Soooo....maybe I forgot...just a little....
how much work a new puppy is!  Oh my.....I had to have a nap today!
I was up super early wiping up mistakes on the floor, grabbing Blarney as quick as possible when he'd squat.  Acchhhh!  It's probably really good training for our new grandchild coming in February!  He's a loving, happy little puppy, but man!....busy?!....

From gnawing on the phonebook (which sits at the bottom shelf of a sewing basket in the kitchen), to the edge of the stairs, to the baseboards, to everything wrought iron that sits on the floor.  We've moved spider plants out and hibiscus up higher, taken all off the coffee table, tried "no" twenty times at least as he attempts to chew the antique fainting couch upholstery and we give him a toy instead to chew.  He's already mastered the stairs to the second floor, so now our baby gate is back out and at that access point.  Blarney's gone rollerskating on a rolling plant stand (that the hibiscus was on!), pulled every single dog toy out of the basket and strewn it across the floor, tried like a stubborn robot to steal Elmo's dinner everytime...because he wolfs his down with his little ribcage sucked right in for the whole inhalation and is done wayyyy before Elmo!  Really?  We're up to it....just remembering how crazy that time is in a puppy's life!  We started putting him in the small side of his new crate today for 20 minutes and he whined and cried in fits and starts...remember how awful it was to not run and pick up your child when they cried in their it nearly kills you to let them get the idea that they must stay in there awhile?  He's outside right now with Dan....probably digging in the garden again or gnawing on some greenery or chasing Rainy and Elmo relentlessly!  hahahaha!  God love 'im!
Here he is....and he's not standing still....go, go, go!!!
_The moral to the story is.....I'm just a wee bit too busy with our new addition to actually
do anything bloggy and I was so looking forward to getting into my sewing today or
doing a photo shoot of our antiquing in the States treasures!

So, please be patient with me....I WILL RETURN!!!!
(I really don't want to inundate you with crazy blogs about Blarney's every move!
....although it is quite hysterical that right now he's growling and barking at a ball as he tries to "capture" it!  Hahahaha!)
Rukmini Roy
1/13/2012 10:52:28 am

geeeeee. i can completely understand. it takes all your time. its alright. train him well and return victorious.

love, rukmini


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