I almost forgot, because...you know...you always take that person
for granted that's right there with you everyday!
Thanks Dan for putting up with my agonizing over photos or wording or
computer glitches or project mistakes!
Today, I finally got out to the grocery store because he's feeling a bit better
and I picked him up some Thankyou Roses!
Cuz I love him!
(They're also Get Well Roses...two birds, one stone!  heehee!)
Thanks Dan!

(You'd think I was accepting an Emmy and these were my roses the way I go on!
I'm just happy and thankful for this new adventure!)
12/30/2014 11:48:43 am

Paris, france in spring time could be the things of desires, but a drizzly, dreary fall morning was of the same quality each day as any for me to produce associate with Louis Vuitton.


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