I've decided that I will post new projects that are in the works here
on my main blogging page.
In this way, you can see what I'm working on at present, so,
whether it's a craft, a revamp, or a room,
you'll at least see the BEFORE photo for sure
hopefully, look forward to the after as much as I will!
(the photographer of this photo doesn't want any credit..heehee)
As you can see, the rust on this birdcage is pretty bad.
What I've done so far is, I've used steel wool
dipped in a mixture of Vinegar, Baking Soda and Lemon...
And...as you can see, it really is cleaning up well
with this method.
I think I've done the hardest part...the cage, but
now I have to work on the stand.
which I think...may be challenging to get in all
the little grooves and try to clean out the rust.
I read somewhere that you can soak
metal in strong tea
and it will clean off the rust.
Think I'll try that first....way less elbow grease involved!

Dan had this old birdstand with a different birdcage hanging on it for quite some time.  The old cage was just a stainless steel 70's version of a square budgie cage and not very pretty or salvagable as far as we were concerned.  This sat in our old garage for years...with no love....I know!  Then, a couple years ago we were at an antique place and found the lovely, curvy, Victorian looking birdcage with little glass feeders and brought that home.  It was a perfect fit for the cage stand and now....I'm finally doing something about refurbishing the old girl.  We're not going to put a bird in it, but something.....not sure what yet. 

That will be the fun part!   Playing with different interior looks!

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