Today I'm going to show you some of the finds we purchased when
we were at a Flea Market and tomorrow, I'll show you our take from the
Antique Market in Cambridge we visited during the Christmas season.
We, is Dan & I.  Sometimes, we "defrag" by taking off, spur of the moment,
to some seedy-looking flea market in the city (I won't say the name...they might be offended!) or we head out to one of the numerous antique markets that
populate Southern Ontario.

You really have to dig deep at some of these flea markets because although I'm sure
there are alot of people out there who collect stereos from the 70s and model cars/trucks, we're not them...we go searching for the sweet little things that are
hidden behind and under and on bottom shelves!

This was a particularly good day for a couple eccentric finds

Love these knobs and can't wait to paint them to add to a piece of
furniture in our romantic!
Ended up being about 75 cents/knob

Although the next ones aren't old...they're pretty sweet for 50 cents each!
I used to hang crystals in the window of the nursery when my kids were babies....
they'd wake up to rainbows everyday!  Every mother's wish right?

These spools/skeins of cotton thread were a sweet find!
And, the wire bowl was from another booth....I'm just showing them here...not
quite sure yet how I'll set up a proper vignette, but I sure like
looking at them!  Hahahaha!

This was my absolute favourite find of the least!
Possibly the year....I fell in love with this little tin.
I wasn't even sure exactly what it had originally been used for or how old
it was, but my friend Maureen, told me her Aunt had one long ago and
it was a powder tin...for talcum powder!  circa 1930's.
Can you believe this beautiful drawing under the domed glass on the lid?
The wee dried flowers add a lovely touch as well.
It makes me think of a John Steinbeck novel when I look at it....
Here's the whole tin...which spans about five inches across.
Guess what?
It's also a music box!  But, at present, can only ping out a note or two...
Maureen and I took it apart and checked it out...and that was the
extent of our knowledge combined...but it was pretty neat!
Eight Dollars!  Fabulous!

Hope you enjoyed my little foray into Flea Marketing and please come
back tomorrow to see the Antiquing finds.
Have a great day!