We did think that!  And look at it!  I had to dig through the drawers of
old photos to try and find just one of our old playhouse we had almost two decades ago
for Miranda and Megan...our youngest two girls!
Yep...you got it....we actually paid $50.00 for this!  There actually is a door
behind that blanket hanging there!  And a real roof!  But, sadly,
no windows or fancy accessories....ooooh....if I only still had it!

The reason for today's subject is that while enroute back home from
Southampton on Monday, I spied the shed corner in Tiviotdale,
also known as Bosman's.

OMG!  You should see these playhouses on display there!  I should have stopped on the
way up and taken photos, but nooooo...I figured I'd catch them on
the way home.  Dumb, dumb, dumb...it was pouring cats and dogs on the trip home!
These are three of the Play Houses!
The Firehouse
The Victorian Mansion
The Schoolhouse
Aren't they AMAZING?!
Can you imagine having the property and the money to build a wee town in your backyard (field)?
Here's my two Blow Me Away  favourites!
Play House General Store
.....wait for it......(heehee)
Play House Movie Matinee
Isn't this awesome?  A ticket wicket and everything?!  Billboard slots?!  Wow!
All this kind of puts our old playhouse to shame doesn't it?
Wonder if it comes with a big screen inside and reclining couches with cupholders?

I'm just so impressed with the imagination used to build these Playhouses,
never mind the imaginative fun times all the kiddies
who receive these buildings are going to have!

Go to Bosman
and check out all the different structures they make!
Gazebos, Sunrooms, Signature Sheds,
Recycled Plastic Furniture, Playsets, Chicken Coops,
Cozy Kennels, Pavilions and Pergolas, Sheds, Lawn & Garden Structures,
Garages, Play Houses and Wooden Furniture!
Whew!  That's alot of carpentry!

You never know....we are having a grandbaby....maybe just one playhouse though?
Not a whole town!

Maybe we'll just go play in them!

(ps....not selling these!  Just interested and amazed on my way home from my weekend away!)

10/5/2011 04:12:16 am

I would love to have one of these! I could live in one of these! hahaha

Heather vanHoof
10/6/2011 04:14:57 am

Wow, they are sweet! My niece had a playhouse when she was little (she's 16 now) and it had a loft that she could actually sleep in. It was a sleep away area for her and her friends. I think they paid about a thousand dollars for that playhouse and it took a crane to lift it off of the flatbed and then at least six grown men to put it into the backyard using logs to roll it in. They got it just inside the gate and that was as far as they went.

10/7/2011 09:04:36 pm

Your niece was one very lucky child! That's awesome!

And, Maureen...you'd need the Hobby Store, with a loft, and a shed, and maybe an addition on the back....heehee!

12/12/2012 04:26:24 pm

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