Of course, I need to begin with the most awesome flower you just saw
on my home page...The Eastern Prickly Pear Cactus!
There's going to be quite a few photos following this, so hang on tight!
I'll just show the photos and if you have any questions about any of them,
please ask away in the comments section.
Blanket Flower
Boomerang Lilac
The Boomerang Lilac was given to me on Saturday by my friend Nancy.  It will
bloom three times throughout the season and this is my first wee flowers on it.
Can someone tell me what this is?  I can't remember....that happens when you're
fifty!  hahaha!  It has these pink blooms as well as white and deep red ones?
Gerbera Daisy
This Daisy was a Mother's Day gift from Robynn!
My all-time favourite by far is Lavender.
Mmmmmm.....so relaxing.
If you know me, you'll know I started these Lupines from seeds I
brought back from Nova Scotia.
Mister Lincoln Rose (check out the antennae on that bug!)
Purple Catmint
This Lorraine plant is special to me because my friend "Lorraine" gave it to me.
I can never forget the name of the plant!

I'm sure I'll have more to show you in the coming weeks, but here's just a
wee peak at how I displayed the flowers in my powder room.
No one can miss them there, even if they came in the back gate instead of the garden!
Thanks for viewing!
with love.....from the flower child (at heart)
Is this unbelievable or what?
I planted this Bonita Tree Rose two years ago.
The year before last, I did all the right things to put it down for winter.
I dug up one side of the roots, pushed the tree over onto the ground, and put
compost around it.  I spread straw all over it and covered it with burlap, staking
it all down onto the ground.
Yah...it was very pretty last year...but this past fall.  I was very, very bad.
I left it..........and can you believe this???  What the heck???
It's so healthy, it's ridiculous!
The bumblebees are running rampant all over it, so it must be as
sweet as it appears!
I haven't even done any pruning yet!
Enjoy the flowers