We got our Grandbaby Fix yesterday when Robynn and Logan
came out to the River for an afternoon/evening visit!

I can't believe how much he's changed since we saw him last!
They grow so quickly!  He's cooing and smiling now and he's super alert.
You can see the intelligence looming in those sweet eyes and
he's so strong he can push his feet against your hands like a superhero!

When he arrived, he was snoozin' peacefully in his carseat, so we left him
to his dreams...even though all we wanted to do was wake him up and
hug the little dickens out of him!
Look at those little toes!

Robynn is such a great mommy!  So self-assured and confident and calm.
I love watching her with him...could do it all day really!
And, she's glowing...so radiant and looks fantastic!

Sometimes Logan had serious facial expressions....
....and sometimes surprised looks!
So adorable...I know...such a cliche, but sooo true!

Papa Dan is in love with his new grandbaby....
It's strange to imagine that one day Logan's precious little fingers will
be as large as Dan's, isn't it?

We definitely got our fix!  But, like addicts, we can't wait for another!
Have a wonderful, joyful weekend!
You all know about our new grandson,
Logan Daniel John?
Well, his Nana on his Daddy's side and Robynn's two friends, Gill & Brandi
and myself are planning one large baby shower at a hall.
I'm in charge of the cake and the shower favours.

There will be approximately 60 people there.
Oh yah...BIG!
When I first took on this mission, I was thinking some fancy vintage cones
with homemade Baby Oil bathsalts would be fun...or perhaps ducky cones...or
maybe baby food jars.
I haven't been to a baby shower in YEARS!!!
I didn't even know they gave out favours at baby showers now!
Well...when we realized how many people were actually coming....
the favours changed and morphed into something a little easier.
But it still took me two days....with help from my sister-in-law Kathy and
my friends Maureen and her sister Lynn!
Here's the result!
I know!  Baby shower favours as far as the eye can see!

I picked up some little party take-out containers...
Some white net circles and Easter Hershey's Kisses....
Some blue and green ribbon....
Some sweet charms that say "It's a Boy" and plastic, blue diaper pins...
And.....I came up with a plan for wee cards for the favours.
I used wallet size photos of Logan on one side glued to
a little, wallet sized card with an illustration of a baby boy and the pertinent details of
Logan's birth on the other.  A little gem in the corner, a hole punch
and some pinking shears to even out my horrid cutting skills!
There's lots of photos....maybe too much, but I'm pretty proud of my wee
little favours...so much love went into their making!
Here's the finished product shots!
(I've airbrushed his surname out for privacy)
These were alot of fun to make actually and I enjoyed creating the
special little tags for each favour....truly!
The fantastic part is....