I'm sure we've all been there!  What do I do with all the photos....the tangible, physical ones?  In this day and age of digital photos, you can just print as needed, but back in the day before these wondrous cameras, you either had to place them into photo albums (a tedious job to say the least!) or like me...keep them in a rubbermaid box!  That's right!  So unorganized! 

            I was a busy, working mom & wife.  I didn't have time for organizing photos.  Really?  I was lucky if I got the laundry caught up!  You just don't have the time or the inclination to do it.  You'd find an envelope of newly developed photos and throw them in a drawer...later, perhaps days (maybe months...eek)  you'd pull them out and move them to the box.  Then when you actually want to take a look at them....you have to search willy-nilly all through the box, just to find that particular special photo you want to display!

            A few years back, Dan & I bought this lovely 28-drawer cabinet at our favourite Antique place "Country Corner" outside of Simcoe. (Sorry..they don't seem to have a web page or I'd link to it because they are awesome!)  It's 42"h x 18-1/2"w x 9"d and fits perfectly under our antique telephone.

            The drawers are labelled with (two each) our names, the kids names and their spouses names...if they were around when we had prints of photos...and some other varied labels like "pets, Dan's parents, my parents and friends".  It's beautiful, because often one or another of the kids will be here and their drawers get pulled out as they show someone their photos from throughout the years.  Lots of laughter fills the house with the memories rekindled.

            The best part though, is that we're actually looking at the photos, instead of passing on going to drag out "the box" and if someone gives us a recent print-out of a photo, we have a drawer specifically for it now, instead of it being crammed into the junk drawer! 

            Here's to keeping the memories close!

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