Short but sweet!
Dan & I are going to be complete lazy bums today!
That's right!
We've been busy running to moms and kids so far this week, but today....
it's all about us.
And yes....I'm still in my jammies and am staying there!
Our long awaited, with bated breath, DVD has arrived!
Remember I talked about the 5 books in the series

A Game of Thrones
George R.R. Martin

HERE it's our house...the DVD!

The timing couldn't be more perfect.
We're doing a body cleanse to detoxify today and just wanted to hang around
and be couch potatoes anyway!
Complete First Season here we come!
3/8/2012 01:34:02 pm

Have fun! I've heard the shows are great.

11/10/2014 02:42:46 pm

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