You truly will not believe the musical light show you are about to see!
It's amazing....and best of all....only a few miles down the road from me in the nearest
town to my home, Caledonia, Ontario!

Turn up your volume and play this fantastic Christmas Light Extravaganza!

Seriously!?  Can you believe that?!

If you'd like a little history on the building you can head over to
Caledonia Old Mill's web page, but if you'd just like a brief
synopsis of that page, read on.....

Built in 1853, this 3-1/2 story Mill was made of timber frame and constructed
with a rough wooden board exterior.
In 1857, it began being used to process wheat into flour, powered by water
and was in operation until 1960.
In 1975, the Mill closed after several owners had changed hands and
in 1983 the Grand River Mill was given Heritage Status.
It is presently owned by a non-profit organization entrusted with it's care.

Caledonia Mill, 1877 & circa 1910-1920
 Caledonia Old Mill
Festival of Sound & Lights

 See Caledonia's 160+ year old mill like never before:Covered with thousands of Christmas lights! Local volunteers Adam Harrison and Mike Montgomery, among other members of the Caledonia Old Mill Corporation have been working hard all year to present one of Southern Ontario's biggest winter light displays. 
Thursday, November 24th 2011 till' January 2nd 2012
Tune your radio to 88.1 FM to hear the music synchronized with the lights.
 For information on sponsoring the light display click here 
For more information contact The Caledonia Old Mill
I hope you all enjoyed the show!
I totally loved it!
Kudos to the planners of this!

Merry Christmas Everybody!
I'll be back next week sometime!

12/23/2011 10:33:58 am

This is amazing! It's beautiful! I love the lighting and the structure is outstanding! What a fun place to visit! I'm so happy it is still there for all to see! Merry Christmas!

12/24/2011 04:19:24 pm

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, my dear friend! Wish you wonderful life in the coming years.

12/24/2011 09:53:02 pm

Thank you! I wish you to be happy!

12/26/2011 08:28:50 am

That was AWESOME!! I bet it's so nice to live close to something so neat! Thanks for sharing:D

1/26/2015 06:15:50 am

Keep the mill


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