"A Day in the Life of an Impulsive Couple"
It's a chicken coop.
Let's start at the beginning.
A couple years ago, my daughter Megan bought me a book for my birthday,
after overhearing me talk of how one day I'd love to raise chickens and
have farm fresh eggs everyday!

I read it two years ago cover to cover!
But, alas....we decided that was crazy at this point in our home renos
and that we'd much rather have a Greenhouse!  Hahaha!
(and really....plants don't chase you around your own yard!)

So, fast forward to yesterday from two years ago and you'll find
Maureen (It's All Connected), her sister Lynne & myself sitting around the
patio table out back (in our bathingsuits!  March!) after our
aerobic swim workout around 5pm.
The buzz is the new TSC Flyer that arrived in the morning because
there's a chicken coop in there for $249.99!

This baby has:
Pull-out ABS dropping pan for easy cleaning sleeping room,
with built-in nesting box.
Three hinged access doors and
and exercise run.

Paul, Lynne's husband has gone to check out the sizing of it and returned in glee.
We're all looking at each other, like...should we do it?
And yes....off Dan & Paul go to pick up not one, but three poultry hutches!
Here in our wee little village of population somewhere around 40-60 people, three of us
have just decided to make the town the egg producing capitol of Ontario.

Now you may be thinking....how rash?  how silly?  They're just playing.
And in a sense we are, however, Maureen actually had 50 chickens at one time years ago and her daughter runs a rescue farm a few hours away where she rescues Battery chickens, so we have access to some already laying hens.
Plus...we all love eggs....did I mention that?
and right now...we've been getting our eggs from a friend.  Maureen & Lynne get theirs from Maureen's daughter, so why not be smart and raise our own!
We're hoping Maureen's daughter will be able to supply the three of us with
4 leghorn chickens each....I say hope because I don't know if she was expecting  all
three of us to suddenly acquire chicken coops!

Now it's just a matter of deciding where to place our coops.
We've decided to put ours in the front garden because it's fenced in (well, except for that lovely hole I showed you yesterday...but we'll fix it...don't worry!) and the dogs
do not have access to the front yard, thus eliminating the problem of dogs
barking incessantly at chickens and also, the chickens can roam freely in
the front garden, fertilizing my gardens at will.

This is where I say I'll be skipping through my gardens throwing out feed to the chickens with a floppy hat on my head, singing The Sound of Music.....commit me NOW!

What was I thinking?
I don't know....what do you think?
3/22/2012 05:29:03 am

I can't wait to see you skipping around the yard, sprinkling lay mash and singing to your chickens. Your kids are going to have you committed!

3/22/2012 08:34:41 pm

You're right.....I'll make Dan do that part! Hahahah! xo

3/22/2012 09:31:38 am

I have wanted to raise chickens since moving back to Kentucky....I loved gathering eggs when I was a young girl at my aunt and uncles farm. But when I think about cleaning up the coop poop I change my mind....I can't wait to hear about how it goes!!

3/22/2012 08:37:14 pm

Tammi! I'll leave that part to Dan too! No, I'll help....truly. I mean it. Like, every now & then...the good part is...I'm the one who wanted the coop for the last few years and he's the one who made the decision to buy it! Am I smart or am I smart? Suddenly it's his hobby! hahaha! xo

3/22/2012 11:13:18 am

This made me laugh out loud! I am so sorry I haven't popped in for a while, you appear to have dropped off my reader list thingy. I suddenly thought you hadn't posted for a while (last I read Blarney puked all over your best friend!), so I opened a new window and typed in your URL only to find you've been posting but I just haven't had them!! So I have some catching up to do....chickens eh? Have fun! Ro xxxx

3/22/2012 08:38:46 pm

Rona, I haven't seen you either...we must have lost each other at the GFC funeral! I too have catching up to do! Thanks for finding me again! xo wendy

3/22/2012 10:19:39 pm

Oh my! Yep. We need to lock you up and throw away the key!

I cannot imagine having a chicken coop. And never thought about where do you buy a chicken from? I don't think they have them at PetSmart ...



3/23/2012 12:07:55 am

We're getting ours from our friend's daughter who runs a rescue farm but I hit Kijiji looking as well...just to see. If you want to see a savvy chicken coop, check out The Art of Doing Stuff's blog....awesome and in her backyard in Toronto! xo

3/22/2012 11:05:33 pm

I chuckled the whole way through! I believe if you go to far your kids may have you committed! :o)
Can't wait to hear about your new venture as a chicken keeper.
Have a wonderful weekend.

3/23/2012 12:09:20 am

Chicken keeper! Hahaha! I think my kids might have done it a long time ago if they were going to! xo

3/22/2012 11:47:44 pm

Hopefully they won't try & get out of the yard when I come in the front gate :-D

3/23/2012 12:10:43 am

Don't worry...we'll leave them in their coop while you are here! xo

3/22/2012 11:58:31 pm

This is the second post that I've read of yours and was laughing about the whole way through! Why~because we have chickens too. 35 feathered girlies and 1 rooster, named Mr. Happy.
I used to let them roam, but soon found out they will not just look at your garden, they will EAT it all up! I can say that they LOVE strawberries. Well, really just about anything green that sticks up from the dirt. ha,ha
Have fun washing all the eggs you get! We get 2+ dozen a day. Always looking for ways to use them. But do give a ton away to friends.
I'm now following you~I have a feeling reading your post are going to brighten my day.
Have a great weekend.

3/23/2012 12:13:39 am

Oh dear...I was worried about that aspect, but I'll keep an eye on them and we'll maybe have to cordon them off from free ranging all over the whole garden...I'll give them part of it! Yikes! Thanks for following! Do you think we'll get a ton of eggs from just 4 chickens? We do have some neighbours that aren't starting a coop still! hahaha! xo

3/23/2012 01:26:16 am

Nope, with only 4 chickens you won't get many eggs a day. So no worries about all the washing and figuring out what to do with them all like we have to. I have a friend that only has 9 chickens and she says that she still gets plenty for just her and her husband.

4/16/2012 02:18:21 am

How many chickens can one of the TSC coops house? I'm hoping to get into it soon as well, and have had my eye on the TSC coop. I am hoping to do 4-6 hens.
I love what you're doing! Keep it up ;)

4/16/2012 07:06:51 pm

Kyle....I sent you an e-mail and will blog today (April 17) about the problem with this coop! DON'T BUY IT! Unless you have little kids that just want to play in it...til they're like 3. xo

2/22/2013 04:59:43 am

Send me that blog too please! Been thinking of getting some chickens, like the idea of chicken tractors, any input would be appreciated.

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