Yesterday, I had this epiphany!
I realized that because our village is so small and last year
we only had between 9-12 kids come trick or treating...
that I could make....
Sponge Toffee!!

However, I didn't do it I should have....I did it this morning.
Very early!

When I was growing up, my mom used to make sponge toffee with me and
when my kids were raised, I did the same with them!
I hadn't made it in so long, I forgot how wonderful it smells
...and tastes!

Here's how you can make it too and it's so simple...three ingredients only!

Sponge Toffee

Combine 1 cup Corn Syrup with 2 cups Brown Sugar into a pot set on high.
Stir continually until it looks like this....
and when the mixture starts to string off your spoon like this....
and is somewhat hardening coming off the spoon....
so is stringy.
You need to quickly, take off the heat,
Add 3 teaspoons of Baking Soda
and stir vigorously....then.....
Pour immediately into a "greased" pan and let it set.
(you shouldn't need to refrigerate it to set it and it should only take 5-15 minutes to set on your counter)

Then, you try to cut it...but it's hard to you chip it apart with a knife.
This photo was my second tray and I used a bread pan.
Don't use a bread pan....use a lasagna pan...more control.

So, sponge toffee all made and separated, I put
a piece or two in little spider bags and made some wee tags for them.
I figured...if my child came home with homemade anything nowadays....
I'd be throwing it in the garbage...but, with a name and address on it,
from a small's okay!

I also wrote the ingredients contained in the toffee onto the tag....just in case
they'd be worried about peanuts?!
and, I ended up picking up a bag of tootsie roll treats, cuz it
just didn't seem substantial enough!

It's now 8pm and my internet has been horrid all day (actually thought I might be
putting this out on Nov 1st....eek!), so I'm just finally
getting this posting together and all my candies are gone...
except one...heehee!

Chic on a Shoestring Decorating
Chic on a Shoestring Decorating
Today, I just wanted to share a few photos from Yesterday!
When I nipped out to the front gate to grab the
newspaper, I realized it was a frosty wonderland out there in my front garden....

This decorative grasses usually stand fairly tall and are bowed down by the
frost on their blooms!
Salvia survived from last years garden and is still blooming,
but it looks like frosting now!
The last remaining hydrangea looked so fragile frozen...
almost as if you touched it, it would shatter.
Here's the funny part....while I was off prancing (not literally) around my garden out front,
Dan was out back prancing (literally...hahaha...not),
and we were both taking photos of the frost!

You'd think we'd just moved to Canada from the Bahamas or something
and had never seen frost!  Too funny!

Have a great weekend!
Last night, Maureen was over and I made her our latest discovery....
Popcorn made with Maison Orphee Organic Coconut Oil!
The reason this popcorn is so darned great with the Coconut Oil,
is because you pop it in the oil....
I use the stovetop method for popping - the same one I grew up using....
but with this oil, NO BUTTER IS REQUIRED!
It is soooo delicious, you just need to sprinkle some salt on and it
has this wondrous buttery flavour with only a hint of coconut to it.
In fact, if you didn't tell someone what the flavour was, they probably would be hard-pressed
to figure out what that budding flavour on their tongue was!
You can buy this "Maison Orphee"
cold pressed Virgin Coconut Oil at a Health Food store or a kitchen store as I did.
I got mine at The Cook's Cupboard in Southampton that I blogged about earlier this month.

While I was there speaking with the owner, she told me
that women actually do need butter and oils like coconut oil because it enables us to process
vitamins and minerals in our bodies better!

I'm all for helping my body function better!
Get the popcorn out!  Yay!
to see how I made Bath Salts and
how you can too!
Have a Glorious Day!!!
This week for me is crazy, hectic, nuts.
I have to drive into the city almost every day this week!
That almost never happens to my quiet life now.

This week, we've already had a doctor's appoitnment for flu shots,
had to take my mom to the doctor, had to go with her to Toyota three times,
and then yesterday go with her to pick up her new Corolla!

Did I mention she's 83?!  Yup, just bought a new car!
Way to go mom!

Taking her to her pre-op today...cataracts.
Taking Dan to his pre-op tomorrow...hernia.

So, my point is....I'm working on a couple things for my blog, but
it's going to be hit & miss this week.  I'm here and I'm trying really hard, but.... gets in the way!  I'll blog on the weekend if I miss a few days this week!
You might just want to check back in the evenings, cuz I'm just going to blog when I can instead of first thing in the now...when it's 4:30am!  What was I thinking?

Next week is going to be pretty much....THE SAME!
Because next week is the actual surgeries for all the pre-ops this week!
I'm working on a guest spot...or perhaps two, because it is a two part story, from
It's All Connected
for next Wednesday/Thursday!

I did see a psychic once that told me in all my other lives I'd been a man
(an extremely virile Viking and an Irishman who travelled the land on foot)
and this time I was sent back to learn patience as a woman?
I have to say...I don't like it one bit!
(well...shoe shopping is nice, but....)

Are you done yet God?
(picture me saying this with hands reaching out to the heavens in my backyard)

"Oh...Wendy (49yrs old) Don't be so foolish!"   (that's my mom's voice & she really does still say that to me!)  Hahahahah!

Late in the week before last,
I was perusing blogs in my Google Reader and found
Lovely Indeed.

She made these gorgeous birthday candle holders
out of dollar store animals and
I was hooked!
Lovely Indeed's Blog Photo
So, of course, with our oldest daughter Robynn's 30th Birthday
coming soon (last week),
I absolutely had to make a hippo for her....
because she LOVES hippos!
Robynn's Hippo
The hippo was a hit!
I saw her face light up when she saw it!
(she's a kid at heart!)

These little critters are so simple to make and Chelsea over at Lovely Indeed
gives fabulous instructions HERE on How To!
I made a larger hippo too
(because I wasn't sure how big the cake would be!...proportions and all you know!)
as well as a horse and a stork!
Robynn is pregnant (Yay!), so I'm just getting ready for the celebration!

Here's the rest of the animals I made!  So fun!
You could do just about anything with this idea and some spraypaint!

Isn't this a fun easy craft?
Wish I'd thought of it first!  But, I'm glad Chelsea posted it for all of us!
Share the Love!
Back in the late 90's, early 2000's,
Dan & I, and our family hosted International Students in our home.
This was an extremely gratifying experience which our
whole family enjoyed.

Sometimes it would only be for two weeks, as was the case with our very first
student, Chikami, 16yrs old from Fukuoka, Japan.
Megan, (Chika & Molly) & Chikami
This is not something you do to make money...rather, it's about
the learning experience for us and for the students.
We so enjoyed them!
Chikami could speak a little English, but it was broken up and
our girls had such fun learning some Japanese from her as did we!

One evening, she was trying to teach us how to say "I Love You" in Japanese.
Well, we all lost it laughing!
In her language, it came out as "I-ee shitay loo"!
We explained to her what that meant in English and then she
was in on the joke too!

We took her everywhere with us for her two weeks....
Wonderland, Port Dover Beach, out for dinners,
visiting friends and one evening just before she left she made us an authentic
Japanese Dinner!
We've tried to contact her since, but were unable to after the first few times.

When she left, approximately two weeks later, we received a parcel in the mail.
Upon opening it we found this....
Isn't she beautiful?
She stands about 14" high and is made out of a porcelain
which you cannot touch with your bare hands or it will mark her.
She's not normally on this table, but in a glass case in our livingroom.
We found out through researching afterward that when
Chikami arrived back home, her whole family
would have convened and decided, based on how she was treated in Canada,
what gift they would all contribute to for our thankyou.
We did not expect this!  And, were stunned!

 We had several students in between Chikami and the next one, Kats,
who I'm going to tell you about and they came from
Brazil, South Korea and Japan again.

Our most favourite student was 33yrs old and was a banker in Japan.
His name was Katsuhide Aunoma....Kats for short!

This is him at our wedding in 2000.
He stayed with us for three years and was a part of our family.
He learned to play the guitar...just like that....and could play like Eric Clapton!
He came to our trailer with us, went to concerts with us and spent all our special
occasions with us.  He taught us how to cook
Japanese style and was just a sweet, quiet, intelligent man.
But, his student Visa ran out....
(he was here to learn English language and Canadian Banking)
....and he returned to Japan.

He did get married since and has a lovely baby girl!

I would recommend that everyone have the experience of someone
from another country live in your home as part of your family.
It's enriching to your life!
Photo taken by Dan
            I'm feeling like I'm at a fork in the road as it pertains to my blog.  It's not like writer's block, cuz lord knows I've got alot to say!  hahaha!  It's's starting to roll a bit, which is awesome, but, am I getting away from the format I started with?  I kinda feel that way.

            In one sense, I feel like I've turned mainstream to a degree, putting in lots of photos and dreaming up varied crafts to do to keep the attention of followers, because now I'm doing the Linky parties...and I love doing them!  That's generating e-mails from other bloggers and non-bloggers, whereupon, I inevitably end up checking out their blogs and some are so fabulous that I end up putting them on my subscribe list and checking my Google Reader every morning.  I've been loving meeting new people and discussing ideas with them through e-mails and everyone is super helpful to us Newbies!  Now, I've only been at this since mid-summer, but it's snowballing and I'm enjoying it so much....not so sure Dan's liking it.  Here's me... "Dan, Dan....someone from Germany joined my Google Friends Connect!".  Here's Dan...."That's nice."  Just kidding.....he's happy for me and helps me at every turn it seems with my revamps, crafts, etc....and best of all....listens to me brainstorm!

            Okay...getting to the point....people are starting to come to my blog and read, not for the articles so much as the projects, I think, and I still want to talk (shock) about life issues and intangibles and the funny thing that happened to me on the way know what I mean right?

            After much thought about "Which direction should this blog go in?", I've decided that, well, the name of it is "HerBallistic Garden" and I did state at the beginning that I'm rather scatterbrained....which if you really knew me, you'd probably see!  (No comments back from that one please!  Hahaha!)  So, I think I'll just stay "me" and do both!

            One reason is...I can't make up my mind about the whole issue....and another is that I love to read funny stories and also about serious issues in other people's blogs, so why not?

            After this lengthy online counselling session with me, myself and I...the decision has been made by all of us (heehee...oh...and the other two Gemini friends) to keep the crazy mixed up Herballistic Blog just the way it is!  For now....

Have an HerBallistic Day!

I have a wee bit of a thing for boots! (and shoes
I've also passed this "thing" down to a few of my daughters....
if not all!

I don't go out and actively hunt down boots, but I usually don't pass by a shoe store either!
(Like....who does that?)

Recently, I was flipping through Canada's East Coast "Saltscapes" magazine
and on one of the pages was an ad for the most rugged, pretty boots from
Mahone Bay Trading Company
in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia.
I knew they would be pricey, but I HAD TO HAVE THEM!
so, I searched the internet everywhere for them
at a good price in my area or online and
ended up contacting the place in Nova Scotia where the ad was for.

They were super pleasant and helpful and had them purolated to me for a fairly cheap rate.
I was very excited when they arrived and LOVE THEM!
Now, the only thing was....I thought they were going to be red, but they ended up being
a burgundy wine colour, but I STILL LOVE THEM!
These are Joseph Seibel Palmira (red) boots!
And it's like kid leather...or maybe it the top of the boot,
inside leg zipper and worn just a titch at the toes already.
My new Happy Boots!

They still don't make me as happy as my fringed suede boots
I picked up in Kensington Market last year for $40.00!
I'd been looking for boots with fringes for YEARS!!!
And found them, unworn, in a consignment shop.
There was only one pair and they were my size exactly and fit like a glove.

These cost me more to dryclean this year than they did to buy!
But, I'll continue to do it every year...until they (tears dripping) fall apart!
The drawback to these, of course, is that you can't wear them
in all kinds of weather....more like a slipper boot....but FANTABULOUS
to me.
Alot of you might be thinking...."huh....what the heck?  I'd never wear those".
But, until you've had them on, you can't know how they make you "feel".
They bring out my inner hippychick!
Love, love, love!
oh yah...
And Peace!

(It's funny that I'd planned on doing today's post on boots and Lovely Indeed
also did one and her boots are beautiful too!)

It's just that time of year to start thinking about new boots!

I must say....I've enjoyed having the weekend off!
I accomplished so much these last few days.
Finally finished up a couple projects, and played around with my blog site a bit.
After many futile attempts, I managed to add a "Grab My Button" for
any of you bloggers out there who may want to have my button on your site
....if you like it, I site...not my button?!
I finally went to Debbiedoo's Blogging and Blabbing Tutorial Page
and did it.....easy-peasy!
Thankyou Debbie!

I also had some time to take photos of our Halloween Entry!
(yes...that's me reflected in the window of the door...I'm such a good photographer!  Heehee!)

I love the wreath I made this year...but....I kind of miss this guy!
We've had him a few years and he dances and sings, activated by a motion sensor!
He scares the crap out of everybody!

I know!  I'll hang him out on the wall to the left of the front door just on Halloween night!

I really didn't have to put alot of effort into my Front Entry this year
because I had a few things already and just picked up some mums...of course, and
made the new wreath!
This is my old milkcan....which is due for a spraypainting (Yay!) very soon...
I'm thinking "Graphics Fairy" and "Heaven's Walk" French Flowerpot method!  Ooooh!
I just filled it with fall leaves and fun fronds from the dollar store to add some zip.

This is our very, very scary black cat.
The Purolator delivery guy wants him!  Hahahaha!
It scared him...never mind, it scared me one night when I opened the door...
and my husband another time!  Hahaha!

One white pumpkin + one leg of a pair of pantyhose = Pumpkin Chic!
I saw this idea on my daughter, Megan's, Pinterest page!
Have you ever tried putting a nylon stocking on a pumpkin?
It's ridiculously hard and you pray
no one is watching you!
Never mind the fact that my pumpkin didn't have a nice stem on the top to paint black!

Oh's the wreath from the previous posting!

Well...I hope you've at least found some new ideas to play with
Sunday's Best Linky Party!