The saga of this Cheesebox has been an interesting journey.
I think it was two years ago when my neighbour, Paul, came over and
gave me this antique cheesebox.
It was all dirty, but still had the original writing across the lid.
What did I do with it?
I painted the base rim off-white and the actual round box of it "red".
That was during my menopausal red stage of wanting to brighten my world.
That's over.
Now, I just want peace and serenity in my world with lighter, muted colours.
Did I take a before photo?  No, I didn't.  I wasn't a blogger then.
But, did I take another before photo of the red cheesebox?
No, I didn't...I was a stupid blogger then.
I was just going to paint it and throw it somewhere as extra storage, however,
had the bright idea of adding legs and making it into an occasional table.
Here it is.....
I found some 2-1/2' lengths of whatever those legs were originally...we can't figure
it out?  Anybody know?  Didn't seem long enough for a kitchen table...there were
only three of them and they didn't seem to be from a stairwell?
But, they served my purpose for $4.50 for all three.
Dan cut them down for me and...they were already painted!
How great is that?
The top was a bit of a dilemma for me.
I sanded it down, but carefully...just enough to get the grime off it and not
obliterate the writing as I wanted to preserve at least the outline of it.
That's shadows on the lid, not stains...I'm really not the world famous photographer you think I!
As you all know, I'm the queen of bone-headed moves on my projects.
I had it completed...just like above, when I decided it would be
lovely to put an image of a crown above the wording in the empty space.
Nuh-uh!  Oh no....too much grain in the wood to transfer it properly, so then....
I attempted to draw (by hand) over the vague outline of the crown with a black wood marker and that just looked so tacky and horrific.
That's when I sanded it all back again and restained the top of the lid.
Why does it always take me double the time to finish a project you may ask?
Because I get overzealous about tweaking it with my own touches?
Well, I like how it turned out after I had gone over just the original trace of wording.
And that is how I've left it sitting in my screened-in room and it's perfect
with the wicker furniture in there!
Ahhhhh.....another project put to rest, along with myself!
I'm in love with my Garden Gate!
After Dan & I finished hanging it, we crossed the road and sat
on the bench facing our house to admire it!
Our old garden gate, was broken - missing a fence board and the latch was rotted out.
I was telling Dan that I wished we had an old door we could use as a gate. 
That's when he went down into our dungeon and came up with this!
One of the original doors of the house from the 1800's.
I've got to tell you, Dan did the work on it....I just designed it!
Phew...that was hard work!
I remembered we had this old stove pipe flange I had purchased at an
antique shop a few years ago.  It was always getting put somewhere or other
without any real home to speak of.
We did nothing to this...the rust appealed to me!
I did help clean the door up with some TSP and scrubbing.
Then it was ready for paint!
Dan cut a hole for the flange to fit into as a window.
He saved all the old handle hardware and painted all of it brown.
Bought some new hinges and painted them as well.
We added our house numbers to the top and some flowers beneath the window
in a window box I bought for $1.99 at Value Village last year!
Our curb appeal has risen substantially!
I like that it has the feel of a Secret Garden...makes you want to walk up to it
and peek inside the wee window, doesn't it?
Coming in for a Garden Party?
I'll wait here....
Blissful and Domestic
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I finally cleaned the garden soil off my hands and knees and
allotted some time to post something!
It's ridiculous this time of year how busy you get in your gardens and
the day flies by because you think...just one more section of weeds or
I'll just water these wee plants or perhaps I should transplant these.
If you're me, you end up having a day like today where I really "can't" do
anything because my mind wants to step outside into the sunshine and garden, but
my body isn't co-operating!  Is anyone else like that?

Okay, onward....
We purchased this wrought iron delight a couple months ago at an antique store for $47.00.  It might seem like alot for this, but I fell in love with it and knew exactly
where I wanted to put it....after I spraypainted it, of course.
You would have had a better idea of how gold/brown/black it was BEFORE, if I had
remembered to insert my memory card into my camera prior to doing a
big photo shoot and then spray painting one side of it already.
But...this is what you're getting!
These are the after shots....I simply love how this looks hanging from our porch beam!
What do you think?
I really like the simple elegance of it now!
Our front gardens are all coming together now and Cathy from My 1929 Charmer
has asked me to do a guest posting later this week in honour of her 1yr Blogaversary!
Come on over and see the unveiling of the completed portion of my perennial gardens!
I'm posting there on Friday, May 25th!
I'll meet you there!
I don't think I ever showed you the cake plate we purchased
when we were in the States picking up Blarney in January.
We stopped into this wee antique shop in Pennsylvania - at least it looked
wee from the outside, but when we entered, it was 3 stories of
awesomeness!  And the prices...well...don't go there!  It was another
disneyland of antiques adventure for us.

This cake plate is made of cast iron on the base and had a steel (I'm going to say
stainless steel, but not sure) disc that spins for cake decorating I'd assume.
I spraypainted to top of the disc an antique white to match the base and
on that same jaunt to the U.S., I had picked up a large cloche in
Hobby Lobby for 1/2 price!
Now, I've put together a wee spring-like vignette for display
under the cloche....something to make you think of spring in all it's glory!
The nest is authentic and the eggs are marble.  It's funny, but when I first lived with Dan,
I had an egg that I'd had since childhood which I'd dragged with me all over the place, and then Dan was unpacking some boxes and he had a marble egg as well!
Guess we were meant for each other!
Happy Spring!
The ongoing saga of our Master Bedroom continues....
You saw the corbels HERE.
And, yesterday we finished hanging the second chandelier.
We used to have ceiling fans in our master bedroom, however, decided that with
the breeze coming off the Grand River and central air for the really hot & sticky nights, we could continue the vintage look with the chandeliers.
I'm only showing you the lights...not the rest of the room.
It's not READY yet!

The two chandeliers are different from each other...which I really liked.
This first one needed some TLC.
It was purchased at our local antique store in Caledonia.
This is it finished and touched up with a Krylon Silver Leaf Pen
in the pretty!

Finished Daytime shot

Unfortunately, Dan had wired it in to the ceiling before I realized that
I could indeed fix it up a bit, using the pen.
I actually stood on a knees were shaking.

I know you can see lines where I painted with the pen "up close", but you can't see
them when you are standing below it.  This was hung from an over 10' ceiling.

You can see here I've done the lower ring fitting,
but not the upper rusted one. 

See what a difference it made?
Before, the glass kind of took on a hue of brownish near these fittings.
And, the Krylon silver leaf pen just cleaned it up so perfectly!

Chandeliers are just soooo romantic, especially in a bedroom!

Here is a photo of both chandeliers hung in the bedroom and I absolutely
adore how they bring beautiful lighting and ambience to our
master bedroom in the making.
Although Dan had to rewire both chandeliers because the wiring
was old and probably not up to code, the second one I'm showing you was
easier than the first because it didn't need any touch-ups.
Although hanging all the crystals on it was a challenge in itself!
We picked this one up in Clarion, PA at an antique store during our
journey to pick up sweet Blarney for only $99.00!
I can't wait to hear the tinkle of the crystals in a breeze!
You wouldn't believe the difference this makes in our bedroom,
but you will when you see the whole bedroom complete
at the end of our journey!

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Valentines Day!
Have a beautiful weekend!
Early last week one day, Dan & I ventured out to Cambridge to
Southworks Antiques
which has over 30,000 square feet and over 125 vendors!
Paradise for us!

Here's what we found that day....

These are swaying curtain rods that are extendable....I have plans to
paint them and distress, then mount them above the windows on our french doors
in our bedroom leading to our balcony.  They were about $24.00 for the pair...great price!
They'll be great because we can open or close some lighter curtains on the smaller window insert and for extra darkness I'll put a full curtain spanning the whole door.
You'll see....

This plant stand really caught my eye for $18.00....Won't my spider plant
look beautiful hanging in this when I paint it?

After seeing all the beautiful tablescapes in blogland, I've been keeping my eyes
open for a set of dishes I might like to have.  I have good dishes made by a well-known local potter, Donn Zver in Troy, however, they are kinda scratched after all the years of owning them and more rugged looking than pretty.  I still love them though!
Not sure you can read this properly, but it's a Washington Pattern made by
T, G & F Booth of England.  What I found out when researching my bowl, was.....
it was made circa 1883-1991 by Booth Brothers...and....YOU CAN'T FIND THEM ANYWHERE ON THE NET!  Seriously....I finally find the pattern of my dreams and
all I can find is a gravy boat and a serving dish.
I noticed one of the blogs I follow had some transferware that looked very similar to
this pattern and perhaps now that I have an idea of what I want, I can find something close to replicate this beautiful, dainty pattern.
Any ideas would be welcome????
We also picked up a beautiful white, chenille, queen size bedspread for
only $24.00.  I was pretty happy about it because it's in PERFECT condition and when I
was in Toronto with Megan, we went into a sweet little shabby chic shop and they had one almost identical with a price tag on it of $134.00!  Woot!  Woot!
I cannot, however, show it to you dog jumped up on it and got her dirty paws all over it,'s in the wash!  Hahaha!

Have you discovered any fabulous antique finds lately?
And, please....give me some assistance with the dishes dilemma!
Today I'm going to show you some of the finds we purchased when
we were at a Flea Market and tomorrow, I'll show you our take from the
Antique Market in Cambridge we visited during the Christmas season.
We, is Dan & I.  Sometimes, we "defrag" by taking off, spur of the moment,
to some seedy-looking flea market in the city (I won't say the name...they might be offended!) or we head out to one of the numerous antique markets that
populate Southern Ontario.

You really have to dig deep at some of these flea markets because although I'm sure
there are alot of people out there who collect stereos from the 70s and model cars/trucks, we're not them...we go searching for the sweet little things that are
hidden behind and under and on bottom shelves!

This was a particularly good day for a couple eccentric finds

Love these knobs and can't wait to paint them to add to a piece of
furniture in our romantic!
Ended up being about 75 cents/knob

Although the next ones aren't old...they're pretty sweet for 50 cents each!
I used to hang crystals in the window of the nursery when my kids were babies....
they'd wake up to rainbows everyday!  Every mother's wish right?

These spools/skeins of cotton thread were a sweet find!
And, the wire bowl was from another booth....I'm just showing them here...not
quite sure yet how I'll set up a proper vignette, but I sure like
looking at them!  Hahahaha!

This was my absolute favourite find of the least!
Possibly the year....I fell in love with this little tin.
I wasn't even sure exactly what it had originally been used for or how old
it was, but my friend Maureen, told me her Aunt had one long ago and
it was a powder tin...for talcum powder!  circa 1930's.
Can you believe this beautiful drawing under the domed glass on the lid?
The wee dried flowers add a lovely touch as well.
It makes me think of a John Steinbeck novel when I look at it....
Here's the whole tin...which spans about five inches across.
Guess what?
It's also a music box!  But, at present, can only ping out a note or two...
Maureen and I took it apart and checked it out...and that was the
extent of our knowledge combined...but it was pretty neat!
Eight Dollars!  Fabulous!

Hope you enjoyed my little foray into Flea Marketing and please come
back tomorrow to see the Antiquing finds.
Have a great day!

All I can say is WOW! 
Okay...maybe I can say a little more than that!

Saturday, Dan's sister & brother-in-law invited us to their neighbours farm
across the road from them.
I met some lovely people there!
Kim Davies, who owns the business Tattered & Torn and sells from Southworks
in Cambridge, Ontario knows her stuff...when it comes to shabby chic...she's got it
down to an art.  She opened up a quonset hut on her property to the public for the weekend and it was "Spectacular"!

Here's where she lives.....
I know...funny!  But, seriously, all you can see around their place
is wheat for miles it seems!

Here's what we saw before entering the mecca and I was hooked already!
See these Newel Posts...I really wanted one of these...but couldn't
justify the price!  I'm hoping if any were left, I can go back
and swing a deal for one of's for my secret project!
Shhhhh. we venture through the door.  Picture me with my mouth hanging open
and delight dancing across my eyes!
I was in love, love, love with the merchandise inside and felt like I'd walked into
the past and was enthralled!  I examined every single corner of that place...
like...3-4 times!
Amazing reupholstering with Authentic Grain Sacks....

See all the grain sacks hanging on the rack in the background?
They were $200.00 each....wayyyy over my budget, but I was in love with them!
I thought this wrought iron item would make an awesome
Elmo (our Shipoo) bed, but he really does prefer our bed..
and he's got his oh so shabby shic stepstool now, so that's not happening!

Check this booth out carefully...there's so much to see in it!

Although this photo didn't turn out as sharp as I wanted, I decided to
include it anyway....the chair was made, I believe, and correct me
please if I'm wrong?  from an old carriage seat?
And, I love the shoes on top!

Here's another of Kim's booths.  She did have a few other vendors in
the building who's wares were just as wonderful as hers!
I'm not doing justice to this venue, because honestly, it was like you were
walking through an 1800's Better Homes & Garden Fair.
I found these wee little Vintage Copper Stamps and bought one!
I thought they'd be fabulous to put on some of my herbal concoctions as a label!

This little lovely is.....MINE!
We  bought this wrought iron washstand which had a wash bowl in it (which we
didn't want) because we're going to refurbish this into our new
powder room sink!
Pat, who sold this to us was a very sweet person.  She gave me her e-mail address
and told me to give her a call....cuz she has lots more goodies in her home!

_Dan already started stripping it when we brought it home because
he's as excited about this as I am!  It works out perfectly because we can
integrate the pipework underneath and....well....I won't give away all the secrets
we're doing to it.  You'll just have to watch and see in a later post!
The gunky stripper is doing it's job....drip, splat, drip.

Sadly, I had perused enough, spent too much, and had to leave.
I could have stayed there all day soaking in the pleasures of another time!

I hope you enjoyed this outing as much as I did?!
Big thanks to Kim & her husband Dan for having this venue!