Two Days ago was a most unfortunate day.
Blarney had to go to the vets for his final shots.
Dan had twisted his knee the day before, so I asked Maureen to assist me with
my wee adventure.
Sweet Blarney was not so sweet that day.
Maureen sat in the back seat with Blarney, who immediately peed on my leather seats.
He was shaking and drooling like you've only seen a St. Bernard do!
That should have been the big warning.
He crawled up onto Maureen's lap and put his head on her chest and with no
warning whatsoever, threw up into her bra and down her shirt.
Oh gawd.
It was absolutely horrid!
I washed Maureen's coat for her, but I still have to get her purse drycleaned.
It's a Guess I feel bad?  YES!!!
She says "Oh no...don't be's fine."
I say, "We WILL be drycleaning your purse!"
I'll let you read more about this HERE at Maureen's blog, It's All Connected.
(Come back though....cuz there's more to my unfortunate day!)

After we returned from the Vets and got cleaned up...we still continued on with the rest of the errands that needed to be run.

Dropped off the pool water sample at the store.
Went to Party Packagers to pick up a small container of blue diaper pins (because I ran out of them due to the inaccurate count by the manufacturer in the package) of which I was short by four for my baby shower favours.
Went to Blinds to Go.
The girl (and I mean girl...very young and inexperienced) helping us
was no help at all.
I actually was almost talked into UV filtering blinds for these windows.... the kitchen/dining area.  The bank of windows you see here to the right of the
door also follow onto the left of the door with two more sets.
We have southern exposure facing the river, so more than privacy, we need sunblocking window coverings.  When the sun beats into this room in the afternoon, it's like 10 degrees warmer in the sunshine areas and can you say "blinding"?
Needless to say, Maureen & I are standing at the counter (facing east) in the store and I'm almost ready to actually purchase these UV blinds when the sun comes out from a
cloud and BLINDS us!  The girl says "Yah...I was hoping they'd put liners on these, since this is the counter I work at and it gets super hot."
In the end, we left after the salesgirl noted that I had an extreme amount of requirements to be fulfilled with the blinds I wanted and she was curious to see what I'd find.
Because one bank of windows is right behind the stove area, I wanted them scrubbable.
Because I live in the country (bugville), I didn't want cellular blinds...bugs love them.
Because of the sunshine, I wanted blockage.
And, because I own dogs, I didn't want delicate fabrics.
Oh yah...and because I have a bad back, I wanted wipeable.
Is that too much to ask?
(I'm actually still trying to get past the story she told us about a goat being tied to a tree being a bad thing when it starts circling it...that came up as a result of us asking about the safety of the pullcords?)

Onward we forged.
To problems.
To Sobey's whereupon exiting the store with 3 bags in my cart I couldn't lift the tailgate of my Sportage to put the groceries in the back, so ended up putting them on the backseat floor....strategically....remember dog pee and vomit?
How sterile.
We stopped for subs and came home.

Fast forward to yesterday.
After dropping my car off to get detailed....had to do that asap because how nice would it be if I showed up at the shower with the favours and cake and other foodstuff in my
vomit-ridden vehicle....Dan & I stopped for breakfast and immediately afterward, I had a horrible taste in my mouth and my stomach started to ache....badly.
Oh yah....bed all day yesterday with a bucket beside me.
So, Twisted Knee and Incapacitated are here living happily ever after.
I actually feel a little better today, but weak and raunchy.
How's your week going?
....and it better be bad if you answer!

I certainly wish I'd known about
a month ago when I was sending out an e-mail for Robynn's upcoming baby shower for
her & Logan.  It would have been so quaint to send out the cyber invites that have
an RSVP attached to them!
My daughter sent me an email telling me about them and I shouldn't be surprised because it was bound to happen sooner or later wasn't it?
Some very clever person put this awesome site together where you can select
the picture for your invite whether it be a baby shower, a bachelor party,
Academy Awards, Birthdays, Housewarming and on and on and on!

When you visit the website - , you'll see the first page
where you can pick the "occasion" you want and the "graphic"
you want to place on your invite.
There are sooooo many to choose from...more than at the store!
After you do that, the first page you'll see is like this.....
which by the way was taken of my computer screen, with my iphone, because I couldn't figure out how to show the whole screen any other way to you.
That's right....Can you say tech savvy!?
You fill in the particulars of the event and they magically appear on the invite
shown at the top.  Then you proceed to Add Guests....
It's as simple as importing or manually adding e-mail addresses to the left side and then hitting "Add to Guest List" for it to show up on the right.
Step 3 is Invite Options....
This is where you can customize or use one of the choices of the site for your RSVP.
This was the "Casual" choice.
You all know these are make believe invites for me now right?  Just playing!
And showing YOU how to do this!

Finish & Send and if you haven't already (which I hadn't) you'll be
prompted to register...a few simple questions...seconds to fill out.

Preview of the Finished Invite (top half)
Finished Preview (bottom half)
As you can see, there are Host Options like "Poll Guests" to get input on party details like food, locations, activities.....and if you are having a potluck you could
"Ask guests to bring something".
I think this is a really cool site since so many people are on their computers daily and communicate through them more than telephones and snail mail nowadays!
And best of all....
Check it out now!

(I was not paid to promote this...I just like it! :)

You all know about our new grandson,
Logan Daniel John?
Well, his Nana on his Daddy's side and Robynn's two friends, Gill & Brandi
and myself are planning one large baby shower at a hall.
I'm in charge of the cake and the shower favours.

There will be approximately 60 people there.
Oh yah...BIG!
When I first took on this mission, I was thinking some fancy vintage cones
with homemade Baby Oil bathsalts would be fun...or perhaps ducky cones...or
maybe baby food jars.
I haven't been to a baby shower in YEARS!!!
I didn't even know they gave out favours at baby showers now!
Well...when we realized how many people were actually coming....
the favours changed and morphed into something a little easier.
But it still took me two days....with help from my sister-in-law Kathy and
my friends Maureen and her sister Lynn!
Here's the result!
I know!  Baby shower favours as far as the eye can see!

I picked up some little party take-out containers...
Some white net circles and Easter Hershey's Kisses....
Some blue and green ribbon....
Some sweet charms that say "It's a Boy" and plastic, blue diaper pins...
And.....I came up with a plan for wee cards for the favours.
I used wallet size photos of Logan on one side glued to
a little, wallet sized card with an illustration of a baby boy and the pertinent details of
Logan's birth on the other.  A little gem in the corner, a hole punch
and some pinking shears to even out my horrid cutting skills!
There's lots of photos....maybe too much, but I'm pretty proud of my wee
little much love went into their making!
Here's the finished product shots!
(I've airbrushed his surname out for privacy)
These were alot of fun to make actually and I enjoyed creating the
special little tags for each favour....truly!
The fantastic part is....
So, imagine my surprise when I sat down this morning
with my cup of coffee and checked out my favourite blogs first.
Trumatter being right up there at the top because
I've formed a friendship with Rukmini.
Well, not only is she an awesome photographer, but....she sings!

In her words from her posting today.....

"I don’t know if I have ever told anyone of you here about this band of ours called Colaba Point for which I sing at times when required An initiative born out of casual jamming sessions and free will, I was not a part of their ideal line up, but joined much later when he discovered that I can sing! About that trait of mine- later.  The album is yet to be released but you can find our first album on bandcamp."

So, I clicked on the "bandcamp" and looked for the song Rukmini sings in and
was stunned.  She sounds like Suzanne Vega!  Remember that?  "My Name is Luka" and
"Tom's Diner".  Well this one is called Certain Days and Rukmini's voice is beautiful.
The band is also wonderful, of course!  It's an easy, flowing music, but you can discern
that they are definitely musicians with major skills.

I hope she doesn't mind me promoting her man's band, Colaba Point, but I
really wanted other people to hear this!
They live in Mumbai, India and hopefully will be playing in North America one day!

Thanks for sharing Rukmini....and she told someone, and she told someone, and so on...
Start your morning off with a song!

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So, here's the deal...and a little tiny rant okay?
Just a little one?
I'm exhausted from spending all day yesterday in a hospital after waking up at around 2am yesterday morning....but we did get beautiful Logan out of all that sleeplessness!
And, I know my draw date is today, so I go to the site with the random draw thingamahoozie on it and download  it onto my blog, generate the winner... #9
....and when I publish the blog, the numbers disappear from the whatchamahoozie and it looks like it's up to the world to just generate the darned winner!
(Sorry Sharon...hahaha....I'm happy you won!)
So, folks, because you've gotta know that it would have been so much easier for
me to walk down to my neighbours and drop the pillow off or drive into
the nearest city and do the same, but I'm going to mail it promptly to the
beautiful U.S. of A.....because I'm HONEST, you must trust that she really is
the winner!
And, I HONESTLY don't have the inclination, strength or techno powers to
figure this random draw thingamajig out today!
Congratulations Sharon from Mrs. Hine's Class!
You won!

(winning number based on each eligible person entered...excludes non US/Canadian entries and family.)
When I said "Happy Monday All" yesterday, I had no idea just
how HAPPY it would be!
Amid tears of joy and hours of worry,
Wee Logan Daniel John was born into our world!
Just in time for the most awesome Valentine's Gift Ever!
Dan's oldest, Robynn & her hubby, Adrian are bursting with joy!
Never mind "all" eight Grandparents!
(half of who were there and the other half there completely in heart!)
Can you say SPOILED?

He weighed in at 8lbs 13oz.
21-1/2" long at 9:45am yesterday!
How precious is this?
I forgot how little they really are.....
We're all so very proud of the beautiful woman Robynn has become
and being a mother comes naturally to her...we all knew it would.
She's so calm and serene.
We love her to bits!
Proud was such a special moment when he came
to the door of the waiting room and announced
"It's a Boy."
I don't think I'd ever seen him so emotionally overcome since we've known him.
Everybody was was one of those exquisite  moments when all seems
right in our world.
Adrian's mom was over the moon with happiness....of course!
and Robynn's mom who wanted to be there so badly, but lives so far away, waited by the phone and joyfully sent her love and tears of gratitude that everything went well
to her new grandbaby!
What more can I say about this photo?
This was last night after a long, long day...
and we had to drag ourselves out of there and go home to bed.
It's a funny, awestruck feeling when it's a grandchild isn't it?
We know we'll do everything to make sure he has every opportunity in his life and
we can't wait to love him up some more!


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Happy Monday All!
It's so breathtaking living on the Grand River.
I can't tell you enough how many mornings or evenings we've been in awe
of the beautiful, serenity of the scenery out our back door.
I thought I'd share some special photos with you today that have been taken over the past few months by myself and by Dan as well.
Don't worry....there's just a handful!

Starting off with the frosty view of the riverbank on the other side of the river from us.
The photos you saw above are beautiful and you have to realize, this is such
a quiet place we live sirens, no buses...only birds and coyotes making
all the ruckus.

Hubby took the next two with his iphone and this first one is bizarre.
Is this a strange phenomena or what?!
Crop circles on the Grand!
They were everywhere and see at the bottom how there is a defining line on
the outside of the circles above them?
Well, that line of circles went as far as the eye could see east and west on the river.
How strange!
Dan's always out walking the bank (or is that picking up doggy poops?)
contemplating our world silently, so he always grabs these great shots spontaneously!

This next one he took is one of my favourite photos he's ever taken.
I want to live here....
oh wait...I do!
We're so blessed to have nature at our door.

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I'd love to hear about it....ideas please!?

The ongoing saga of our Master Bedroom continues....
You saw the corbels HERE.
And, yesterday we finished hanging the second chandelier.
We used to have ceiling fans in our master bedroom, however, decided that with
the breeze coming off the Grand River and central air for the really hot & sticky nights, we could continue the vintage look with the chandeliers.
I'm only showing you the lights...not the rest of the room.
It's not READY yet!

The two chandeliers are different from each other...which I really liked.
This first one needed some TLC.
It was purchased at our local antique store in Caledonia.
This is it finished and touched up with a Krylon Silver Leaf Pen
in the pretty!

Finished Daytime shot

Unfortunately, Dan had wired it in to the ceiling before I realized that
I could indeed fix it up a bit, using the pen.
I actually stood on a knees were shaking.

I know you can see lines where I painted with the pen "up close", but you can't see
them when you are standing below it.  This was hung from an over 10' ceiling.

You can see here I've done the lower ring fitting,
but not the upper rusted one. 

See what a difference it made?
Before, the glass kind of took on a hue of brownish near these fittings.
And, the Krylon silver leaf pen just cleaned it up so perfectly!

Chandeliers are just soooo romantic, especially in a bedroom!

Here is a photo of both chandeliers hung in the bedroom and I absolutely
adore how they bring beautiful lighting and ambience to our
master bedroom in the making.
Although Dan had to rewire both chandeliers because the wiring
was old and probably not up to code, the second one I'm showing you was
easier than the first because it didn't need any touch-ups.
Although hanging all the crystals on it was a challenge in itself!
We picked this one up in Clarion, PA at an antique store during our
journey to pick up sweet Blarney for only $99.00!
I can't wait to hear the tinkle of the crystals in a breeze!
You wouldn't believe the difference this makes in our bedroom,
but you will when you see the whole bedroom complete
at the end of our journey!

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Valentines Day!
Have a beautiful weekend!
I know we're all totally sucked in by puppy photos right?
And, I swore I wouldn't be one of those people that
shows photos of their pets all over their blog,
Sweet Blarney is just so darned cute!
And, when I noticed that the most ever views I ever had on my site was the day
I posted about Blarney's big homecoming  HERE and shared him with you,
I thought.....hmmmm.
I think they like doggie photos!
(not sure what that says about anything else I do here...but not even going to mull that one over for too long or it might make me crazy!) tell me he isn't the schmoosiest little pup in the whole wide world!
I dare yah!
He's so silky soft and so sweet tempered.
The other day I was sitting on a big comfy chair with my feet on the ottoman, reading my kindle (of course) and he crawled up onto me and nuzzled his head in the crook of my arm and went right to sleep....snoring gently.
He's now 13 weeks, but this was taken at 12 weeks.
His colouring has darkened up to the rich mahogony it will be when he's an adult even more in the past week and the feathering in his coat is starting to fill in.
He understands "no" and tries very hard to listen.
He sits for his supper and treats.
He almost never has accidents on the floor anymore.
What's not to love!?
Oh...okay....maybe I have a problem with the large branches he tries to bring
through the doggie door sometimes.  Or, this incredible yelp/talk he bellows at
our other dogs when he wants something they have have.  Um, yah...I've got to admit, the jumping up onto the counter with his front paws to try to get the food up there is a little
irksome.  Oh!  Best of all...he loves to grab my dirty socks or underwear out of the laundry basket which just happens to be near the doggie door, and take them outside to play with.....but he's only a puppy!
That's what they do right?
God love 'im!

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The first thing I'd like to do here is say "Thankyou" to you...the reader.
From the bottom of my heart I'm so happy you choose to come by
every so often and visit.
I love meeting new blogging friends and seeing all the inspirational, creative
ideas you share with everyone daily.
My "recipe" and "projects" files on my computer are chock full of "your" ideas
that I want to try for myself and when I do I'll be linking back to
your wondrous blogs!  I promise!
To the people who don't have blogs, I love that you enjoy being here!

There are just a couple more of my past ideas I wanted to share from the past
six months and then I promise to stop talking about myself.
I swear!

Sofa Table Block Art

A two-sided block cut from a 2x4 and distressed to look
vintage made a special gift for my dear childhood friends.

Branch Candle Centerpiece

How Pinterest and a walk on the backroad led to
an artsy centerpiece. more.....this one will leave you feeling peaceful...promise!
Takes Your Breath Away

One beautiful tranquil morning down at our dock.

Thankyou for sharing a bit of my last six months with me.


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Accessorize Your Pillow!

One Pillow, with five embellishments you can change up using a
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it out for a romantic evening with the know?! that you have the base, which I sewed with my own two hands by the way,
 all you have to do is make your own embellishments.
The pillow is pre-washed dropcloth and cotton, so should wash up lovely and
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Happy Anniversary to Me!