Isn't this a beautiful photo?  This was the start of a gorgeous day yesterday.  I was so happy all day and it was an easy, peaceful day with a bit of family and a couple friends enjoying each other. 

            We didn't have a "Thanksgiving Dinner" this year.  It was complicated.  I didn't feel well at the beginning of the week (either a flu or allergies....still not sure what it was?).  Half the family had plans for the day we were thinking of doing Thanksgiving dinner, so we said "X-nay on the dinner".

            My daughter, Megan and her boyfriend were down from Ottawa for a Thanksgiving visit and I don't get to see her as often as I used to and wanted to spend some quality time with them....didn't want to be in the kitchen with Dan preparing for a large meal all day for everyone to eat in 20 minutes because as I mentioned before, we are a blended family and so, she shares her visits between her dad's family and ours, which cuts all of our visits in half. 

            Like I said, yesterday was "perfect".  We had Robynn (Dan's oldest) and Adrian out and I got to say hello to our unborn grandchild!  Heehee!  Megan's boyfriend Tobias was here and his brother Andre came for a visit.  We've never met him and he's very nice!  Old friends came out...Lisa and Dave... and our evening was complete!  It was soooo relaxing.  And, later around 11pm, we were all around the fire and Alana (my oldest) popped in with her man, Mark!  I loved that she made the effort to come out to the country even though she had plans during the evening.  What a lovely surprise! 

            We  had some awesome appetizers - spinach dip, bacon/cheese dip and Robynn's famous Anijitos....which are by far the best appetizer you've ever tasted and I didn't even ask her to bring this one!  She just does sometimes and it's delicious!  Soon as I get the recipe from her, I'll post it!  TO DIE FOR!
            Are you jealous yet?  All you women, sweating over a hot stove on Thanksgiving?  Making sure you remember the cranberry sauce, the stuffing, peeling veggies for hours, basting turkey all day!  Hahahaha!   I didn't even have to clean up from our lovely BBQ beef tenderloin steaks, baked potatoes, baked garlic shrimp, green beans and salad!   The girls did it all!  I was soooo lucky!  Waking up to a clean kitchen rocks!

            The best part was sitting down by the fire after dinner, relaxing, enjoying the evening and the conversations along with got it.....marshmallows and Baileys.....just can't stop them from niggling their way into our gatherings! 

            And how great was it that the temperature yesterday ended up being 29C at the high point!  Wow!  October!  Amazing! 

            I missed the people we didn't see, but it was nice not to have all the fuss encompassing the planned traditional Thanksgiving meal and to just fly by the seat of our pants impromptu...just another day in Paradise!

            Happy Thanksgiving to all of you that have the time to read this!  Heehee!
10/9/2011 02:31:21 am

Sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving to me!


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