One of the very first items I pinned to my Pinterest page was this....
It was posted originally by So And Sew Productions blog and it came from
either The Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware.  But the idea
inspired me to try this at home!

So, for the last month...everywhere we go out in the vehicle or on foot, I've been
searching for the perfect branch.  It's actually quite funny, because I've even got Maureen involved in finding the perfect branches. A couple days ago, she hauled over a fairly large branch from her backyard she found for me!  I wonder what people were thinking watching her walk down the street with a giant branch!? wasn't the one I wanted....I know...I felt bad!

Dan & I went for a walk up the sideroad with the dogs yesterday morning and after
much chaos with the dogs getting tangled in the brush with their leashes wrapped around small trees and weeds, muck on our boots, and juggling...we managed to get these.
Whatever branch you pick, it has to suit your tastes...of course, but it also
must have branches wide enough to hold the candle holders.

Which leads me to what I used for candle holders.
These are called "Nail-On Glides" and come in a box of four.  They're used
for the bottom of chairs to help them glide across the floor, but I spent a long time
checking out the hardware aisle for something that would work to
hold my candles on....and this was it!
The beauty of having nails is your candle slides right down and if, by chance
(something I'd never do....hahaha....did it), your candle nail is on crooked, you
can actually adjust the candle by sticking it into it on a wee bit of an angle.
After trimming up my branches to how I wanted it to look and twisting the branch
upside down to see which way it sat flat best, but still looked interesting,
I hot-gluegunned the Nail-On Gliders in spots here and there, trying to keep
them level and spaced out sufficiently.
I actually enjoyed trimming it up....felt like a crazy artist sculpting something!
This is the Gold branch before.

And....this is my Silver branch before.

Having affixed the candle holders, I spray-painted two coats, top and bottom,
including the candle holders and here's some photos of
the finished product!
This Silver one was actually a secondary thought for me, because as you
can see from the photos, silver in my house...not so good!
But, I quite like it  and feel in the right environment, it could look
completely excellent!
In this close up you can see how lovely the silver metallic paint is
and how the real look of the wood shines through.
I can't decide which one I like best, but I obviously can see the gold branch
looks preferable here over the silver.
Dan & I both liked that there was moss and knarlyness (is that a word?) to
this particular branch and it's definitely a unique piece because
it's been given such texture as a result...shiny in two tones.
You could add some Christmas Bling to it as well. 
I kinda wanted to keep it simple looking, but will definitely play with it some
more and add perhaps some boughs from the tree or some holly berries?
I realize it looks monstrous in some of the shots here, but in reality, there
is plenty of room to share a meal around it at my table.
I quite like the meshing of nature and metallic.
Which one do you like best?
And, do you think you'll try this at home?
I'd love to hear back about this....

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12/14/2011 09:16:40 pm

Wendy, this is superb. I am so going to do this. But glide ons will have a different name here. I will have to figure that out first :)

12/14/2011 09:23:13 pm

I'm so glad you like it enough to make it! It was fun to do and easy! xo

12/14/2011 11:15:27 pm

Wendy, this is great!!!! What a wonderful idea! You're so talented! Beautiful!

12/15/2011 12:30:55 am

Absoluty gorgeous. I think if I had to pick I would go with the silver.

12/15/2011 07:31:38 am

I love the gold one with the addition of the birdie and ornaments! LOVE!! Then again, I seem to love everything you do!

12/15/2011 10:24:43 am

Well, you know I love silver so that is my pick. They both look great though. Don't you think that would look nice left natural with some little birds on it for spring? Or sprayed pastel green with tiny chicks for Easter. Thanks for getting the wheels turning! ~ Maureen

12/15/2011 11:38:59 am

You know....I'd already thought of doing one in antique white! Hahaha! For summer! or for my shabby chic bedroom!

12/15/2011 11:47:07 am

Wendy, this is awesome and beautiful! I'm imagining the white one already :)
Thanks for sharing such a great idea.

12/15/2011 02:41:45 pm

Wow! This is a great project. The two branches are equally beautiful. If I made one for my home, and I will be adding it to my to-do list, I would go with silver. I'm so glad you shared this at the Show & Tell link party.


12/16/2011 07:41:30 am

Love the branch candle sticks. Good tutorial. I am thinking natural for spring with bird nests. Christmas Blessings. Audrey Z. at Timeless Treasures.

12/16/2011 10:36:47 am


Just checked out your wonderful centerpiece!!! It turned out beautifully! So creative!


12/16/2011 01:21:35 pm

Love when things are created from stuff one that can be found outside my door! Thanks for sharing.

12/16/2011 10:11:05 pm

Love this idea Wendy. Like the gold one, especially with the added ornaments.

12/17/2011 10:30:53 am

That is so clever.... How cool. I love to use branches too.

12/18/2011 07:21:00 am

I love it!! Great job! Your newest follower from Debbie's.

12/18/2011 07:54:08 am

What a beauty! Would love love love for you to share this at our party gonig on now Happy holiday! My

12/18/2011 08:50:53 am

This is awesome. You did an amazing job Wendy. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party

12/18/2011 09:10:38 am

This is wonderful. I would definitely try this. I think glittering it would also be fabulous! I like the gold...but both are lovely! Following now so that I can get more ideas! Come by and visit anytime!


12/18/2011 11:00:55 am

I really like this! Especially the one with the little sweet! And goes so well with your great big table :D

12/18/2011 01:57:36 pm

This probably one of the neatest things I've ever seen!! Outstanding job! Thanks for sharing:D

12/18/2011 08:13:04 pm

12/18/2011 08:20:23 pm

Hi There! First...sorry for the empty comment! I filled out the info...then hit enter to get to the message box...wrong move...anyway...I LOVE this branch...I think I just might give it a try...and if so, I think I might like it natural or white...however for Christmas...the silver or the's awesome any color...even black...for holloween...with a raven...I guess you could jest repaint for every season! LOL Thanks for sharing...and momentarily I will be your newest follower! I love these linky parties...otherwise I probably would never have found you! stop by and visit sometime!

the cape on the corner
12/19/2011 02:02:02 am

let's try this again...this looks amazing!

12/19/2011 09:48:27 am

Hi Wendy, I'm featuring your branch tutorial tonight at Project Queen's Highlights from last week's party. Thanks so much for linking this up. It's amazing and so different than anything I've ever seen done!

Wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas.


12/20/2011 10:11:03 pm

Wonderful! I too have seen this on Houzz and on Pinterest. Good for you on giving it a go. I love the Silver!

12/20/2011 10:20:53 pm

I was wondering when someone would comment who'd seen it before! Thanks for your nice comment Cindy! xo

12/25/2011 09:12:24 am

This candle centerpiece is absolutely beautiful, Wendy! My holiday decor is full of nature inspired pieces... twigs, leaves, birds, etc. I just love this! Thank you so much for sharing it at Savvy HomeMade Monday. Your project will be featured at tomorrow's party!

1/18/2012 10:51:39 am

I've been looking FOREVER for a branch centerpiece! I have to decorate for a dinner dance and this is just perfect. Now to find those branches...lots of em!

7/6/2012 08:05:30 pm

now a days we are prefer natural candles that is very useful step

11/3/2014 03:24:05 pm

Love this centerpiece! Unique and really green. Thumbs up!

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