On the heels of the passing of heartthrob Davy Jones, my husband
and I were sitting around the table with some friends when my husband jumped
up to retrieve a 1967 issue of fLiP teen magazine.
(I know...shock...but my husband is a music trivia buff, especially the music
of the 60's/70's and he keeps these precious items.)

On the cover of this issue was Micky Dolenz of the Monkees.
This guy was pretty cute, but truly ladies....the following
photos from the magazine are "dreamy"...as you know if you are one of those girls
like me born in the early 60s who was in love with Davy Jones after
seeing him on the Brady Bunch and hearing the Monkees music!
You know...magazine pages taped on your walls all around your room?

Enjoy this Flashback!  I did!
And, finally...on the back cover of the 1967 fLiP teen magazine:
Did this bring back memories for all of you?
Remember waiting for the new teen mags to hit the shelves so
you could pore over them endlessly while flung across your bed listening
to their fantastic groundbreaking music?
I do!
Rest in Peace Davy Jones
So, imagine my surprise when I sat down this morning
with my cup of coffee and checked out my favourite blogs first.
Trumatter being right up there at the top because
I've formed a friendship with Rukmini.
Well, not only is she an awesome photographer, but....she sings!

In her words from her posting today.....

"I don’t know if I have ever told anyone of you here about this band of ours called Colaba Point for which I sing at times when required An initiative born out of casual jamming sessions and free will, I was not a part of their ideal line up, but joined much later when he discovered that I can sing! About that trait of mine- later.  The album is yet to be released but you can find our first album on bandcamp."

So, I clicked on the "bandcamp" and looked for the song Rukmini sings in and
was stunned.  She sounds like Suzanne Vega!  Remember that?  "My Name is Luka" and
"Tom's Diner".  Well this one is called Certain Days and Rukmini's voice is beautiful.
The band is also wonderful, of course!  It's an easy, flowing music, but you can discern
that they are definitely musicians with major skills.

I hope she doesn't mind me promoting her man's band, Colaba Point, but I
really wanted other people to hear this!
They live in Mumbai, India and hopefully will be playing in North America one day!

Thanks for sharing Rukmini....and she told someone, and she told someone, and so on...
Start your morning off with a song!

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My daughter, Alana was over last night and as usual, she introduced me
to some new Youtube Videos and some new music....she keeps me feeling younger than I am, totally, which is great because I love discovering new musicians!

This band, Walk Off The Earth, is from a city near me called Burlington, Ontario.
From what I understand, they do mostly covers, but in a unique way.
This particular cover is so well done and so quirky, I had to share it with you!

This is Walk Off The Earth performing
"Somebody That I Used To Know"

Have you ever seen five people play one guitar?!
What a unique presentation!
How cool is this and I love their folk sound that has made this song their own!

This is the original, which of course Alana played for me as well, and we both agreed, we really like the sound of the cover done by Walking Off The Earth!
What do you all think of this music?
Which do you prefer?

            You've all realized how nutty we are about music and if you happen to come over to our place on a weekend you'll find out just how obsessed we are with it!  The accumulation of percussion instruments in our "Music Bowl" is something that developed slowly over the past couple years.   The actual bowl itself is a large antique, hammered copper bowl with handles on it which Dan & I purchased at Gallery Framing & Antiques in Caledonia when we first moved out here.

            It started with our neighbours buying Dan a fun birthday gift of a red tambourine and a couple of plastic maracas that resembled baseballs?  Not quite getting the connection there, but someone at the dollar store obviously thought they'd be a great seller!  Hahaha!  They knew how much we liked music and they had only just met us!  The kids got in on it and when they'd come over, they'd bring something new to the table too....more maracas from their trips to Mexico, or one they'd had as a child and held onto all these years...these went into the bowl.  Dan & I were in & out of antique shops periodically and found a set of bongos, another wooden  double tambourine.  We added in three harmonicas and some Newfie spoons we'd had for years.  There is also a gorgeous hand carved wooden maraca, with the actual shaker part made from cow horn, we picked up at the Pow Wow put on by Six Nations each year.

            Now you know the items in the music bowl...here's how it developed into being a part of our world!  The kids and a couple friends would come over for a Saturday night say and we'd all have a few drinks, a BBQ, maybe a campfire (if it was summer).  The music would get livelier as the evening progressed and we'd pull out "the bowl".  At first, it was quite funny, because our kids are in their twenties (ranging from early to late twenties) and sometimes they'd bring out their friends to the house as well, so the first time we brought out "the bowl", they all kind of looked at us like we had two heads or something....so....we ignored them and just started playing the instruments along to - always a great starter - Simon & Garfunkel's Mrs. Robinson!  Well, they were very cautious about it, but eventually a couple picked up maracas, another picked up a tambourine, then another....and we were off to the races!  Then they were up and standing, dancing on the spot, singing along to the songs and low and behold...."the bowl" was EMPTY and everyone had something shaking in their hands!

            Isn't it funny now that when we visit our daughter's home, she too has a music bowl?  The music bowl was really the catalyst for my picking up the acoustic guitar and trying to learn how to play.  I strongly suggest you all add some spice to your life and pick up some percussion instruments because you'll be shocked at how much not only you enjoy it, but also all the people in your life! 
        Caution:  Playing musical instruments can bring on Happiness!


        ....is the shelving unit that holds all of our much loved CDs.  These have been acquired throughout the past 18 years by Dan and myself from various places all over.  We are very passionate about our music and always have been which results in a very diverse selection of music filling the house at any given time.  I believe we've become CD hoarders in that we are unable to part with any of them, yet don't really listen to the actual CDs any longer because we have ipods now.  We have an 80GB and a 120GB ipod.  The 80GB is full of music and the 120GB is two thirds full of music as well.  I think we hang on to the CDs because we want them as a backup base (even though we do have an external hard drive backed up) for if we ever lose our music on our ipods.  Not only do we have all this music, but also Dan has boxes and boxes and boxes (did I mention boxes?) of vinyl records in his closet.  And, we picked up a conversion turntable so we could convert all the records to the ipods.  Crazy!  Yes it is, because in order to do that, you must listen to each whole record, flipping over for Side 2 and really?...that takes an excrutiating amount of time which we plan on....someday.  

          The real reason we won't relinquish our CDs is because the sentimental value attached to each and every one is overwhelming!  In the first many years of collecting them, Dan and I would save up $400-$500.00 and head to Toronto for a daytrip.  This was a special day for us and we'd spend ALL day in Sam the Record Man, Sunrise Records and HMV in downtown Toronto.  We wouldn't stay overnight because that would be ridiculous wouldn't it...I mean, why would you spend the money on a hotel room that you could spend on more CDs?  Hahahaha!  We'd look around together for awhile, then separately, then together through every genre in each store.  If we were separately browsing, which by the way is very serious business and you become engrossed, and one of us found something particularly fantabulous, we'd search the aisles for the other and run up saying animatedly, "Look!  Just look at what I found?", grinning like idiots!  Sometimes when we were ready to go, we'd actually have to go through an elimination process because when we tallied up our finds, we'd be over our limit.  That was a horrible moment...knowing you had to put back one or possibly even two and come back another time for them.

        Leaving the stores behind was always a melancholy moment, but transformed the instant we got into the vehicle and ripped the packaging off the first CD to listen to!  There's nothing like getting home, popping your favourite purchase of the day into the good sound system and pouring yourself a glass of nice merlot while immersing yourself in the glorious sensations of the music. 

        We have a quote that's permanently on our wall in our dining/kitchen which says "Music is what feelings sound like".  As soon as I saw this, I had to have it and figure it prominently in our social area of our home.  It about says it all doesn't it?  On any given day, our music is playing because music can cheer you when you are sad, or help you wallow in your sadness.  It can demonstrate your anger, or quell it and music can bring on feelings of love, peace, kindness or despair, desolation and solitude.  Where else can you find an entity such as music that you can drive with, run with, sleep with, make love with, eat with and dance with.  It can make you think you are as good a singer as Joni Mitchell, Nat King Cole, John Fogerty or Sarah McLachlan....or is that the darned merlot?  Teehee!

        So, you can see how passionately we feel about music and why we can't relinquish any of our CDs.  We are in love with music and no matter how rich or how poor you are, music can always be a part of your life...a good part.


(ps.  shelving units are individual towers fastened together from IKEA...they can grow with your collection) 

          Katie happens to be my dear friend Maureen's daughter and was playing live at the Free Times Cafe on College Street in Toronto this past Friday night.  I was very interested to see Katie play, as Maureen had loaned me a demo CD of hers which I downloaded to my ipod about a year ago.  Her music, to me, is like alternate folk, which I personally thoroughly enjoy.  She played an Ani Difranco song, which actually embodied her own voice with it's soulful tones, but included her lilting melody.  Although her set wasn't very long and we wanted to hear more, most of the songs were of her very own composition and were quite beautiful.  It's a different combination of the acoustic guitar along with her expressively wistful lyrics that actually can make you feel the anguish she must have been going through when she wrote the songs and composed the music.  Congrats to Katie...Keep up the great work and write some more songs!

          It was a lovely venue in the room at the back of the Free Times Cafe and was worth the trip to see her.  Never mind the excellent Latkes we had for a snack while there.  Delicious!  I normally do not go to concerts of any kind due to the comfort level for my backpain, however am so glad I went and saw Katie play.  Also, I filmed a video of one of the songs she sang, however, am unable to load it up until I can figure out how to cut it down to size and then load it!  I had so badly wanted to share part of her concert with you and I do apologize.

          The great part about going to Toronto is that one of my daughters lives there, on the Beaches, and the three of us were able to drop our stuff off and have a little walk down Queen Street.  I so enjoyed going in and out of wee shops there.  One of the nicest shops was called Chatelet (Shabby Chic & French Country Home Decor).  The whole store is like candy land to me.  I didn't buy a thing, but I truly wanted to buy every other thing in the store.  Great ideas and lovely decor settings. My daughter was away, so we were able to take over her apartment overnight (not that we couldn't do that if she was there!) and cab into Toronto so we didn't have to worry about parking or having a couple glasses of wine while we were out. 

          This one night outing was like a little getaway, because before we came home the next day, we stopped at Kensington Market and met up with Katie and her sweet baby Stella.  Dan & I took off to Global Cheese to get the yummiest olives on the planet - garlic stuffed spiced olives, and some delicious cheese, and let Katie and her Mom catch up, one on one, with each other in a cafe.  Of course, when we go there, we have to buy enough for anyone in the family who loves the olives, so we were fairly loaded up.  If you've never been to Kensington Market, you must go to Global Cheese.  It's fabulous selection of cheese, lactose-free as well, and the efficient, friendly service make it a five-star establishment!

          Here's a funny story...when we went into the Kensington Cafe to meet up with Maureen & Katie, I had to use the facilities and was denied!  Even though I was sitting at the table with them and Dan too, they told me I had to buy something first.  I said to the girl "I'm buying a water on the way out and am sitting at the table with friends right there.", but she said "Sorry....store policy...when you buy the water, you can use the washroom".  Wow!  Even Maureen had to answer to the Washroom Gestapo and she'd been in there awhile and had purchased a beverage!  Although I wanted to go outside and hold up a sign saying "This Establishment is Rude", I do understand they probably get all walks of life in there and some of it not pretty, however, I don't look like a street person who wants to crash in their washrooms!  Yup, I bought some water and used the facilities.  My urge to use the washroom outweighed my indignation, but, I won't be returning there anytime soon.  They must have had some pretty bad experiences to be that rude to tourists? 

          That brings my little gaunt into the big city of Toronto to a close.  When we got home, I was completely exhausted and aching badly!  It was so worth it though to see Katie sing and to get the most delicious olives ever!

          Have a Great Sunday!