As most of you know, I haven't been blogging too much lately because
I've been preparing for Robynn & Logan's Baby Shower
along with paternal Nana, Anita (ball of fire and energy!) and
Robynn's two best friends Brandi & Gill (sooo creative)!
So, Sunday was the big day!
It went off very well!
Approximately 60 people attended and there was a TON of food,
shower games and prizes.  As you can well imagine, I have loads of photos
to share with you today, so please be patient!

Starting with my own contribution....the cake!
Isn't this the most precious wee cake topper you've ever seen?!
I ordered this cake from Let Them Eat Cakes in Hamilton on James St. S
from a lovely woman named Lynne who came to my rescue when the
original company I had dealt with failed me!  Very last minute, she agreed to make
our special cake and I'm so grateful for her artistry!
Paternal Nana, Anita, made up this creative diaper cake and made a game out of it.

Remember the baby shower favours my friends helped me put together?
They were a hit!
Brandi & Gill created these beautiful duck candy pops!
They were in charge of the theme and had ducks all over the place
and a beautiful craft center of cutouts people could draw or write their names on
then hang onto a twine clothesline.  My photo of that didn't turn out, but it
was very ingenious!
The amount of food was crazy!
Anita took care of most of the food organization with all her relatives bringing the bulk of the food to the shower and she has an extremely large family...I think it's like 14 siblings or something crazy like that!
A few of my relatives and friends brought food as well!
Thanks Aunt Kathy for the pickle trays!
We could have fed an army!
Thanks Maureen & Lynn for the old fashioned pinwheel tea sandwiches!
They were a such a treat!
(to see a tutorial on how to make these at It's All Connected, go HERE)
I brought a huge Greek Pasta Salad and the pinwheel tortillas.
And thanks to Aunt Lynn for the veggie platters!
Robynn really didn't want to cut the cake, but she did!
And was off to open presents!
With the help of her Aunt Kathy it went much easier.
That's one of her best friends, Brandi, there in the middle.
Here's Alana (sister) and Jaime (friend) starting to make the
shower hat! We've all loved wearing these so much haven't we?!
Aunt Kathy had to hold it on, cuz it just didn't seem to want to perch up there!
I finally went and stole the baby away from the paternal side of the room.
My friend Nancy and I are oogling wee Logan...
I loved so much when I put baby Logan into
Great Gramma's arms.  What a special moment to see the generations
together and also to see the tears of joy welling up in Inez's eyes.
We are all so blessed by this little miracle!

We love you Logan!
3/5/2012 09:20:47 pm

Thanks for sharing photos and details about the shower! Everything looked wonderful!! Job well done to the whole family!

3/7/2012 08:25:58 pm

Thanks Tammi! We had alot of fun preparing for it! xo wendy

3/6/2012 08:37:13 am

That cake was stunning and Logan is such a darling baby. Lot's of spoiling will go on there!

3/7/2012 08:26:35 pm better believe it! xo

3/6/2012 09:32:07 am

Great party for beautiful little Logan! Can't wait to have a little visit with him at your place!

3/7/2012 08:27:41 pm

And you definitely will...I'll plan to have her out pretty soon when my friends can see Logan...or rather hold him! Hahahaha! xo

aunt kathy
3/8/2012 04:00:22 am

Hey My Sister-in-law, Wendy! Wonderful documentation! It was a fun time AND I never want to see another pickle - ever again....OMG.....I hope I don't get pregnant! Ta! Ta!


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