the glass.  My friend also suggested I use the idea from Heaven's Walk to podge some Victorian lettering or drawing onto the base before putting the glass back in.  Although I've blogged about this and we all know it wasn't quite as easy as having the idea and doing it in this case, I ended up putting a stencil motif on the tray and exchanging the icky felt for fresh white felt.

  Do you love it!  I really love it!  And the most awesome thing about this project is I know what NOT to do to make it this beautiful!  Challenge?  You better believe it was....

            Five coats of paint on the frame....due to the battery acid off-spray, needless coats of paint on painter's canvas...because the stenciling wouldn't work on the bumpy surface.  Attempts at painting the edges of the blurs on the stencil with a small paintbrush and a not so steady hand.   Then, discovering that I could have just painted that piece of bristol board I had in the first place anyway because that's what worked best!   The stencil was a Plaid Stencil Decor product I picked up at Michaels.

              I do have to tell you something....I picked up some Martha Stewart Pouncers for doing stenciling...thinking, I'll use those again for sure, and that's what I had been using when I did the first Canvas Fiasco...and I practiced again on the spare painted bristol board and still wasn't super happy with the results, so I went into my own artist cache in the spare room and grabbed a very small sea sponge and tried that out.  I found I had much more control using the sea sponge and it seemed to actually "pounce" better than the tools made for the trade!

            The finishing touch was the heavy grade white felt on the bottom of the tray.  I just glued that on with No More Nails. 

              The idea for this magazine rack or book rack came from my friend Gail who introduced me to these when I saw them in her kitchen.  This is from the back of an old church pew and would have held hymnals originally.   I have two I picked up at an antique place up north.  Originally, they were not painted, but had a dark stain on them and one was in my kitchen holding cookbooks and another in my washroom, holding reading matter.  In this home, I don't have enough wall space for something like this without making the kitchen look cluttered, so I painted them and I have one in each washroom.  This one is in the powder room and although it may sound tacky to have magazines in your powder room...for obvious reasons, it's a fact of life that people read in the washroom and we do have overnight guests and it looks quite charming I think and keeps the magazines from piling up in a corner!  When I'm completely finished my powder room, hall, laundry room redo, I'll post photos! 

Dan & I picked this up years ago as well.  When we purchased it for a song at an Antique Market, god knows where, it was all dirty and rusty.  It had been used by Farmers to transport chicks from farm to market.  There would have been lots of these in a truck or wagon carrying chicks.


            We sanded it and refinished it, then painted the wee wires black and now it's a conversation piece, as well as a tidy place to put our many different pepper shakers, salts and gourmet oils.

             This little whimsical wooden frame was bought in a Garage Sale for only $1.00!  How excellent is that?  My livingroom has red accents and I fell in love with it, because I love roses.  When I flipped it over to see if it was homemade or not....wait for came from Shoppers Drug Mart originally!  Too funny!  But, it's lovely isn't it?

            Last Sunday, Dan & I went Antiquing.  We arrived first at Antiques & Stuff, Hwy 20 & Westbrook Road, Binbrook.  They had really unique stuff in there and we remembered the owner from Locke Street in Hamilton where they used to be.  Just as we were leaving and Dan was perusing the record albums, I had to do a once over again quickly and spotted this wallhanger for a potted plant.  You would put the clay pot in the bottom circle of it, of course.  Well, I'm doing our bedroom in a Shabby Chic look and decided that this would be perfect on the wall next to the Vanity Table I'm painting.  Dan is spraying this hanger for me in an antique white spray, because I was a little leery about leaving drips in the flower portion of it and he's really great at spray painting!  I convenient!   So, when we came home, I went upstairs and got my blow-dryer, brought it down and it fits perfectly in this little wallhanger! 

             A FEW DAYS LATER.....

              I'm super happy with this!  It looks lovely against the pewter coloured paint!

Positioned beside Vanity

             Now, it's conveniently close to where I can sit or stand and blowdry with ease!


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