I'm not sure how many of you have ever tried to start a blog?  It's something we all think about doing right?  You want to put pieces of your life out there and share, but also learn how to link to other bloggers so that people reading your blog can just click on another blog that you are interested in or might comment on.  This involves knowing the etiquette of linking, the mechanics of linking and plain old how to link!  I've been clicking from Settings to Help to My blog and am getting more and more confused!  I'm just a layman when it comes to this stuff and I'm quite frustrated, so, I'm going to take my friend Maureen's advise and read through "Six Pixels of Separation", by Mitch Joel and learn a thing or two.  I read until 2am last night, with highlighter in hand and that's what I plan on doing today as well.  I know I can do this and I will!  Don't worry!

          I have to tell you....and I know...this might sound mushy, but I have the sweetest husband on the planet!  Here I am, blogging at the table, blogging in bed, popping into my blog throughout the day to add little things to build on it and he is listening to me rant, making me breakfast, making me dinner, and just all round supporting me!  God love 'im!  Today he's going to hang my blow dryer holder onto the wall beside the Vanity Table I just redid and I can hardly wait to publish that photo!  It looks marvellous!  He must get so crazed by my forays into different hobbies.  What you must understand about me is that I truly am a Gemini, through and through.  I just can't get enough of learning new things, but mostly I am a Dabbler like my sidebar says.  I tend to start new projects or to learn new things and they only hold my attention for a period of time, depending upon how interested I am in them.  This blogging idea may just help me to organize my ideas, thoughts, crafts, decorating, everything!  That is a wondrous feat because on top of all this flitting around from thing to thing....which is where the "Ballistic" part of my name comes in, I am a "List Maker"!

          I started making lists years and years ago.  I make lists of things to do today, grocery store lists, items to buy in the future, projects to work on in the future (Dan loves that list!  Hahahaha!), lists of flowers, lists of dinner plans, lists of people and lists for Christmas.  When I was working in 911 I made lists while dispatching, just so I wouldn't forget anything an officer requested on the air.  I carry a notepad in my purse and write everything down, even attach business cards to the pertinent pages and then they all go into my notepad box.  It's almost like a police officer keeping his little black notebooks forever!  Do you think I have a problem?  I'm okay with it.  And then....there's the drawer fetish.

          Maybe it's because I'm so scatterbrained, but somewhere in my psyche I have a need to be neat, tidy and compartmentalize.  When I was about 12yrs old, I went to my friend Lynne's home for the first time and saw the most beautiful, antique pharmaceutical cabinet with so many little drawers in it and it took up almost all the space of one whole wall in their dining room.  I was hooked then, but just didn't realize it.  I started out fairly small with a little 4-drawer, 16"x12"x8" antique box.....but it grew.  Now, we have a 21-drawer cabinet that holds bagged spices, birthday candles, dry mix dips, and other assorted kitchen paraphernalia you don't know what to do with.  We have a 12-drawer pharmaceutical cabinet...not exactly like Lynne's mothers...and it holds candles, napkins, beer cozies, spare sunglasses, napkin rings, etc.  Also, a 28-drawer cabinet with smaller drawers and I have all my photos in there!  That was a godsend!  I hate putting photos in photo albums and we really don't have to now with the digital era, but we all have those old photos in a box, waiting to be sorted.  Each drawer has a label display, so all the kids have their own drawers and these get pulled out all the time to show new friends they bring over.  The piece de la resistance is our 72-drawer General Store cabinet.  This one...I had to slip little labels into the glass in the front of because....do you know how hard it is to remember which drawer you put something in when you are looking at 72 of them!?  Anyway, there are all kinds of little drawer do-dads around the house as well, and I'm really not concerned that people look at me and think "crazy", "kookoo", or even "mentally disturbed".  I'm okay with it!  And, I love it!

          Today I will definitely take photos of my drawer furniture and post to "Decor - Antiques"!



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