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I've really been having quite a problem recently with this whole
Google Friends Connect going defunct for users other than
Blogger bloggers as of March 1, 2012.
I am a Weebly blogger...they are my host...never heard of them...why, I'm shocked?

I know it's not an accurate measurement of your members, because you
can't know the privacy protected members on the RSS feed.
I know it's truly not a reflection of how good your blog is or isn't.
I get that the page views are so much more important than that little box
with the friend counter in it, but lets face it, it's an indication of how well a blog is doing or not doing, isn't it?  When you visit someone's blog who has GFC and you see 900 members and they've only been blogging as long as you and you have are so impressed right?  Then you start perusing their blog and realize how great it is!  Whereas, you might just pass that blog by unless there was something wondrous on it right?  Seriously....right?
We strive to have all the members someone like Graphics Fairy I right?
Unfortunately, it's become a gauge for bloggers of all types.

My problem is...if I lose this box, will I lose all my members who have subscribed to
my site via GFC?  Will my blog just disappear from their Google Reader or whatever other
venue they subscribed with when my GFC box disappears.  Do I have to start over finding followers again?  Or will they be supportive still?

Primarily, I liked being able to use GFC to contact new people who joined my site
that didn't make a comment, or don't have a blog.
Of course, I just realized that I have to join my own blog (which I thought was rather egotistical) until I found I can't contact them unless I'm a member of my own blog.  When I joined my own site, a message came up stating that as of March 1, GFC would be taken off my blog.

I had some help from Cathy over at My 1929 Charmer (who is a lovely, caring person by the way) and she advised me to sign up for a Blogger blog (which I did), but don't use don't take it to the point of creating an actual blog, but just sign up for it.  I thought I was safe then.  And, it was actually kinda great because I found I could comment on other blogs that I couldn't before without the "Name/Url" option with this Google Account.  But, that is not the account I signed up my GFC with, and therein lies the problem I believe.  I'm still trying to figure out how to switch my GFC over to the account I just added with the link to my website here. 
And you think you're confused reading this?  Really?

Cathy also encouraged me to add Networked Blogs to my account and request people to join that if they are already on my GFC.  That's not going so great, because my friend Maureen tried to join it a couple days ago and she's still not showing up on it.  That's not the 1-2 hours Networked Blogs stated it would take for a friend to show
another glitch...whether it's Weebly or me or Networked Blogs....I'm exhausted trying to sort all this stuff out....I'm getting old you know....almost 50!

I didn't start this blog to be a techno wizard and I'm blown away by the technology required to write a blog.  I'm also extremely frustrated with Google.  I have joined
Google +, only to find I'm not quite sure how to use it properly....circles?  I can't even get the Google + badge onto my website via html!   I guess it's like facebook right?  Help me here please!  It's all so confusing!

And Facebook, well, never!  I finally get my page set up, but I can't link it to my website here...same as what happened with the Google +!  And, now because GFC is leaving all of us non-bloggers, does that mean we have to maintain other social pages in order to keep our readers?  All I wanted to do was write a blog about my interests, do some inspiring and inspired crafts and meet new people who were interested in the same.  This is becoming a fulltime job of upkeep and I believe I have a solution, but am not sure how to implement it....

I need to move my website over to Blogger.
But, how, oh how am I to do this?
Can anyone recommend an online blog mover who doesn't cost an arm and a leg
and is reputable?  Do you know anyone who moves blogs in their entirety?
Have you heard from a friend of a friend about a blog mover?
If so.....please comment here or send me an e-mail and I'll be forever in your debt.

but....will I be able to transfer my GFC over with me? many questions, so little time.

Any advise would be so welcomed....please?
2/2/2012 03:41:54 am

I just found out today that the creator of Linky tools has developed a friends link that all bloggers can use. IF you want to find out more head on over to At the Picket fence: this linky tool sounds easier to use than the others.

2/2/2012 03:47:29 am

WOW! Did I just have a major brain cramp or what!! Please disregard this comment. I looked right at your sidebar and it didn't even click.

Sorry!! Please delete! :o)

2/2/2012 04:00:36 am

Tina! No....I was still fixing my blog up while you were writing this! Hahahaha! No brain wasn't there yet! xo

2/2/2012 03:54:02 am

I'm on the new members site.

2/2/2012 04:02:14 am

Thanks Maureen! I'm trying to work the bugs out with help from Linky Tools. xo

2/2/2012 05:18:36 am

I just followed your blog and would love it if you would come over and follow my new LINKY FOLLOWER tool.

Cheri from Its So Very Cheri

2/3/2012 10:58:31 pm

First of all , I LIVE the name of your blog ! I'm kind of a ballistic gardener myself ! LOL Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving the encouraging comment.
I feel bad for all the people having troubles with the Google thing. When I started my blog, my daoughter in law suggested I use Blogger because she thought it was more user friendly for those of use technology challenged. I did however add the new Linky tool for those not with Blogger. My blog is still fairly new and I am tryong to grow my followers too ( slow going there) so I understand the concern of losing what you have worked so hard to get.
Hang in there , I enjoy your blog ( even though it's my first visit). I am now happily following you on BOTH follower tools :)

2/4/2012 11:02:04 pm

Thanks Cheriche & Dawn! And you are wise to put it on your Blogger blog Dawn...I totally believe that something will go amiss when they take it off everyone else's blogs and don't want to lose my subscriptions too! xo wendy

2/5/2012 02:55:34 am

Hi Wendy - I just read your "rant" and am right there with you. I've worked hard getting to 350 followers and now, sadly, they're all going to be gone! I have to start all over. I didn't know I had to join my own blog! I followed your advice and I was so surprised to see I had two friend requests from other blogs waiting for me! Who knew? But I guess it won't matter in 3 weeks. I followed you via LF and also GFC. Good luck sorting this all out. I am spending WAY too much time trying to gain my followers back. It's slow going. And I don't understand why some of the hostesses of the parties I faithfully participate in every week either never comment or most recently, haven't followed via LF. I know how frustrating it is to be a small fish in a really big pond :)
Best to you,


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