Okay!  Here we go!  Exciting?  Probably not to you, but I think it's exhilarating learning a new hobby, which I hope blogging will be to me!

     What I'm hoping to achieve with this blog is to inspire people to use their imaginations in their day to day life...to reuse and recycle old objects into fresh ideas.  I would also love to pick up some tips from others while doing this!  If you see something I post that you think you could tweak...please feel free to comment and let me know.  And, if you have a great idea you want to share, please "Contact" me! 

     I'm going to speak of many different things on my blog because "Your history makes you who you are!"  My life, so far, has been rich and full of different experiences.  At 49 years of age I have a little experience to pass on....  I'll touch on my own trials and tribulations with subjects such as Decorating with others castoffs, Unique antiques I have or see,  Natural Therapies, Gardening with Herbs, Flowers, Veggies, Crafting with herbs,  Learning to play the Guitar, Music, Books, Decorating, Cooking & Kitchen products, Painting, Days in the Life of our Family and many more!

     Come learn with me and share your knowledge!  xo