The ongoing saga of our Master Bedroom continues....
You saw the corbels HERE.
And, yesterday we finished hanging the second chandelier.
We used to have ceiling fans in our master bedroom, however, decided that with
the breeze coming off the Grand River and central air for the really hot & sticky nights, we could continue the vintage look with the chandeliers.
I'm only showing you the lights...not the rest of the room.
It's not READY yet!

The two chandeliers are different from each other...which I really liked.
This first one needed some TLC.
It was purchased at our local antique store in Caledonia.
This is it finished and touched up with a Krylon Silver Leaf Pen
in the pretty!

Finished Daytime shot

Unfortunately, Dan had wired it in to the ceiling before I realized that
I could indeed fix it up a bit, using the pen.
I actually stood on a knees were shaking.

I know you can see lines where I painted with the pen "up close", but you can't see
them when you are standing below it.  This was hung from an over 10' ceiling.

You can see here I've done the lower ring fitting,
but not the upper rusted one. 

See what a difference it made?
Before, the glass kind of took on a hue of brownish near these fittings.
And, the Krylon silver leaf pen just cleaned it up so perfectly!

Chandeliers are just soooo romantic, especially in a bedroom!

Here is a photo of both chandeliers hung in the bedroom and I absolutely
adore how they bring beautiful lighting and ambience to our
master bedroom in the making.
Although Dan had to rewire both chandeliers because the wiring
was old and probably not up to code, the second one I'm showing you was
easier than the first because it didn't need any touch-ups.
Although hanging all the crystals on it was a challenge in itself!
We picked this one up in Clarion, PA at an antique store during our
journey to pick up sweet Blarney for only $99.00!
I can't wait to hear the tinkle of the crystals in a breeze!
You wouldn't believe the difference this makes in our bedroom,
but you will when you see the whole bedroom complete
at the end of our journey!

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Have a beautiful weekend!
Welcoming Christmas has never been so fun and creative for me in the past!
If my kids read this, they'll be in shock cuz I'm more of a
throw up a wreath and some garland with lights kind of a girl.
Blogging has inspired me!
It all started with my milkcan a couple weeks ago and just flourished from there.

When Dan looked at it last night with all the candles lit, he just said "That's so
beautiful Wendy!" and I'm like "Are you sure?  Do you think it's too much?
Do you think I should change something?  Is it too gaudy?" 
So, this is going to be a long posting....full of photos!
(I'd like to thank you in advance for your patience because this has been a
culmination of several weeks worth of crafting)

Welcome to My Front Porch
(yup...that's me again...just like the window of the door!)
The themes in my porch are Burlap & Bling, Gold & Antique White.
Following are some of the elements for this shot.....
I made a sort-of valance out of burlap & ribbon, and hung some swaggy bling
down the sides of the door frame.
If you click on any of the previous images it will take you to the
"tutorials" for them....except the Letter Holder...that's pretty obvious!

Now for some more PORCH!  Woohoo!
I'll try to do Day/Night, so you get the idea of both looks k?
I absolutely love the feeling I get looking at this shot!
It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!

I DID NOT paint my potting table for Christmas!
It was already this colour!
How great is that?!

(You'll have to excuse my amateur camera work, but you get the idea right?)

This is looking in the other direction now...
Can you see the sweet lit up Terrarium Glass in the corner?
I'll get to that preciousness soon!

Here's the View from the front of the long section of the porch...
through the Potting Bench from the other side!
Cozy...and I hope Inviting....

As for that Terrarium in the Corner.....
I've had this little lovely kicking around the house for years.
It actually had plexiglass in it that had yellowed and my sweet husband
changed the windows in it for me, but I left the rust intact and I like it that way!

In this Daytime View you can see it's perched atop a very old birdbath!
So old, in fact, we didn't bother painting it, because it's falling apart...all chipping off around the rim of it!
I just added a twig wreath, some of the same bling around the door, and
topped it with a pearly garland of battery operated lights.
The wee sparkly tree inside was a great find and it's sitting on top of one of Dan's
terrycloth shop cloths (the know?!)

Following is the RED Potting Table...I like it that colour all year.
It makes me happy!

These are some of the elements on the Potting Table....
The only item in the above that has a tutorial is the Vintage Boot

A couple of other little touches.....

Two Final Joyous Shots!
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(I crack myself up....)
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(a blog specializing completely about front porches)
Thankyou everyone!

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