Day Four of Christmas Front Porch!

Years ago, I made loads of these baskets as gifts one Christmas and the idea came
to me again that I should do it for my Natural Burlap/Bling theme this year.
So, I did!

You'll need to have a bunch of pinecones, different sizes are great,
an 8-10 light set of battery operated lights, a glue gun,
some wee christmas balls & bits of shiny stuff to place strategically.
Oh yah...and a basket!  Hahaha!
Now, because my basket is flat to the wall, and even if it wasn't, I rather like
this method I tried this time....I wanted to make an arrangement that
I could lift out of the basket in one piece.
So I can turn the battery operated lights on and off, yet have them hidden from sight!

When I make these baskets, I turn the lights on.
The reason for having the lights on is that it's easier to arrange your lights
 into position around the pinecones if you can see how they'll look when they are lit up.
Everytime you position a pinecone to glue to the next, put your creation
(clump!  hahaha!) back into your basket to make sure you can lift it out easily
without it catching.  When it's filled up enough for your eye,
we move to the next step.
Add your christmas balls and bling!  Glue everything!
After it's all placed just as you like, take a wee bit of white paint....
I used the antique white chalk paint I already had made....
and paint the tips of some of the pinecones (or all!  if you like!)
I also dabbed paint onto the green parts of the lights that were showing.
This is how the completed glued up bunch of pinecones should look.
You want to be able to place the battery into the bottom of the basket
and the "clump" on top in one whole piece.
Not sure if you can photography is crap today...but I dabbed some
gold paint onto the actual lights, because...they were GLARING LED lights
and I couldn't stand it!
Much better afterward.
Add a bow to the basket this case I used burlap & blingy ribbon!

Here's the finished product "Lit Up".
Once is bad...I apologize.
It looks so much better in real life!
and here is the "Daytime Look"!.....
I hope you enjoyed this and I hope you try it! 
It doesn't have to be a big one!
But, it's rather homey don't you think?
Happy Crafting!
Chic on a Shoestring Decorating
Chic on a Shoestring Decorating
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Day Three of Front Porch Christmas Week!

I saw this sled in a Flea/Antique Market near my place the first time we visited.
The second time...I bought it and paid $17.00 even.
I had thought about it since seeing it and decided that "yes" I could
make it pretty for my Burlap & Bling theme!
Sorry bout the photo! (I only took like...twenty!  All bad!)
But, can you see the potential in it?

I spraypainted the sliders (is that the word? Wouldn't know I'm from Canada! haha)
a gold colour after dismantling the sled.
Then chalk painted the wooden section with two coats in antique white.
I also put little pads on the bottom of the rails/sliders
because my plan was to hang it on my glass front door.
I wanted to keep it simple, so I just tied a burlap bow around the top of it,
with some gold wire ribbon pinned into it on the bow section.
Then wired the pearls and the flower onto the frame.
(See above photo - rear view)
Got out my glue gun for a couple of pine cones to be
placed strategically.
And, it was finished!
Can you see what's holding it up?
I tried the traditional hook over the door for a wreath and the top of the sled
wowwed outward, so I tried a wire clothes hanger, and it still wowwed outward.
Then...I braided some hemp string I had (to make it stronger) and it worked
perfectly to make it lay flat as well as it went with the natural part of the theme!
I quite like having the not traditional wreath this year!
What do you think?
Day four tomorrow!
Going to show you how to make a basket of Christmas Love with
pinecones, bling & lights!
Momma Hens Coop
I'm back...bright and early today!  Woohoo!

Day Two of Front Porch Christmas Week!

I'm going to show you this very tall stands about 2-1/2' tall
and I picked it up at a flea market a little while ago for $9.00.
It had this plate hanging off it that had a sun painted on was not pretty.
(I think I winged the plate into outerspace when I brought it home! hahaha!)

It's just a cheap resin-like material, but lots of carvings on it!

Here's three of the sections of it up close...all chippy.
I liked that it kinda had a Christmas candle on the base.
The middle has a musical fretboard in!
As you can see, I had already started painting the top before I realized
I hadn't taken any photos of the before. 
Chalk paint was used once again in Antique white for this!
And, I did attempt to do the same thing I did to the candlesticks, but I felt like
there was toooo much detail and it looked almost cartoony as I worked my way down.
So, I painted over it again because it just looked more elegant left simple.

Some gold bling & a pretty round candle and it's ready for the
Christmas Front Porch.
Easy Peasy!
& cheap!
Sorry I'm late today posting!

Day One of Front Porch Christmas Porch!

This week I'm going to show one craft per day that I've been working on
for my Christmas Front Porch!
This was a quickie fix, but I love how it turned out.
To start with, we have this ceramic vintage boot I bought at a garage sale
a few years ago for "a dollar".  It's been sitting in my garden for a few years now....
gathering moss.  Gross...I know!
There was a disgusting mass of leaves (I hope it was leaves and
not the carcass of a dead mouse or something...yuck!) inside too!
....and this is half cleaned already!  I almost forgot to take a photo!
So...once again folks....I made a mistake!
First, after cleaning the boot and painting with two coats of chalk paint,
I attempted to be an artist and shade in the folds on the boot.
I used watercolour pencils...thinking I'd have more control over
the shading, but that was a wash...literally!

So, I tried to shade with the pencil and the idea behind watercolour pencils
is that you can add a little water after and blend the colours, but...
not so good...don't try this at home!
I washed it all off (which was super easy on the chalk paint by the way).
I decided to keep it clean looking and just add some goldleaf pen embellishment
to the boot, sprayed with protective sealant and it made it stunning!
I trimmed up the buttons and the sole of the boot and heel,
stood back, looked and looked...and thought...DONE!
In the spirit of my theme this year for Christmas,
burlap, antique white & bling...
I added a burlap cuff, a couple sprigs of money tree and a sprig of golden bling!
So Simple and yet So Pretty!
Chaotic Bliss?!

Well.....Sort of....

I've got soooo many crafts going on that I feel like a Supie at the park in the summer!
Maybe that's why I can't sleep?  My brain is working overtime and the body's
not co-operating!
This is my kitchen/dining table right now!
I know!  Nuts!
It's like company pops in and they are floundering as to where
to put the cup of coffee I just gave them and I'm just
pulling the towel across to the other side of the table with all my unfinished
stuff on it saying "Oh...sorry 'bout that!  Just let me move my
pile of junk!". (thank god the table is 4-1/2' square...hahaha!)

My craft room/spare bedroom really is no better.
That's the room I'm running into to get the supplies to do all these things
or to print off graphics and cut out.  A few weeks ago, it was
not so much.
Seriously!  I couldn't have staged this any messier than this actual photo!
I hope no one wants to stay the night....I'll have to monitor
the alcohol intake and make sure they can drive home from the country!
All these supplies are on the end of the Guest Bed!
Not nice!
And, what's the worst thing you can think of to make a mess in your house
at Christmas Crafting time?
It's everywhere!  It's all over our floors throughout the main floor of the house, even after they've been washed. Twice.
It's on my face, my husband's face, in our food, on the dogs,
in my vehicle! and worst of comes to bed with me!
I'm trying to be ready for this....
Specifically, the "doors & porches" at No Minimalist Here on
December 7th!
Hopefully, when you see my front porch adornments,
you'll forget you ever saw this blog posting!  And you'll think, isn't that so pretty?
One can dream right?

In the meantime...I'm Nurse Ratchett, Florence Nightingale, Martha Stewart,
busy daughter and shopper!
Chaotic Bliss is right up my HerBallistic alley after all!
I wanted to take this milkcan from my front porch and change it!
It's been hunter green FOREVER!
_It was hunter green when I bought it years and years ago...
and really?  It's time for a change.

And, what better time than just before Christmas to make a drastic change?

I spraypainted it ivory on almost all of it and did the rim of it
a really pretty shiny gold!
But, my favourite part of putting this whole Christmas Milkcan
together was.....making a scroll for the front of it!
This all took quite some time for me the last few days...but I really like it!
(Actually....I kinda feel like the scroll could have been smaller,
because it maybe dominates the milkcan...but I'm not redoing it!
I'm just going to live with it's size!)
Both the sheet music and the children graphics are from
"The Graphics Fairy".
I love scrolling through her fun!
Big thanks to her!

I really got my creative juices going with this project.
First I laser copied the sheet music onto cardstock 8-1/2 x 11.
Then printed out the children and cut them out...very, very carefully.
I glued them onto the sheet music at the bottom.
I added half a sheet of cardstock to the top and to the bottom by gluing
it onto the back, so I'd have enough to scroll it up.
Using a gluegun, I rolled the papers at the top, enough to hide the seam of
the sheet music page.
I also crumpled the page just a bit...carefully, because it's thicker than regular paper.
Also, some cracks were drawn onto the scrolled paper here & there.
After brewing a cup of strong tea (two tea bags pekoe),
I used the tea bags to age the paper by rubbing gently and redipping into the tea as needed.
Let it dry thoroughly.
Then, I used incense (more control than a candle) to burn the edges of the paper.
I modpodged the front and sprinkled some glitter on top!
I sprayed the paper with a clear coat protection.
(do this carefully and lightly...more coats are better than too heavy cuz it's paper!)
We had a bunch of dowels in 12" lengths someone gave us for kindling.
(The neighbour actually cut them for me, cuz Dan's still recovering from his surgery
and couldn't move the saw out yet)
Dan drilled a couple little holes in the end of the top ones for the string
& I spraypainted them gold!
The scroll was ready!
I wrapped some burlap with gold ribbon around the top and layered it
back on itself at the front.  Added a glitzy bow and the fronds into the milkcan and
I'm not quite ready to put it out front's only November 14th!
But, I figure If I keep going at this rate, I'll be relaxing with a hot toddy
for the whole month of December!

I was featured at My 1929 Charmer!

shabby creek cottage
Chic on a Shoestring Decorating
Chic on a Shoestring Decorating
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This was so simple and cost me nothing but the ribbon
which I bought at Michael's for another project!

I'm pretty excited about this, because I truly think it
turned out exactly the way I wanted it to!

I've had this old twig strand of hearts and bows for years...literally!
It's hung on our garage face in the old house, I've had it
hanging in the house at times...and most recently for the last 2-1/2 years...
it's been crammed in my old trunk in our bedroom.

She's a beauty, isn't she?
I didn't really know what I was going to do when I got this out
to the garage...just a vague idea in my mind.
But, I did know I still wanted the brown twiggy wood to show through in parts.
I just spraypainted (fun!) the bows gold and the hearts I sprayblotched
with ivory...touched it up here and there,
and stapled some sparkly gold wire ribbon to the back!
This is the absolute earliest I've EVER started decorating for Christmas!
I can't believe what this blogging venture is doing to me!
But...I'm having a blast!

(even funnier....I couldn't wait 'til Monday to post this! It had to go in TODAY!!  Hahaha!)

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