Early last week one day, Dan & I ventured out to Cambridge to
Southworks Antiques
which has over 30,000 square feet and over 125 vendors!
Paradise for us!

Here's what we found that day....

These are swaying curtain rods that are extendable....I have plans to
paint them and distress, then mount them above the windows on our french doors
in our bedroom leading to our balcony.  They were about $24.00 for the pair...great price!
They'll be great because we can open or close some lighter curtains on the smaller window insert and for extra darkness I'll put a full curtain spanning the whole door.
You'll see....

This plant stand really caught my eye for $18.00....Won't my spider plant
look beautiful hanging in this when I paint it?

After seeing all the beautiful tablescapes in blogland, I've been keeping my eyes
open for a set of dishes I might like to have.  I have good dishes made by a well-known local potter, Donn Zver in Troy, however, they are kinda scratched after all the years of owning them and more rugged looking than pretty.  I still love them though!
Not sure you can read this properly, but it's a Washington Pattern made by
T, G & F Booth of England.  What I found out when researching my bowl, was.....
it was made circa 1883-1991 by Booth Brothers...and....YOU CAN'T FIND THEM ANYWHERE ON THE NET!  Seriously....I finally find the pattern of my dreams and
all I can find is a gravy boat and a serving dish.
I noticed one of the blogs I follow had some transferware that looked very similar to
this pattern and perhaps now that I have an idea of what I want, I can find something close to replicate this beautiful, dainty pattern.
Any ideas would be welcome????
We also picked up a beautiful white, chenille, queen size bedspread for
only $24.00.  I was pretty happy about it because it's in PERFECT condition and when I
was in Toronto with Megan, we went into a sweet little shabby chic shop and they had one almost identical with a price tag on it of $134.00!  Woot!  Woot!
I cannot, however, show it to you today.....my dog jumped up on it and got her dirty paws all over it, sooooo....it's in the wash!  Hahaha!

Have you discovered any fabulous antique finds lately?
And, please....give me some assistance with the dishes dilemma!
1/4/2012 11:04:36 am

Wonderful finds!! I especially love the dishes too! No idea where to get them though...hopefully some will make their way to you!


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