We bought this old wardrobe at least a year ago
and now...it's time to paint it for our bedroom redo.
Of course, once you start one thing...it ALWAYS leads to another.
Am I right or what?
This is how it's been looking in our bedroom....
The doors are leaning up against the side of it.
Dan has taken them apart and straightened them.
It's been a catchall for my clothes that wouldn't fit into our closets...okay...
maybe just mine.  And, the Tobi I just had to have sits in here collecting dust.
Selling that on kijiji soon!  Balled up drop plastic sheets I've been saving for
painting projects...because if you think we're hauling this baby downstairs, you are
sadly mistaken...nor will any of our special son-in-laws who just love moving stuff!
Other various tidbits are in there at the bottom as well.
Don't linger....yuck.

So, first thing I had to do was clean my regular closet out, which....I can't do it.....
I can't show it to you....it's ugly, ugly, ugly!  Even after being cleaned!
Our closets fit into the dormers of our house, thus having a lovely slant
 and not a heck of alot of room for dresses on the short side.  It's also sadly in need of
a paint job.  I did clean it out!  Mine, I mean...Dan's was already clean.
I got this bag to take to the Goodwill and another identically large one for the garbage!
Please note that these are the industrial sized garbage bags.
The reason I can't show you the closet is because aside from some silly riff-raff
that was on the floor, really...it doesn't look much different in the before and after
shots because I had to put the clothes from this wardrobe we're redoing, into the purged closet, resulting in it being just as crammed as it was!
But, now...
A CLEAN SLATE!  Just waiting for paint and love!
Dan's making shelves for it which I will promptly fill with...yup....clothes!
This is our NEXT project towards making our bedroom a romantic getaway!
Can you envision it?
I'm so excited!

3/1/2012 07:18:02 am

This is going to look charming! Love the chippy, sadness of it. It speaks to history!

3/2/2012 07:28:20 pm

I love the history of it...fell in love with it! I'll be starting next week. I've got that big baby shower on Sunday and then back to blog world! xo

3/1/2012 09:14:32 am

It's gonna be fab! Love it!

3/2/2012 07:29:22 pm

Thanks Maureen! I hope I can do it justice when I fix her up! xo

3/2/2012 10:31:29 am

So exciting...can't wait to see what you do with it !

3/2/2012 07:30:17 pm

Me either Tammi! I'm excited to start...I've been waiting sooo long! xo

3/5/2012 01:52:12 pm

I like the look of your wardrobe. Its so shabby chic. Would love to see what you do with it.

5/7/2012 12:53:36 am

Lots of design, lots of color you can choose to renew your antique wardrobe. It's kinda exciting to see its outcome! :)

5/7/2012 05:18:54 am

What I really need is for it to rain during this spring season of cleaning out gardens so I can get it finished! Thanks for commenting! xo wendy


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