The idea for this magazine rack or book rack came from my friend Gail who introduced me to these when I saw them in her kitchen.  This is from the back of an old church pew and would have held hymnals originally.   I have two I picked up at an antique place up north.  Originally, they were not painted, but had a dark stain on them and one was in my kitchen holding cookbooks and another in my washroom, holding reading matter.  In this home, I don't have enough wall space for something like this without making the kitchen look cluttered, so I painted them and I have one in each washroom.  This one is in the powder room and although it may sound tacky to have magazines in your powder room...for obvious reasons, it's a fact of life that people read in the washroom and we do have overnight guests and it looks quite charming I think and keeps the magazines from piling up in a corner!  When I'm completely finished my powder room, hall, laundry room redo, I'll post photos! 

3/25/2014 03:59:15 pm

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