When I said "Happy Monday All" yesterday, I had no idea just
how HAPPY it would be!
Amid tears of joy and hours of worry,
Wee Logan Daniel John was born into our world!
Just in time for the most awesome Valentine's Gift Ever!
Dan's oldest, Robynn & her hubby, Adrian are bursting with joy!
Never mind "all" eight Grandparents!
(half of who were there and the other half there completely in heart!)
Can you say SPOILED?

He weighed in at 8lbs 13oz.
21-1/2" long at 9:45am yesterday!
How precious is this?
I forgot how little they really are.....
We're all so very proud of the beautiful woman Robynn has become
and being a mother comes naturally to her...we all knew it would.
She's so calm and serene.
We love her to bits!
Proud Daddy....it was such a special moment when he came
to the door of the waiting room and announced
"It's a Boy."
I don't think I'd ever seen him so emotionally overcome since we've known him.
Everybody was crying....it was one of those exquisite  moments when all seems
right in our world.
Adrian's mom was over the moon with happiness....of course!
and Robynn's mom who wanted to be there so badly, but lives so far away, waited by the phone and joyfully sent her love and tears of gratitude that everything went well
to her new grandbaby!
What more can I say about this photo?
This was last night after a long, long day...
and we had to drag ourselves out of there and go home to bed.
It's a funny, awestruck feeling when it's a grandchild isn't it?
We know we'll do everything to make sure he has every opportunity in his life and
we can't wait to love him up some more!


(To everyone who participated in my first ever giveaway...I'll do it this evening, so please come back to check and see if you won)
2/13/2012 10:42:20 pm

What a precious gift! Congrats on your perfect blue bundle!

2/14/2012 02:03:01 am

Hey Wendy! Congratulations! so happy for you all. My Boy is a Valentine's baby too, so you'll always have a double celebration! xxxx

2/14/2012 06:13:56 am

Congratulations Wendy ! Grandbabies are the BEST !

2/14/2012 10:26:06 am

Welcome Baby Logan!! Congrats Wendy and family!!

Rukmini Roy
2/15/2012 01:18:39 am

CONGRATULATION!!!! Oh...such a happy news!!! Welcome sweet baby Logan. may all the happiness lie in your way. You are so adorable, I can diss anyone in the world for you. Love from the miles.

2/15/2012 06:41:11 am

Thanks to everyone! Awww! So sweet! And, Rukmini....you crack me up! I love that you're so excited for me and we've never met! Someday you'll come to Canada and meet him! xo

2/15/2012 11:32:13 pm

Well the things I miss when I don't check daily. Congratulations to everyone!! Job well done Mom. Grandma, you need to scrapbook that night, honest photo and all. It is all right there in your face, the love, the worry, the tears you bravely held back, the relief he is here safe and sound, the joy of that brand new baby boy !!
He is precious a definite keeper, Hugs from this old Grandma too.


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