My cousins Steven & Sandra live out west and many years ago,
I lived out there with them as my close friends/relatives
for three years on Vancouver Island.

I keep in touch with them now occasionally on Facebook (which is a wonderful venue
for staying in contact with long distance people in your world, isn't it?)

On Saturday, Steven posted some photos that were taken of him and his twin sister well as one of their mother, my Aunt Ethel, who passed away
a few years back.
8 year old Steven....a sweet little boy worn out.

Steven's twin sister, Sandra....looking rather...pensive.
Check out the Envoy!  Wow!

Aunt Ethel's hands after working in the garden.
She had 10 kids and a no-nonsense way about her, but a sweetness as well.
She was a woman who worked hard all day and read Harlequin Romance Books by night!
and this captures her very essence.
My favourite memory of her is of her throwing a rubber boot at the chickens from the porch
when they dared to venture into her gardens!
What a lovely tribute to the person inside!

These photos touched me, of course, because I knew the subjects in them, but then
I went to Elaine Briere's webpage and was so impressed and in fact moved
by her work, that I was immersed in her photos.
I sent her an e-mail to ask permission to post her photos and she
wrote me back very quickly saying of course I could and that we might
possibly be relatives too!  She also sent along a couple more photos to use here.

Ed Johanneson, on his boat, Nanaimo, BC, 1976.
Fishboat Reflection, Port Alberni, BC, 1970
With her permission, I added her name onto the photos to protect them because,
if you stop in at Elaine Briere's website you'll see she has her photos for sale!
Not only does she do great people shots from everyday life, but has also focused on
East Timor, Workers and Unions, Poliitical Struggles, Places, and Inequities.
She's a filmmaker as well.
She has a very unique eye don't you think?

Thanks Elaine for allowing me to show your beautiful photos
and Thanks Steven for posting these thought provoking photos on facebook.

11/8/2011 11:19:53 am

I absolutely LOVE these photos! Elaine Briere does an amazing job! Thanks for posting them for all of us to see! Also, like the new layout of your blog! Much easier to navigate!

11/8/2011 12:25:15 pm

Thanks darlin'! I absolutely love these photos too!


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