I'm doing my 1st Ever Giveaway at the end of this posting!
Nervous?  Heck yah!
Will anyone want to win it?
Will anyone comment to win it?  I'm so scared I'll just be giving it away to the
one person who comments here!

The first thing I'd like to do here is say "Thankyou" to you...the reader.
From the bottom of my heart I'm so happy you choose to come by
every so often and visit.
I love meeting new blogging friends and seeing all the inspirational, creative
ideas you share with everyone daily.
My "recipe" and "projects" files on my computer are chock full of "your" ideas
that I want to try for myself and when I do I'll be linking back to
your wondrous blogs!  I promise!
To the people who don't have blogs, I love that you enjoy being here!

There are just a couple more of my past ideas I wanted to share from the past
six months and then I promise to stop talking about myself.
I swear!

Sofa Table Block Art

A two-sided block cut from a 2x4 and distressed to look
vintage made a special gift for my dear childhood friends.

Branch Candle Centerpiece

How Pinterest and a walk on the backroad led to
an artsy centerpiece.

Okay....one more.....this one will leave you feeling peaceful...promise!
Takes Your Breath Away

One beautiful tranquil morning down at our dock.

Thankyou for sharing a bit of my last six months with me.


My giveaway is something I thoroughly enjoyed creating and one of my most
recent crafting ventures.

Accessorize Your Pillow!

One Pillow, with five embellishments you can change up using a
velcro strip for a holiday or occasion or even just the room colour!
Now, I know the Valentine ones are a bit late for the holiday, but you'll have them
for next year tucked away in a drawer or you could just pull
it out for a romantic evening with the man....ambiance...you know?!
And...now that you have the base, which I sewed with my own two hands by the way,
 all you have to do is make your own embellishments.
The pillow is pre-washed dropcloth and cotton, so should wash up lovely and
the five embellishments you see here will be mailed to the winner with the pillow!


1. Follow me on "Linky Followers" if you don't already
                           2. Make a comment on this posting telling me what "embellishment" you think you'd make for the base pillow.
(If you can't think of anything, just make a comment!)

The Winner will be announced on Valentine's Day and will be picked
by a Random Draw.
(Sorry...only open to US/Canada...shipping rates are astronomical for International!)

Happy Anniversary to Me!

2/7/2012 10:41:36 pm

Congrats on you anniversary Wendy. Beautiful giveaway. I'm already following you on Linky.

2/7/2012 10:43:06 pm

I would most likely have a rose embellishment.

2/7/2012 10:51:39 pm

I'm shocked Rosemary! hahaha! I bet you'd make it sooo beautiful and I'd love to see done up by you! xo

2/7/2012 11:24:27 pm

What a lovely blog. Got here though Karen at The Art of Doing Stuff. I am also a new blogger and learning tons. Can't wait to come back to yours and explore. I am not sure what I would put on the pillow. Maybe keep just like it is.

2/8/2012 12:01:34 am

Thanks for visiting Kelly! I'm sure, as your creative juices get geared up more and more blogging, you'll come up with an attachment all your own! xo

2/8/2012 01:03:24 am

My pillow would have some kind of purple flowers since I love purple.

2/8/2012 01:10:01 am

Those fabrics would be beautiful with a shamrock to celebrate my Irish ancestry and St. Patrick's Day coming up! Storage is such a problem when you love to switch out your pillows and I love the idea of one pillow and endless "looks".

2/8/2012 06:33:33 am

This is such a great giveaway that I posted it on my blog!

2/8/2012 07:49:25 am

Thanks Maureen! I so appreciate you posting this on your blog! Good luck! I'd like to see your finished shamrock! xo

Ada Miller
2/8/2012 07:22:22 am

Thanks for stopping by my blog & following me through Linky! I also followed you on Pinterest & must say you have so many amazing post it puts me in the mind of being on Pinterest. You are very creative,Thanks for sharing & for the giveaway!

aemgeg4 (@) yahoo (dot) com

Ada Miller
2/8/2012 07:24:39 am

I love all the embellishments you made,but think I would pick the old tricycle for being the main one.

aemgeg4 (@) yahoo (dot) com

2/8/2012 07:50:56 am

You are so sweet! Thanks on all accounts! I joined your Pinterest too! xo

2/8/2012 01:12:11 pm

Ah well, since I am in the astronomical rate zone, I will not win this. But since its your giveaway, I'll comment anyway. I think I'd make some small coir anchors and attach it to velcro, since I love things coastal. I'd also make some stick some shell on a starfish shaped felt and use it. Would be fun!

2/9/2012 12:05:19 am

I know Rukmini! I thought of you when I wrote that...and was sad! But, it kinda takes away from the whole "homemade" thing when you have to pay hundreds of dollars to ship it! hahahah! Thanks for your ideas of what you'd do...starfish idea is great! xo

2/8/2012 01:23:46 pm

Congrats Wendy....I am following you now with LF and I think I would make a "Happy Birthday" embellishment for when we have a birthday around here.

2/9/2012 12:06:56 am

Happy Birthday embellishment is an awesome idea! Beats hanging up a foil banner eh?! Hahaha! Good luck! xo

2/8/2012 11:39:23 pm

What a cute idea! This pillow is so popular on Pinterest! So to be fair to your loyal followers, I won't enter myself in this giveaway, but this is a really awesome giveaway and I will be jealous of the winner! Good luck everyone! And I would definitely make an owl to put on it because they are so in right now, but once they are out I could just replace it with the next hip animal! I predict snails will be a trend one day...hahaha <3

2/9/2012 12:09:48 am

Oh Megan! You are so sweet! I wanted to include you in the contest, but I guess family should be excluded...I'd have been fair! But, for you! I can make one for you, cuz I luvs yah! An owl is a fantastic choice! xo

2/9/2012 03:28:48 am

Love the pillows and follow your blog daily - love it! I have to admit I would have a Scottish Terrier dog on the pillow as the "embellishment". How cute!!!! ;)

2/9/2012 03:30:47 am

Thankyou Joyce for being a loyal follower! So nice! Good luck then cuz I'd love to see your Scottish Terrier. So many ideas! xo

2/9/2012 09:47:12 am

What a fabulous idea for those of us with limited storage space. I love the idea of being able to change the pillow for each season and my mood!

2/9/2012 10:14:23 am

Why...thanks so much for the lovely comment! Good luck! xo

2/9/2012 04:23:53 pm

Oh how exciting! I gasped when I saw what you were giving away. I KNEW and even said how successful this project would be when I first saw it. If I don't win this one, I want to buy one! You could definitely sell these. And if I were lucky enough to have my very own one pillow, five ways, I would possibly create a monogram embellishment.
Your dog is precious by the way!
Sharon @ mrs. hines class

2/9/2012 06:54:04 pm

Sharon! Thanks for the awesome compliment about the Giveaway. You always make me feel so good! Looks like you have a good chance of winning...not too many entries so far! I'll have to think about the selling part...hmmm. A monogrammed embellishment is a perfect idea! Thanks for visiting and entering! xo

2/10/2012 08:15:51 pm

Hey! I'm stalking you on Linky now too ha ha! so I guess that means I may get to win your gorgeous pillow! I think I would try my hand at making one of those fabric Peony type flowers or a rose or maybe something 'blingy'! xx

2/10/2012 08:29:33 pm

Bling is great! I only put it on my poinsettia, but I like the look...just not sure how comfy it'd be to lay back on...not that I would...oh no...never! hahaha! xo and good luck!

Karen Hartog
2/11/2012 08:30:52 am

Love the valentine's heart and luv you dear friend.

2/13/2012 10:20:02 pm

xo Karen! Thanks!

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