Today I wanted to talk about
A Very Special Person.
Her name is Christen.
She's a mom to six children, four of whom just joined
their family last year in a joyous adoption.
They were ages 3 to 9 at the time.
She also has two loved gifted boys, age 14 & 18yrs
and a wonderful husband named Trevor.
Christen's mother is my fellow blogger/friend/neighbour
Maureen from It's All Connected.
Approximately a month ago, Christen had a grand mal seizure.
Since then, she's been debilitated, unable to do the simplest of tasks
without pure exhaustion or without fainting.
She'll be seeing a specialist in January, but in the meantime,
requires someone to stay with her most of the time.
With six kids in the house, you've got to wonder how she's coping?

Well, it's magnificent how so many people have stepped up to the plate to help.
And so they should.
This is a woman who runs a rescue farm for battery chickens and actually has
sweaters made for the chickens while they grow back their lost feathers and learn to
walk and peck again.  At the same time as caring for the chickens, she is
nurturing young boys who've been deemed unadoptable
and are growing up in a group home.  I don't believe they're unadoptable at all! 
They come and help care for the animals in the barn...goats, pig, horses and
chickens and learn selflessness.
This is obvious, because yesterday Christen found out a few of them came
during the wee hours of the morning, in the dark, in secret and spent a couple hours
cleaning out her barn for a special favour...isn't that awesome?!
She has a special bond with the boys.
_Go HERE and take a look at an article Readers Digest did on Christie
and her family and the chickens
to see how much effort this girl puts into life, her family and all others.

Because she's unable to cook dinners, the people from her husband's workplace
gathered together and bought mega prepared food from Costco to help.
Because she's contributed soooo much in helping others through their hard times,
the principal of the school called her the other day and told her that all the parents
were making dinners for her freezer!
Her sister is travelling from Toronto to help her with the children.
The neighbours are sitting with her and fixing her roof and helping
with the animals as well.
Her mother, Maureen, is spending days taking over the household and just being
there for her....which is what Moms do...yes?
Christen lives two hours away from her mom, but it wouldn't matter, would it...
you'd travel around the world to be there for your matter what age.
I want to help and I don't know her that well....but I have a special place in my heart
for this girl I barely know because I too am adopted.
These children don't understand what's happening to mommy, but they're coping
I believe, because there is so much love in that household, it's radiating
through their veins straight to their hearts.
They've come so far in the past year, psychologically, mentally, emotionally...
all because of the family unit Christen and Trevor nurture.

Christen doesn't know I'm writing this, but after reading how thankful
Maureen, her mum, was last night, I just felt like someone should tell people
what a wonderful girl she is and how strong and brave.
I don't really have any other reason, other than it's been weighing heavy on
my mind watching my friend venture through every mother's nightmare
with her daughter....
Hug your kids, Love your kids,
11/27/2011 10:49:13 pm

I will keep Christine and her family in my thoughts and prayers, thank you for sharing her story.

11/28/2011 06:52:14 pm

This is such a beautiful and touching post. I completely believe that good begets good.

I wish her a speedy recovery and of course all the love to her children.

going to the chicken read now.


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