That's all I want to do right now and life is getting in the way of my doing just that!
For too many reasons to list.
I'll return soon, but for now....have a chuckle with this one like I did.
Every now & then something you come across on Pinterest tickles your
funny bone so much you simply must share!
Enjoy this's blah here today in Southern Ontario and cool with
possible showers all day long.
Fine.  No, really....FINE!
If you aren't living under a rock...and if you are trying to diet
like Dan & I've probably heard the guff (what an awesome 70s word!)
going around about Cauliflower Chips and Kale Chips.

I actually just heard about the Cauliflower chips from my friend Maureen
(who I'm sure will blog about them soon...right Maureen?)
over at It's All Connected, but I recently attempted to make both of these on
a lazy afternoon when Dan & I were kicking back watching "The Wire" Season One.

Experiment #1
Kale Chips

Very simple to do!  I got my recipe from and it was informative
and most of absolutely delicious alternative to potato chips!

Wash your kale
Cut out the center stem
Tear into bite size chunks
Spin in salad spinner to dry
Toss in a bowl with drizzled olive oil.
Line a cookie sheet with Parchment Paper.
Sprinkle sea salt lightly over kale
Bake in a 350F oven for 10-12 minutes til crispy.
Seriously...these were so much more tasty than I dreamed they'd be and both Dan & I
loved the wondrous flavour and crispy, light texture of them.
Only problem I can see is that next time, we'll need to make two batches, because it
truly does shrink up soooo much!

Experiment #2
Cauliflower Chips

This was a flub for me.
However, upon rereading my source, which I'll get to shortly,  I'm embarassed I
couldn't make them as wonderfully as they looked on her blog!
I believe I made the mistake of not leaving them in long enough.
I was worried they'd burn.

So, don't worry and TRY THEM!
Delightful Momma made these and they look mouthwatering!
The taste of mine was good, just not as crispy as I'd like to have them because
in my fear of them burning the poppers,  I turned the oven down and took them out
15 minutes earlier than I should have.
I see now her posting reads "the browner the better".
Next time I'll try to hold myself back from my fears!
I'm definitely going to try to make these again!
with NO FEAR!
Give these healthy snacks and try and let me know what you think okay?
It's the weekend and time to snack!
Our poor sweet Blarney was neutered yesterday.
He is not happy.
Normally, he's a ball of fire, running, jumping, playing ecstatically
with his friends Rainy & Elmo, but, he's not allowed to do that for two weeks!
Are you kidding?!
I'm going stir crazy already just trying to keep him away from Rainy and
he has to wear this lovely contraption.
Note the peaved look on his face....I had just put this on him because, of course,
he was licking his incision....why?  Because he can!  Hahaha!
Blarney's facial expressions crack me right up!
And, if he's ticked at you (for saying No is usually the reason) he'll "talk" back
at you in a long tirade and lift his paw up as if to swat you!
Here's a few photos of pre-surgery taken a few days ago.
He's such a happy go lucky puppy!  Almost 6 months old!
His coat is starting to come in with beautiful waves and feathering.
But, this sad face makes me feel so badly for him.
I prefer to look at this funny face....
Okay...I know this looks a wee bit morose, but truly, the only time
I've seen him sad is when I put that collar on him!
I'm not getting much done at all because I'm constantly having to take him out back
on a leash and stop him from being his funloving, playful self.
Give us strength!
Have you ever made up a recipe off the top of your head
because you can't find what you are "feeling like eating" in any of your cookbooks?
That's what I did on Monday for dinner!
For more on this delicious Mediterranean Turkey Roll,

I was going to wait to post this, however, after having one of my readers
ask me how I liked my chicken coop, because he was thinking of picking one up at  the
TSC, I decided I had to own up!
Although this appears to be the most awesome chicken coop you could buy
readymade for around $250.00 on sale at TSC, it's not....
and here's the reason why.
photo courtesy of with Maureen's permission.
Do yah get it?  Do you see how weeny, teeny this is?  As tall as the fence behind it?
We didn't even attempt to put ours together after seeing this...just went straight back to the store and got our money back.  Even the clerk was surprised by how small we explained it was!  Maureen from It's All Connected did a post on her coop
shown here, called "Chicken Ranching on a Very Small Scale", but she
plans to add-on to hers and if she only has a couple chickens, she really is okay with
that because there's only her to take care of with eggs and her daughter runs
a rescue farm for chickens and can take them back over the winter until
Maureen does enlarge hers!

Our idea now is to build our own in keeping with the basic style of  this one Karen
from The Art of Doing Stuff built.
This is how she had it all done up at Christmas time and she copied a prototype
from Heather Bullard Lifestyle Blog. 
I really can't imagine anyone doing a better job than Karen has on her urban coop!
Heather now sells the plans for the above absolutely gorgeous chicken coop
HERE (Chez Poulet Coop Plans)!

Dan & I would like to build our own, but have a lean-to roof look to it, rather
than the flat roof or the peaked roof.  We'll get there and when we do
I'll definitely post about it.  We  have some other priorities going on
right now with gardens, kids, dock, getting our main floor painted, etc...
but we'll GET THERE!
So, if you read my first blog about the chicken coop entitled
"...And a Chicken Coop?!  Wha?!..."
(also known as "A Day in the Life of an Impulsive Couple")
you'll understand how disappointed we were.
Cluck, cluck!  Tough luck!
I'm one of those people who just wasn't into the Chalkboard Fad
that's been going around blogland for all the time I've been here and sincerely
didn't ever want to make a chalkboard framed or chalkboard signs or
specifically...never a chalkboard wall!
But, as I mentioned previously, I was at my daughter Alana's place in Toronto
last week and following an afternoon out and about the city, we
retired to her two-story apartment in the Beaches and proceeded to
open a bottle of red wine together.  After a couple glasses, we decided to go upstairs
and check out her chalkboard wall!
Well, one thing lead to another and both us being a little off...(in a good way), I started to
draw a very large tree on her wall...
It just progressed from there and Alana got involved, after grabbing her camera!
We even put veins in the leaves on the tree!
Then Alana took over the last portion of the tree and I took over the camera!
    And seriously....check out the awesome headboard Alana & Mark drew on the wall
with a's become a wee bit smudged from overnight guests...but still looks
so crazy cool!  Can you imagine putting a chalkboard wall in your child's room?!
Would you paint chalkpaint on your child's bedroom wall?
I would now!
How much fun could you have drawing and imagining different
scenes and characters and changing up the headboard whenever the mood hit you?!
I'm now trying to get everyone I know with kids to try this....ehemmm....
because my 30yr old daughter and her 32yr old hubby did and they don't have kids!  Hahaha!

Our Easter was celebrated yesterday with two tables set up in our
dining area and enough food to feed a regiment!
It was lovely having the kids, the grandparents and our grandson, as well as
a few good friends!
We picked fresh daffodils from the garden and put them in my Grandmother's
depression glass vase given to me by my mother recently.
It made for a beautiful, happy centerpiece!

In keeping with the Easter Bunny's a few photos I took while
in the Distillery District Toronto with Alana this past Tuesday.
It was such a quaint wee shop selling mostly dried lavender and other
garden accessories in the vintage style.
With all the bunnies prevalent in her little display outside the shop door,
I had no choice but to click some Easter photos! 
Enjoy your Easter dinner together with your families!
Yup....this is my youngest daughter's grad photo.
My 23yr old now has a BA in Communications and is in her second year of completing
her BA in Journalism.  Not only is she intelligent, but I think she's gorgeous!!
Megan rocks!
The last two photos shown here are Instagrams from Megan's Twitter.
Did I mention she's addicted to Pinterest and has the most boards of
any of my friends?  Go take a look HERE.
She's the reason I opened a Pinterest account in the first place....
not because it was Blog-cool.  I didn't even think of linking stuff
to my Pinterest account until I'd been blogging for a couple months!
Even when she was two years old, she was Photo Savvy!
Isn't she pretty?
I get special bragging rights, of course.....
That grad photo started this train of thought....I just couldn't get over how
flawless it looked!
Love you bits!
...and lets not forget....
I've had this mirror hanging in the laundry room over the set tub
for quite some time now.  It's just where I hung it to keep it from getting broken, not
where I'd planned on leaving it.
Don't look at my yucky walls in  my laundry room....pretty soon, they'll be
the same colour as the powder room!
Here's a closeup of the carving on the top.....
I decided this would be the perfect new mirror for my powder room.
The one that was in the room, stuck out from the wall about two inches and
I felt the room was soooo small (just a toilet and sink), there should be
something flat to the wall with more reflection area.
I painted two coats of Mayonnaise Benjamin Moore mixed into Chalkpaint by
putting 2/3 paint to 1/3 Plaster of Paris with a wee bit of water.
and then sanded the mirror down on the carved bits.
That was a little tedious...but really not so bad.  I enjoyed it!
I feel this mirror is more in keeping with the look we're trying to achieve
in our powder room, don't you?
Thanks for checking out my latest project!
Happy Good Friday!
Did you think I dropped off the face of the earth?
I'm sorry....I've just been BUSY!!!
Over the next couple days I have lots to show you, but we're going to start with
my daughter's old-style coffee table which we gave her in 2004 because it
came with our park model trailer.  It was really way too large for the space it was in. 80s looking.
Here it is finished, after I gave it a driftwood treatment!
We brought the table home several months ago and Alana & I attempted to
mesh our schedules in order to do it together. was shifted around in my husband's garage many times and on the weekend,
Alana asked me if I wanted to come hang out with her in Toronto yesterday.
So...on Sunday, I popped up and said to Dan "I'm going to paint that coffee table today!"
Little did I know he would have to dig it out....there were bins piled on it, moving
blankets under it and it was behind various power tools against the rear wall of
the garage.  He said he was happy to get rid of it...imagine!
Many of you probably owned a table much like this?
Alana has a beachy theme in her two-story apartment and was hoping for
a driftwood look on this table.
I had a few tutorials saved on "how to" get this effect and they were my
inspiration for sure!
1st.....Kristybelle's coffee table...much the same style.
2nd inspiration was Maureen's paint treatment from It's All Connected....
Armed with these two tutorials and my own twist in the form of
a dragging tool....I began.
I'll try not to make this too long and wordy....loads of photos k?
First thing I did was a light sanding and then went over it with tackcloth.
I painted a latex paint (Bejamin Moore - Atmospheric) over most of the table.
(Don't forget inside the legs where it will show)
The next step involved using this little tool I picked up at Michael's.
You're supposed to use it with a glaze mixture, but I thought...what the heck...let's try it with chalkpaint!  I just had to be quick.
The top edge shown here is what I used on the surface of the table and the bottom
edge of the tool, I used on the legs and sides, giving the table a woodgrained look.
I painted over the blue in long strips on the top with Chalkpaint made from 2\3
Mayonnaise Benjamin Moore Latex and 1/3 Plaster of Paris with a wee bit of water.
The long strips were done quickly so I could drag the teeth over it before it dried out.

I actually could have left it at this point and been happy with it, but I knew
Alana wanted a rougher look to it, so I started sanding back and letting
the blue and the wood show through.
After spraying about six times with a protectant clear acrylic, I was ready
to take it to Toronto and surprise Alana!
I was scared to bits that she might not like and feel obliged to keep it in her
livingroom because I'm her MOM!
But, she said she absolutely loved it!  I'm so happy!
And was she ever surprised!?
The best part was getting ready for her to come home and making the table look
like it belonged in her home.
Alana's man, Mark, was away in Miami and comes back tonight.
I so hope he likes it too!
Sunday truly was a productive day for me, so come on back tomorrow and
see the Antique Mirror Redo to be followed with another post the next day about
my exploits with Alana!