Like most hare-brained ideas I conjure up in my mind,
this lighting fixture was not my original plan, but...
I really, really, really like it....alot!
Using antique hand-tatted lace, I mod-podged it (somewhat like a puzzle and it seemed
to take as long as a puzzle...okay...maybe not) onto a store bought light fixture
from Home Depot I picked up for $11.99.  Actually, two of them.
I took off the steel cage because I didn't want quite that much of an
industrial look going on in my vintage bedroom hallway...although, maybe rusted
up a bit, it would have looked kinda funky!

Because the previous lights were similar to the "boob" lights we all
love to hate now (which incidentally, I always thought looked like a boob...
what would Freud say?)...
(Except mine don't off subject!)

....I decided to do something unique to them.  Mostly because the wee
chandeliers I coveted for their replacement cost megabucks and partly because
I'm a creative blogger and I can do this.  hahaha!
So, I started with the idea that I wanted to spray "Looking Glass" paint
into the glass fixtures to give them the look of mercury glass. cool............NOT!

I practiced on a canning jar...alright....two or three of them.
It looked okay from the outside sitting on a shelf....
...however, when I brought the glass over to my bridge lamp and held
it up with the lightbulb inside....not so good.
You could see every drip from the inital waterspray to give it that
mercury glass look.  So, once again, you all get to learn from my retarded
ideas that don't work out!

Now I had to come up with something vintage looking for the glass fixture
that I felt would be unique.
Aha!  Lace!
After searching fabric stores galore for just the right lace I wanted, which
in my mind was something more like a doily, I found some
antique hand-tatted lace in an antique shop and hit paydirt!
It came in the form of four placemats and although I thought twice
about cutting them up for what I had in mind, I figured...hmmm...
how often would I use four?  Usually two for Dan & I, three if one other person
is over and on the whole with our big family...more than eight are required.
So I did. (Notice how I skipped having just one other couple over...denial)
They worked out quite well and after mod-podging all the lace onto the
fixtures, I went over the whole thing with mod-podge again to
give it a frosted look so the light wouldn't be too harsh.
I think they look quite dainty, don't you?

I finished off the fixture itselt with two 9" ceiling medallions purchased
at Home Depot as well.
I gave these a spraypaint along with the fixture (jar lid type) light base.
The end result felt rather whimsical and I'm quite happy with the light
designs on the ceiling in the evenings when it's lit up!
I really love having the old fixtures out of there and these are so
much more feminine in keeping with the bedroom theme.
Dan said he like them too...but he's like that...always supporting my craziness.

Of course, one thing always leads to another and now my brain is
brimming with other ways to use mod-podged lace!
We bought this old wardrobe at least a year ago
and's time to paint it for our bedroom redo.
Of course, once you start one ALWAYS leads to another.
Am I right or what?
This is how it's been looking in our bedroom....
The doors are leaning up against the side of it.
Dan has taken them apart and straightened them.
It's been a catchall for my clothes that wouldn't fit into our closets...okay...
maybe just mine.  And, the Tobi I just had to have sits in here collecting dust.
Selling that on kijiji soon!  Balled up drop plastic sheets I've been saving for
painting projects...because if you think we're hauling this baby downstairs, you are
sadly mistaken...nor will any of our special son-in-laws who just love moving stuff!
Other various tidbits are in there at the bottom as well.
Don't linger....yuck.

So, first thing I had to do was clean my regular closet out, which....I can't do it.....
I can't show it to's ugly, ugly, ugly!  Even after being cleaned!
Our closets fit into the dormers of our house, thus having a lovely slant
 and not a heck of alot of room for dresses on the short side.  It's also sadly in need of
a paint job.  I did clean it out!  Mine, I mean...Dan's was already clean.
I got this bag to take to the Goodwill and another identically large one for the garbage!
Please note that these are the industrial sized garbage bags.
The reason I can't show you the closet is because aside from some silly riff-raff
that was on the floor, doesn't look much different in the before and after
shots because I had to put the clothes from this wardrobe we're redoing, into the purged closet, resulting in it being just as crammed as it was!
But, now...
A CLEAN SLATE!  Just waiting for paint and love!
Dan's making shelves for it which I will promptly fill with...yup....clothes!
This is our NEXT project towards making our bedroom a romantic getaway!
Can you envision it?
I'm so excited!

The ongoing saga of our Master Bedroom continues....
You saw the corbels HERE.
And, yesterday we finished hanging the second chandelier.
We used to have ceiling fans in our master bedroom, however, decided that with
the breeze coming off the Grand River and central air for the really hot & sticky nights, we could continue the vintage look with the chandeliers.
I'm only showing you the lights...not the rest of the room.
It's not READY yet!

The two chandeliers are different from each other...which I really liked.
This first one needed some TLC.
It was purchased at our local antique store in Caledonia.
This is it finished and touched up with a Krylon Silver Leaf Pen
in the pretty!

Finished Daytime shot

Unfortunately, Dan had wired it in to the ceiling before I realized that
I could indeed fix it up a bit, using the pen.
I actually stood on a knees were shaking.

I know you can see lines where I painted with the pen "up close", but you can't see
them when you are standing below it.  This was hung from an over 10' ceiling.

You can see here I've done the lower ring fitting,
but not the upper rusted one. 

See what a difference it made?
Before, the glass kind of took on a hue of brownish near these fittings.
And, the Krylon silver leaf pen just cleaned it up so perfectly!

Chandeliers are just soooo romantic, especially in a bedroom!

Here is a photo of both chandeliers hung in the bedroom and I absolutely
adore how they bring beautiful lighting and ambience to our
master bedroom in the making.
Although Dan had to rewire both chandeliers because the wiring
was old and probably not up to code, the second one I'm showing you was
easier than the first because it didn't need any touch-ups.
Although hanging all the crystals on it was a challenge in itself!
We picked this one up in Clarion, PA at an antique store during our
journey to pick up sweet Blarney for only $99.00!
I can't wait to hear the tinkle of the crystals in a breeze!
You wouldn't believe the difference this makes in our bedroom,
but you will when you see the whole bedroom complete
at the end of our journey!

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Have a beautiful weekend!
For some time now I've been looking for two
identical vintage corbels.
They've been either too expensive in antique shops or too large or too rotted.
Recently, when we were in Pennsylvania, we found two...identical....
vintage....for 24.99 total.
And so it continues.....
part of our bedroom redecorating process.
We have a long hallway, where our closets are, leading to the main bedroom.
The doorway is quite wide as it isn't a door-framed doorway, just a doorway,
and I wanted to add some vintage spice to the entry into the bedroom.
These fit the bill perfectly.
I don't even have to paint them because I love how chippy they already look.

Here's the view from our bedroom looking down the hallway with the corbels.
Blank slate with just a touch of vintage now.

Disclaimer....please disregard any things you may see in the photo like
teeny baseboard, unfinished wall switches, lack of window dressing, etc...Hahahaha!
After all the master bedroom is my project to finish in 2012!
It's funny how such a small touch, like adding these corbels, has
sprung me into action on our bedroom again!
Definitely have to change those flying saucer light fixtures!
The following photo is the view coming down the hallway into the bedroom.
I'll be giving BEFORE photos soon of the whole bedroom!
How do you feel about my corbels find?
Does it inspire you to find such an item for a space in your home?
I feel like it's the beginning of loving my space!
Have a lovely Sunday!
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