Day Four of Christmas Front Porch!

Years ago, I made loads of these baskets as gifts one Christmas and the idea came
to me again that I should do it for my Natural Burlap/Bling theme this year.
So, I did!

You'll need to have a bunch of pinecones, different sizes are great,
an 8-10 light set of battery operated lights, a glue gun,
some wee christmas balls & bits of shiny stuff to place strategically.
Oh yah...and a basket!  Hahaha!
Now, because my basket is flat to the wall, and even if it wasn't, I rather like
this method I tried this time....I wanted to make an arrangement that
I could lift out of the basket in one piece.
So I can turn the battery operated lights on and off, yet have them hidden from sight!

When I make these baskets, I turn the lights on.
The reason for having the lights on is that it's easier to arrange your lights
 into position around the pinecones if you can see how they'll look when they are lit up.
Everytime you position a pinecone to glue to the next, put your creation
(clump!  hahaha!) back into your basket to make sure you can lift it out easily
without it catching.  When it's filled up enough for your eye,
we move to the next step.
Add your christmas balls and bling!  Glue everything!
After it's all placed just as you like, take a wee bit of white paint....
I used the antique white chalk paint I already had made....
and paint the tips of some of the pinecones (or all!  if you like!)
I also dabbed paint onto the green parts of the lights that were showing.
This is how the completed glued up bunch of pinecones should look.
You want to be able to place the battery into the bottom of the basket
and the "clump" on top in one whole piece.
Not sure if you can photography is crap today...but I dabbed some
gold paint onto the actual lights, because...they were GLARING LED lights
and I couldn't stand it!
Much better afterward.
Add a bow to the basket this case I used burlap & blingy ribbon!

Here's the finished product "Lit Up".
Once is bad...I apologize.
It looks so much better in real life!
and here is the "Daytime Look"!.....
I hope you enjoyed this and I hope you try it! 
It doesn't have to be a big one!
But, it's rather homey don't you think?
Happy Crafting!
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Chic on a Shoestring Decorating
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Linda@Coastal Charm
12/1/2011 08:12:32 am

Lovin' this idea...looks outstanding!!!


12/1/2011 08:58:44 am

Oooo, I think I like this one best of all!

12/1/2011 10:16:56 am

Nice work Wendy! I've been a busy bee today too, using burlap and lace...sooo much fun!

Ro xx

12/1/2011 01:32:47 pm

Lovin' your front porch! Thanks so much for stopping by today. I guess I need more cranky days like today so I get used to them...sort of :-).

12/2/2011 02:59:48 am

that looks fabulous! i love using pinecones, and i'm trying them in my empty pots. i still need to buy a few more things, but we'll see what i can do!

12/2/2011 09:16:16 pm

Absolutely delightful!I'm definitely doing this!:)Following you now!:)

12/5/2011 05:36:03 am

It really turned out beautiful. I have lots of pine cones in my decor too, but I love that there are little white lights to make everything glow. Thanks for linking up to Sunday's Best =)

12/5/2011 10:36:01 am

It so pretty, pine cones always look so nice, the basket is really a nice basket. Love that you added the glitter of the lights. Another great job. thanks for sharing over at Sunday's Best.

12/5/2011 07:42:43 pm

Wendy! I am amazed by you everyday ya know that? Your home is beautiful. I love this pine cone arrangement.

Did you glue them?

12/12/2011 11:22:18 am

this is so adorable! i love it!


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