This is definitely not an "old" item, however I thought it was kind of neat.  Obviously, it's meant to be used as a wine caddy.  I picked it up out at Mizeners Antique Market the same day I picked up that &*$#% tray!  This was $10.00.  I planned to spraypaint it and then put three different sized candles in the base of it with some nesting straw around it.  I think it will make a lovely glow in whatever room it ends up sitting in, don't you?  This didn't take too long...quick and easy! 

            I spraypainted the cast iron with an antique white (I know...always antique white recently...it's a kick I'm on!) and when it dried I put my battery operated candles into the wine holder circles and simply surrounded them with Spanish Moss. 

            I say simply (hahaha) because it was...however, totally messy stuff to work with!  I've never used it before and I had to pull out the vacuum cleaner afterward and vacuum everything!  Little fine hair-like fibers all over the floor and the table and chairs in the dining area!  Crazy!  But, I wanted it to look like a nest and it does! 

            What is it with me and nesting today?!  hahaha!

            As a final touch, I tried a bow first....no go.  But, I do think at Christmas you could put a lovely ribbon on this to make it more seasonal!  Then I tried some white flowers, but it looked like something that would be the centerpiece at the head table of a wedding...just sayin'!  So, finally...I called my friend, Maureen...the decorator....and asked her if she had any birds laying around?  And...she did...what a lovely whimsical touch!

9/22/2011 09:05:24 am

Love the birdie on top

9/23/2011 12:02:01 am

Thanks Lynne! A little birdie gave it to me! :)

7/8/2012 06:19:55 pm

holders are use to save the candles and they are also use in decoration


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