I finally cleaned the garden soil off my hands and knees and
allotted some time to post something!
It's ridiculous this time of year how busy you get in your gardens and
the day flies by because you think...just one more section of weeds or
I'll just water these wee plants or perhaps I should transplant these.
If you're me, you end up having a day like today where I really "can't" do
anything because my mind wants to step outside into the sunshine and garden, but
my body isn't co-operating!  Is anyone else like that?

Okay, onward....
We purchased this wrought iron delight a couple months ago at an antique store for $47.00.  It might seem like alot for this, but I fell in love with it and knew exactly
where I wanted to put it....after I spraypainted it, of course.
You would have had a better idea of how gold/brown/black it was BEFORE, if I had
remembered to insert my memory card into my camera prior to doing a
big photo shoot and then spray painting one side of it already.
But...this is what you're getting!
These are the after shots....I simply love how this looks hanging from our porch beam!
What do you think?
I really like the simple elegance of it now!
Our front gardens are all coming together now and Cathy from My 1929 Charmer
has asked me to do a guest posting later this week in honour of her 1yr Blogaversary!
Come on over and see the unveiling of the completed portion of my perennial gardens!
I'm posting there on Friday, May 25th!
I'll meet you there!
I've had this mirror hanging in the laundry room over the set tub
for quite some time now.  It's just where I hung it to keep it from getting broken, not
where I'd planned on leaving it.
Don't look at my yucky walls in  my laundry room....pretty soon, they'll be
the same colour as the powder room!
Here's a closeup of the carving on the top.....
I decided this would be the perfect new mirror for my powder room.
The one that was in the room, stuck out from the wall about two inches and
I felt the room was soooo small (just a toilet and sink), there should be
something flat to the wall with more reflection area.
I painted two coats of Mayonnaise Benjamin Moore mixed into Chalkpaint by
putting 2/3 paint to 1/3 Plaster of Paris with a wee bit of water.
and then sanded the mirror down on the carved bits.
That was a little tedious...but really not so bad.  I enjoyed it!
I feel this mirror is more in keeping with the look we're trying to achieve
in our powder room, don't you?
Thanks for checking out my latest project!
Happy Good Friday!
Did you think I dropped off the face of the earth?
I'm sorry....I've just been BUSY!!!
Over the next couple days I have lots to show you, but we're going to start with
my daughter's old-style coffee table which we gave her in 2004 because it
came with our park model trailer.  It was really way too large for the space it was in.
And....so 80s looking.
Here it is finished, after I gave it a driftwood treatment!
We brought the table home several months ago and Alana & I attempted to
mesh our schedules in order to do it together.
Well...it was shifted around in my husband's garage many times and on the weekend,
Alana asked me if I wanted to come hang out with her in Toronto yesterday.
So...on Sunday, I popped up and said to Dan "I'm going to paint that coffee table today!"
Little did I know he would have to dig it out....there were bins piled on it, moving
blankets under it and it was behind various power tools against the rear wall of
the garage.  He said he was happy to get rid of it...imagine!
Many of you probably owned a table much like this?
Alana has a beachy theme in her two-story apartment and was hoping for
a driftwood look on this table.
I had a few tutorials saved on "how to" get this effect and they were my
inspiration for sure!
1st.....Kristybelle's coffee table...much the same style.
2nd inspiration was Maureen's paint treatment from It's All Connected....
Armed with these two tutorials and my own twist in the form of
a dragging tool....I began.
I'll try not to make this too long and wordy....loads of photos k?
First thing I did was a light sanding and then went over it with tackcloth.
I painted a latex paint (Bejamin Moore - Atmospheric) over most of the table.
(Don't forget inside the legs where it will show)
The next step involved using this little tool I picked up at Michael's.
You're supposed to use it with a glaze mixture, but I thought...what the heck...let's try it with chalkpaint!  I just had to be quick.
The top edge shown here is what I used on the surface of the table and the bottom
edge of the tool, I used on the legs and sides, giving the table a woodgrained look.
I painted over the blue in long strips on the top with Chalkpaint made from 2\3
Mayonnaise Benjamin Moore Latex and 1/3 Plaster of Paris with a wee bit of water.
The long strips were done quickly so I could drag the teeth over it before it dried out.

I actually could have left it at this point and been happy with it, but I knew
Alana wanted a rougher look to it, so I started sanding back and letting
the blue and the wood show through.
After spraying about six times with a protectant clear acrylic, I was ready
to take it to Toronto and surprise Alana!
I was scared to bits that she might not like and feel obliged to keep it in her
livingroom because I'm her MOM!
But, she said she absolutely loved it!  I'm so happy!
And was she ever surprised!?
The best part was getting ready for her to come home and making the table look
like it belonged in her home.
Alana's man, Mark, was away in Miami and comes back tonight.
I so hope he likes it too!
Sunday truly was a productive day for me, so come on back tomorrow and
see the Antique Mirror Redo to be followed with another post the next day about
my exploits with Alana!

I've decided that I will post new projects that are in the works here
on my main blogging page.
In this way, you can see what I'm working on at present, so,
whether it's a craft, a revamp, or a room,
you'll at least see the BEFORE photo for sure
hopefully, look forward to the after as much as I will!
(the photographer of this photo doesn't want any credit..heehee)
As you can see, the rust on this birdcage is pretty bad.
What I've done so far is, I've used steel wool
dipped in a mixture of Vinegar, Baking Soda and Lemon...
And...as you can see, it really is cleaning up well
with this method.
I think I've done the hardest part...the cage, but
now I have to work on the stand.
which I think...may be challenging to get in all
the little grooves and try to clean out the rust.
I read somewhere that you can soak
metal in strong tea
and it will clean off the rust.
Think I'll try that first....way less elbow grease involved!

Dan had this old birdstand with a different birdcage hanging on it for quite some time.  The old cage was just a stainless steel 70's version of a square budgie cage and not very pretty or salvagable as far as we were concerned.  This sat in our old garage for years...with no love....I know!  Then, a couple years ago we were at an antique place and found the lovely, curvy, Victorian looking birdcage with little glass feeders and brought that home.  It was a perfect fit for the cage stand and now....I'm finally doing something about refurbishing the old girl.  We're not going to put a bird in it, but something.....not sure what yet. 

That will be the fun part!   Playing with different interior looks!