Yup....this is my youngest daughter's grad photo.
My 23yr old now has a BA in Communications and is in her second year of completing
her BA in Journalism.  Not only is she intelligent, but I think she's gorgeous!
Megan rocks!
The last two photos shown here are Instagrams from Megan's Twitter.
Did I mention she's addicted to Pinterest and has the most boards of
any of my friends?  Go take a look HERE.
She's the reason I opened a Pinterest account in the first place....
not because it was Blog-cool.  I didn't even think of linking stuff
to my Pinterest account until I'd been blogging for a couple months!
Even when she was two years old, she was Photo Savvy!
Isn't she pretty?
I get special bragging rights, of course.....
That grad photo started this train of thought....I just couldn't get over how
flawless it looked!
Love you Megan....to bits!
...and lets not forget....
A funny thing happened to me on the way home from Oakville Monday.
(said with a cigar hanging out the side of my mouth....hahaha...
only you older people will get that one!)

My girlfriend Lynne & I were travelling westbound in the fastlane of Hwy 403
to Hamilton when to my surprise and I've gotta tell you..shock factor here...
we saw a giant BOOB travelling in the same direction.
We were laughing so hard and I'm scrambling to get my iphone out of
my purse so Lynne can snap some photos of this, all while driving in the fastlane
don't forget!  We're super nuts yelling "What is that?,  Is that a boob on top?,
What else could it be?,   How do I work this thingy?  Just get some good shots!"
And so it begins....I'm speeding up and slowing down and speeding up, trying to keep pace with the truck so Lynne can get a good picture, and totally ticking off the
drivers behind me, I'm sure....although who knows?  Maybe they were
groping around for their iphones too?  We finally got right beside it.....
That's when we realized it was no joke!
But, then we're throwing out ideas to each other which were, of course,
completely out in left field.  I'm thinking, "Are there women in there lined up on
side benches, waiting for their turns to breastfeed?  Do they transport breast milk?  Do they go to new mother's homes and teach them how to breastfeed?"

After researching on the internet...it's none of the above, especially the women lined
up on side benches inside, being held hostage obviously in my scenario!  lol!
You'd think it wouldn't take long for an OPP officer to pull them over and ask that
the back gate be pulled up to see what's inside?

Anyway, back to the internet....
Apparently, this is a mobile unit started in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by a woman named
Jill Miller to raise awareness about breast feeding and so it's part performance art
 and part a public service.  Here's an excerpt from the website devoted to
The Milk Truck.
The Milk Truck 
@ The 2011 Pittsburgh Biennial at the Andy Warhol Museum
September 17 - December 10, 2011

Part performance art, part public service. 

Yes, we will buy an ice cream truck and attach a giant boob to the top! Yes, we will become superhero-like in our vigilant support of nursing mothers! And yes, we take our mission very seriously. But we know (from being mothers, perhaps) that words are most effective when accompanied by a friendly smile and a wink. Mary Poppins had it right: a spoonful of sugar does help the medicine go down. So we are using The Milk Truck to start a conversation in our community about a basic human right: feeding a baby. (With sugar on top, of course.)

We're tired of hearing stories about women being asked to leave restaurants or "cover up" with a blanket while doing something as simple as feeding a baby. But we're not the type to complain; we're the type to take action. Which leads us to...The Milk Truck.

When a woman finds herself in a situation where she is discouraged, harassed, or unwelcome to breastfeed her baby in public, she summons The Milk Truck. The truck arrives to the location of the woman in need and provides her with a shelter for feeding her baby. The woman feeds her child, the shopkeeper who harassed her feels like a dweeb, and the truck does what it does best - creates a spectacle. (Which is, incidently, the very thing that the shopkeeper thought he was trying to avoid. Alas, some people have to learn the hard way.)
Interesting eh?
The Milk Truck is in the Toronto area this month, travelling to different
areas of the city to raise awareness about breastfeeding.
Although I'm too old to want to be a mommy again, and too shy to have ever
breastfed in public, I certainly have nothing against women breastfeeding in public and
don't think they should feel embarassed by this natural part of life.

That said, another strange thing happened recently in this regard when I went with
Robynn & our new grandchild, Logan, on the day of his circumcision to the
little doctor's office in Dundas.
There were four babies waiting to be circumcised and when the first girl had gone
in and returned with her baby, she promptly began to breastfeed openly in
the waiting room...which was fine.  The only problem I had with it, was...
the baby was gasping for air, slurping away like he may never get another meal and
when she was ready to burp him...I'm suddenly no more than 9" away from him
in the chair to her right.  There was no one in the two chairs to her left...lets get that straight right now.  I wanted to move, because, I have had the experience of projectile vomitting with my babies and I was waiting for it to happen all over again.
I'm not sure how I would have felt with this stranger's breastmilk all over me!
Is that shallow?
My point is, it's not the feeding in public that bothers me, but have a little
etiquette about how or where you face your baby to burp.
It's not all cutesy, wootsy if you cover a stranger in spit-up.
Aside from the fact that this truck could have caused a bad accident (lucky I'm a
world famous blogger who can take liberties while driving in the fastlane...NOT), I do
believe this is a good cause because let's face it, nursing mothers can't always
pump milk on request for outings and why shouldn't people be allowed to do in
public something as natural and beautiful as breastfeeding?

And now, if you're driving down the highway one day and you see this, you won't
be shocked and wondering what in the Sam heck it is!
Food for thought!
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Too Much Time On My Hands
I've Been Tagged!!!
Cathy from My 1929 Charmer tagged me!
Now I'm IT!
It's a new blog game making it's way around our spaces here and
it's not obligatory to play, however, isn't it kind of nice
to learn some special insights to the bloggers you follow regularly?
I think it makes us all seem more human!
I love that she included me in this game and that I had an opportunity to
see her answers as well as ask some of my own!
Thanks so much Cathy!

Here's the rules....don't worry, they're fun and not difficult!
  1. You must post the rules.
  2. Answer the 11 questions that the tagger posted for you and then create 11 questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
  3. Tag 11 people and link them in your post.
  4.  Let them know you have tagged them.
Cathy's Questions:
1.  Why did you start blogging?
     I started blogging to put my thoughts in order and have something constructive to do
     in my daily activities.  I had been off work with chronic backpain for a few years and
     was floundering daily going from activity to activity to change up positions and this
     was a vessel for me to express myself creatively and to find commaraderie.
2.  How frequently do you check your blog statistics?  Do you check them everyday or
     do you not care about the number of hits on your site?
     At first, I was checking everyday, back when I started blogging in August and got
     excited at the slightest rise on the graph!  But now, I probably only check about once
     every 2-3 weeks, because for me...it's more of an outlet and a sharing experience.  I
     really don't think I'll ever make any money doing this...I just enjoy it!  It gives me
3.  What fictional book character do you most relate to or would like to be friends with?
     I believe it would have to be Claire from the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon
     Her knowledge of herbs helped her to survive in another century after passing 
      through the ancient stones in Scotland where she had to use courage & 
4.  Other than reading or blogging, what do you do for fun?
     I love to garden herbs/veggies/flowers because I find it so peaceful being lost in my
     own thoughts and ideas and gratifying when you see the end result.  I also love
     antiquing with my husband on lazy days and entertaining friends with dinner,
     yacking and pulling out the music bowl when everyone grabs an instrument and
     sings and plays along to the music!
5.  Share your favourite quote.
     That's easy!  "Your history makes you who you are".
6.  Who were your favourite authors of all time and why?
     Diana Gabaldon for her Outlander Series.  This series was riveting and extending
     upon question #3, Claire is thrown into a world foreign to her in a time travel 
     experience full of adventure, romance, mystery...it's just a conglomerate of all things
     wonderful to read about. 
     I also love Nelson Demille's books for the wit, the intelligence and adventure and
     most recently have fallen head over heels in love with George RR Martin's "A Game
     of Thrones".  Fantastic writer and the characters have you enthralled...now we're
     watching the DVD of the first book in the series and it's kept so close to the book,
     we're loving it!
7.  What is your favourite hobby?
     hmmm....I'd have to say gardening, but in the off months....cooking.
8.  What would someone be surprised to find out about you?
     I guess that I was a 911 Operator/Police Dispatcher when I worked.  It's an intimidating
     job to others not in the emergency personnel world, but sooo gratifying...like a small
     way of giving back by helping others.
9.  If you were given three wishes, what would they be?
     On a personal level, I'd wish for back health for both myself and my husband.
     On a familial level, I'd wish for good health & financial freedom for my children
     On a universal level, I wouldn't wish for world peace because it might disrupt the
     cosmic forces, however, I'd wish for less unneccesary deaths.
10. What is your greatest strength?
      I would have to say "Compassion" for others.  I've always befriended fallen birds and
      my friends laugh because we've taken in so many people during their troubled times
      that they say "Some people bring home stray pets...Wendy brings home stray
11. Freebie question
      This is tough Cathy!  Okay....
      If you could blog like any other blogger you follow...who would it be?
      Karen at "The Art of Doing Stuff"!  She's hilariously witty (sometimes acerbicly so,   
      which is funny in itself!), creative and a wonderful teacher in her tutorials.  Hailing
      from Toronto, Ontario, she has a chicken coop in her backyard that she built
      herself...the cosmopolitan of all chicken houses!
Photograph: property of The Art of Doing Stuff
Now, it's your turn to answer the questions I make up for you?
It's okay if you don't want to participate, but I'd love to know
just a little bit more about each of you!

Okay...are you ready?!
Here's your 11 questions!
1.  If you could blog like any other blogger you follow....who would it be?
2.  What is your favourite part about blogging?  ie: photography, creating, posting?
     And why?
3.  What is your first memory ever in your life?
4.  What do you do for fun?  Other than blogging.
5.  What style of clothing do you prefer?  Jeans?  Dresses?
6.  What was your career for the majority of your life?
7.  If you could live anywhere you wanted, where would it be? And why?
8.  What is your strongest trait?  Good or bad.
9.  Have you ever had an encounter with a ghost?
10. What's the most favourite movie you ever watched?
11.  Freebie question....just like Kathy gave me! (you choose the question & answer)

I hope you all will choose to do this and pass it on, because really...it
does give us a little insight to who you really are!
But, I'll understand if you don't...it's up to you!

I'll leave you with this morning's vista from our back deck....
You're IT!
Short but sweet!
Dan & I are going to be complete lazy bums today!
That's right!
We've been busy running to moms and kids so far this week, but today....
it's all about us.
And yes....I'm still in my jammies and am staying there!
Our long awaited, with bated breath, DVD has arrived!
Remember I talked about the 5 books in the series

A Game of Thrones
George R.R. Martin


Well...now it's HERE...in our house...the DVD!

The timing couldn't be more perfect.
We're doing a body cleanse to detoxify today and just wanted to hang around
and be couch potatoes anyway!
Complete First Season here we come!
Two Days ago was a most unfortunate day.
Blarney had to go to the vets for his final shots.
Dan had twisted his knee the day before, so I asked Maureen to assist me with
my wee adventure.
Sweet Blarney was not so sweet that day.
Maureen sat in the back seat with Blarney, who immediately peed on my leather seats.
He was shaking and drooling like you've only seen a St. Bernard do!
That should have been the big warning.
He crawled up onto Maureen's lap and put his head on her chest and with no
warning whatsoever, threw up into her bra and down her shirt.
Oh gawd.
It was absolutely horrid!
I washed Maureen's coat for her, but I still have to get her purse drycleaned.
It's a Guess purse....do I feel bad?  YES!!!
She says "Oh no...don't be silly...it's fine."
I say, "We WILL be drycleaning your purse!"
I'll let you read more about this HERE at Maureen's blog, It's All Connected.
(Come back though....cuz there's more to my unfortunate day!)

After we returned from the Vets and got cleaned up...we still continued on with the rest of the errands that needed to be run.

Dropped off the pool water sample at the store.
Went to Party Packagers to pick up a small container of blue diaper pins (because I ran out of them due to the inaccurate count by the manufacturer in the package) of which I was short by four for my baby shower favours.
Went to Blinds to Go.
The girl (and I mean girl...very young and inexperienced) helping us
was no help at all.
I actually was almost talked into UV filtering blinds for these windows....
....in the kitchen/dining area.  The bank of windows you see here to the right of the
door also follow onto the left of the door with two more sets.
We have southern exposure facing the river, so more than privacy, we need sunblocking window coverings.  When the sun beats into this room in the afternoon, it's like 10 degrees warmer in the sunshine areas and can you say "blinding"?
Needless to say, Maureen & I are standing at the counter (facing east) in the store and I'm almost ready to actually purchase these UV blinds when the sun comes out from a
cloud and BLINDS us!  The girl says "Yah...I was hoping they'd put liners on these, since this is the counter I work at and it gets super hot."
In the end, we left after the salesgirl noted that I had an extreme amount of requirements to be fulfilled with the blinds I wanted and she was curious to see what I'd find.
Because one bank of windows is right behind the stove area, I wanted them scrubbable.
Because I live in the country (bugville), I didn't want cellular blinds...bugs love them.
Because of the sunshine, I wanted blockage.
And, because I own dogs, I didn't want delicate fabrics.
Oh yah...and because I have a bad back, I wanted wipeable.
Is that too much to ask?
(I'm actually still trying to get past the story she told us about a goat being tied to a tree being a bad thing when it starts circling it...that came up as a result of us asking about the safety of the pullcords?)

Onward we forged.
To Michaels...no problems.
To Sobey's whereupon exiting the store with 3 bags in my cart I couldn't lift the tailgate of my Sportage to put the groceries in the back, so ended up putting them on the backseat floor....strategically....remember dog pee and vomit?
How sterile.
We stopped for subs and came home.

Fast forward to yesterday.
After dropping my car off to get detailed....had to do that asap because how nice would it be if I showed up at the shower with the favours and cake and other foodstuff in my
vomit-ridden vehicle....Dan & I stopped for breakfast and immediately afterward, I had a horrible taste in my mouth and my stomach started to ache....badly.
Oh yah....bed all day yesterday with a bucket beside me.
So, Twisted Knee and Incapacitated are here living happily ever after.
I actually feel a little better today, but weak and raunchy.
How's your week going?
....and it better be bad if you answer!

When I said "Happy Monday All" yesterday, I had no idea just
how HAPPY it would be!
Amid tears of joy and hours of worry,
Wee Logan Daniel John was born into our world!
Just in time for the most awesome Valentine's Gift Ever!
Dan's oldest, Robynn & her hubby, Adrian are bursting with joy!
Never mind "all" eight Grandparents!
(half of who were there and the other half there completely in heart!)
Can you say SPOILED?

He weighed in at 8lbs 13oz.
21-1/2" long at 9:45am yesterday!
How precious is this?
I forgot how little they really are.....
We're all so very proud of the beautiful woman Robynn has become
and being a mother comes naturally to her...we all knew it would.
She's so calm and serene.
We love her to bits!
Proud Daddy....it was such a special moment when he came
to the door of the waiting room and announced
"It's a Boy."
I don't think I'd ever seen him so emotionally overcome since we've known him.
Everybody was crying....it was one of those exquisite  moments when all seems
right in our world.
Adrian's mom was over the moon with happiness....of course!
and Robynn's mom who wanted to be there so badly, but lives so far away, waited by the phone and joyfully sent her love and tears of gratitude that everything went well
to her new grandbaby!
What more can I say about this photo?
This was last night after a long, long day...
and we had to drag ourselves out of there and go home to bed.
It's a funny, awestruck feeling when it's a grandchild isn't it?
We know we'll do everything to make sure he has every opportunity in his life and
we can't wait to love him up some more!


(To everyone who participated in my first ever giveaway...I'll do it this evening, so please come back to check and see if you won)
.....came in the form of a post from
Heather & Vanessa
At The Picket Fence

They did a blog today titled
Big News For Google Friend Connect Users

and as far as I'm concerned...they are my HEROES! 
Yay!  Woot!  Woot!

Please go read their solution if you haven't already.
They, along with some other bloggers, contacted Brent Riggs, the creator of Linky Tools
and came up with this....

See the Follow Me in my side bar?
If you follow me on Google Friends Connect,
I'd love for you to please follow me through this new venue
before March 1, 2012 please!

You can also add this tool to your own sidebar by clicking on
"Get your own Linky Followers" under my widget.

Now, I don't have to change over to Blogger because apparently they are going to phase it out completely even for Blogger bloggers.  Google apparently wants everyone to start using the Google +...and you heard my rant about that.

I'm a happy girl now!
Thanks Vanessa & Heather

Blog Rant

I've really been having quite a problem recently with this whole
Google Friends Connect going defunct for users other than
Blogger bloggers as of March 1, 2012.
I am a Weebly blogger...they are my host...never heard of them...why, I'm shocked?

I know it's not an accurate measurement of your members, because you
can't know the privacy protected members on the RSS feed.
I know it's truly not a reflection of how good your blog is or isn't.
I get that the page views are so much more important than that little box
with the friend counter in it, but lets face it, it's an indication of how well a blog is doing or not doing, isn't it?  When you visit someone's blog who has GFC and you see 900 members and they've only been blogging as long as you and you have 100...you are so impressed right?  Then you start perusing their blog and realize how great it is!  Whereas, you might just pass that blog by unless there was something wondrous on it right?  Seriously....right?
We strive to have all the members someone like Graphics Fairy has...am I right?
Unfortunately, it's become a gauge for bloggers of all types.

My problem is...if I lose this box, will I lose all my members who have subscribed to
my site via GFC?  Will my blog just disappear from their Google Reader or whatever other
venue they subscribed with when my GFC box disappears.  Do I have to start over finding followers again?  Or will they be supportive still?

Primarily, I liked being able to use GFC to contact new people who joined my site
that didn't make a comment, or don't have a blog.
Of course, I just realized that I have to join my own blog (which I thought was rather egotistical) until I found I can't contact them unless I'm a member of my own blog.  When I joined my own site, a message came up stating that as of March 1, GFC would be taken off my blog.

I had some help from Cathy over at My 1929 Charmer (who is a lovely, caring person by the way) and she advised me to sign up for a Blogger blog (which I did), but don't use it...like don't take it to the point of creating an actual blog, but just sign up for it.  I thought I was safe then.  And, it was actually kinda great because I found I could comment on other blogs that I couldn't before without the "Name/Url" option with this Google Account.  But, that is not the account I signed up my GFC with, and therein lies the problem I believe.  I'm still trying to figure out how to switch my GFC over to the account I just added with the link to my website here. 
And you think you're confused reading this?  Really?

Cathy also encouraged me to add Networked Blogs to my account and request people to join that if they are already on my GFC.  That's not going so great, because my friend Maureen tried to join it a couple days ago and she's still not showing up on it.  That's not the 1-2 hours Networked Blogs stated it would take for a friend to show up.....so.....
another glitch...whether it's Weebly or me or Networked Blogs....I'm exhausted trying to sort all this stuff out....I'm getting old you know....almost 50!

I didn't start this blog to be a techno wizard and I'm blown away by the technology required to write a blog.  I'm also extremely frustrated with Google.  I have joined
Google +, only to find I'm not quite sure how to use it properly....circles?  I can't even get the Google + badge onto my website via html!   I guess it's like facebook right?  Help me here please!  It's all so confusing!

And Facebook, well, never mind....wow!  I finally get my page set up, but I can't link it to my website here...same as what happened with the Google +!  And, now because GFC is leaving all of us non-bloggers, does that mean we have to maintain other social pages in order to keep our readers?  All I wanted to do was write a blog about my interests, do some inspiring and inspired crafts and meet new people who were interested in the same.  This is becoming a fulltime job of upkeep and I believe I have a solution, but am not sure how to implement it....

I need to move my website over to Blogger.
But, how, oh how am I to do this?
Can anyone recommend an online blog mover who doesn't cost an arm and a leg
and is reputable?  Do you know anyone who moves blogs in their entirety?
Have you heard from a friend of a friend about a blog mover?
If so.....please comment here or send me an e-mail and I'll be forever in your debt.

but....will I be able to transfer my GFC over with me?
hmmmm.....so many questions, so little time.

Any advise would be so welcomed....please?
I'm sure alot of you have seen
The Double Rainbow Guy on Youtube.
It came out in 2010 and has had 32,403,579 hits on it thus far.

Everybody we've shown it to has laughed their heads off!
That being said (and watched),
I too saw a double rainbow about 2 years ago from the backyard of our home!
Oh yes....and I too was blown away by this scene.
I'm sure I was making some of the orgasmic noises this guy was making for sure....
but, being the well-bred middle class girl I've always been, I'm sure
I didn't go on about it quite so long as this hysterically funny
Double Rainbow Guy!  I did however defend him...in the beginning of the video.
You'll never know though, because at that time, all I had was a wee little camera.
No iphone, no Canon Rebel T2i with sound!
Some secrets go to your grave with you.
Sharing with:
Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special
My day started out badly....up at 2am, reading that darned book
I'm so engrossed in...."A Game of Thrones" (I'm on book 4...yay!),
and sleeping intermittently on the couch.
I was pretty tired.
Then off to take my mom on a few errands and hurry back to go to the Vets
with all three dogs for shots!  Fun!
It was a daytrip and a half!
I thought I'd share a couple photos of Blarney & Dan...so cute!
Hey, if the Pioneer Woman can do it....hahahaha!

Isn't he soooo sweet?
...the puppy I mean!
Achhhh....Dan is sweet too...you'll see why in just a few seconds!
Blarney's almost 11 weeks old now!  He's growing in leaps and bounds!

And, look at this....what a sweetie for a hubby I have!
He went out to get some groceries and came back with beautiful Spring-like flowers!
For Me!
And to top it all off....
my "Jeanne d'Arc Living" magazine arrived in the mail today.
Pages and pages of beautiful French/Nordic home ideas
with absolutely NO Advertisements!
Thanks to Laurie from Heaven's Walk for directing me to
Maynard Greenhouse which is where you too can get your copy of
this fabulous magazine...you won't regret it! 
I've gone through it twice already....wonderful!

Can any of you top this beautiful ordinary day I've had?
Okay...I don't get flowers everyday...or great magazines, but still?