My day started out badly....up at 2am, reading that darned book
I'm so engrossed in...."A Game of Thrones" (I'm on book 4...yay!),
and sleeping intermittently on the couch.
I was pretty tired.
Then off to take my mom on a few errands and hurry back to go to the Vets
with all three dogs for shots!  Fun!
It was a daytrip and a half!
I thought I'd share a couple photos of Blarney & cute!
Hey, if the Pioneer Woman can do it....hahahaha!

Isn't he soooo sweet?
...the puppy I mean!
Achhhh....Dan is sweet'll see why in just a few seconds!
Blarney's almost 11 weeks old now!  He's growing in leaps and bounds!

And, look at this....what a sweetie for a hubby I have!
He went out to get some groceries and came back with beautiful Spring-like flowers!
For Me!
And to top it all off....
my "Jeanne d'Arc Living" magazine arrived in the mail today.
Pages and pages of beautiful French/Nordic home ideas
with absolutely NO Advertisements!
Thanks to Laurie from Heaven's Walk for directing me to
Maynard Greenhouse which is where you too can get your copy of
this fabulous won't regret it! 
I've gone through it twice already....wonderful!

Can any of you top this beautiful ordinary day I've had?
Okay...I don't get flowers everyday...or great magazines, but still?
1/20/2012 11:45:40 am

Awwwwww! Cutest post ever! Cute puppy! Cute hubby! Happy life <3

1/20/2012 11:44:20 pm

Blarney's so cute, and btw, so is Dan. Great hubs to bring you flowers. I'm going to check out the magazine, never heard of it. Have a great day!

1/21/2012 01:48:00 am

Who isn't a sucker for a man holding a puppy or a baby? Awwww!

Rukmini Roy
1/21/2012 06:45:48 pm

Too cute. Dan looks so happy with Blarney... and lovely flowers too. I am showing this post to Rohan today. His answer will be a shy ans sweet, "come on, dont I ever get you flowers?". I will still tease him. Such a happy post.

1/24/2012 02:49:33 am

Hi Wendy,
Well imagine my surprise when I came over today to say thanks for your sweet comment and saw this post. What a great day...puppy love, flowers and a sweet man in your life!



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