Everyday I read yet another post where the blogger
writing it is having issues about actually sitting down and putting
their thoughts on paper.

Here's mine.....
It's summertime.
That's right!  How, oh how, can I sit and write a blog when I have to (as we speak)
go out and water the gardens and the new lawn that's getting rather crispy and
needs tons of TLC?  Who will pick the weeds and the vegetables if I don't?
Who will take the dead heads off the plants finished blooming?

Who will feed and clean out the chickens?
Do the laundry? Organize the chaos we call home in summertime?
I'm heading up to a friend's trailer today in Southampton for a lovely
weekend and am trying to wrap my head around my resolve to post
at least twice a week when I come back.

I know so many of my blogging friends are feeling exactly the same way
and it's frustrating when you see some people posting daily and you
think...How do they do that?!!

How can I post in my downtime, when all I want to do is take pretty
photos of the sky and the water and the gardens, but not
doctor them up in PicMonkey right now...maybe later?
Okay...just one awesome photo!
One morning this past week I was awake at 4:30am and this is how the sky looked!
Don't forget about me....I'll be back!
Yup....this is my youngest daughter's grad photo.
My 23yr old now has a BA in Communications and is in her second year of completing
her BA in Journalism.  Not only is she intelligent, but I think she's gorgeous!
Megan rocks!
The last two photos shown here are Instagrams from Megan's Twitter.
Did I mention she's addicted to Pinterest and has the most boards of
any of my friends?  Go take a look HERE.
She's the reason I opened a Pinterest account in the first place....
not because it was Blog-cool.  I didn't even think of linking stuff
to my Pinterest account until I'd been blogging for a couple months!
Even when she was two years old, she was Photo Savvy!
Isn't she pretty?
I get special bragging rights, of course.....
That grad photo started this train of thought....I just couldn't get over how
flawless it looked!
Love you Megan....to bits!
...and lets not forget....
I had to share this new photo editing tool
Aimee posted about today over at It's Overflowing!

It's called PicMonkey and it's OPEN!

This is an awesome replacement for Picnik!
I was worried about which site I wanted to use after April 19th when Picnik closes
and now...worries are gone!
Everyone go check this out RIGHT NOW!
Just play with one of the photos on the home page like I did and use the sidebar
on the left of the editing page to navigate through the different options.
Thanks so much Aimee for sharing this!

OMG!  I just went into it to play some more and it's BETTER than Picnik...way, way more options to play with.  Swooning here!  You can even WARHOL your photos!  How cool is that?  Let me know what you think okay....AMAZING
Happy Monday All!
It's so breathtaking living on the Grand River.
I can't tell you enough how many mornings or evenings we've been in awe
of the beautiful, serenity of the scenery out our back door.
I thought I'd share some special photos with you today that have been taken over the past few months by myself and by Dan as well.
Don't worry....there's just a handful!

Starting off with the frosty view of the riverbank on the other side of the river from us.
The photos you saw above are beautiful and you have to realize, this is such
a quiet place we live in...no sirens, no buses...only birds and coyotes making
all the ruckus.

Hubby took the next two with his iphone and this first one is bizarre.
Is this a strange phenomena or what?!
Crop circles on the Grand!
They were everywhere and see at the bottom how there is a defining line on
the outside of the circles above them?
Well, that line of circles went as far as the eye could see east and west on the river.
How strange!
Dan's always out walking the bank (or is that picking up doggy poops?)
contemplating our world silently, so he always grabs these great shots spontaneously!

This next one he took is one of my favourite photos he's ever taken.
I want to live here....
oh wait...I do!
We're so blessed to have nature at our door.

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Santa came early!
Dan took me to buy a new camera!  Yeehaw!
Can you tell I'm so excited?
All I did last night was follow him around snapping photos of everything!
It was nuts!  He was such a good subject though!  He even posed for me....
with different hats!  Talking on the phone, working in the garage, cooking in the kitchen!
Well, gosh....it's a little hard to cook dinner with a camera in your hand!
The dogs however, were not cooperative at all.

Plus...we have our first grandchild coming in February and are super excited
to take awesome photos!
Check this out....(and I haven't even learned anything yet from the manual!)
Just clicking away....la,la,la!

So this is one of the photos from my Christmas Tree Posting yesterday.....
Taken with my iphone4 (as most of the photos in my blog were!)
I doctored it a bit in Picnik.

And this is one taken last night, undoctored by Picnik except for the
addition of my name.
Isn't it amazing?  Can you see why I'm so excited?
I just have to learn how to use it properly.
Anyone have suggestions on a blogger that does a course that's easy to follow?

I'm now the proud owner of a Canon Rebel T2i!
I love my husband....er.....Santa!
Merry Christmas one & all!
Hope Santa brings you something this awesome!
I feel so lucky!
(knock on wood)
My cousins Steven & Sandra live out west and many years ago,
I lived out there with them as my close friends/relatives
for three years on Vancouver Island.

I keep in touch with them now occasionally on Facebook (which is a wonderful venue
for staying in contact with long distance people in your world, isn't it?)

On Saturday, Steven posted some photos that were taken of him and his twin sister
Sandra...as well as one of their mother, my Aunt Ethel, who passed away
a few years back.
8 year old Steven....a sweet little boy worn out.

Steven's twin sister, Sandra....looking rather...pensive.
Check out the Envoy!  Wow!

Aunt Ethel's hands after working in the garden.
She had 10 kids and a no-nonsense way about her, but a sweetness as well.
She was a woman who worked hard all day and read Harlequin Romance Books by night!
and this captures her very essence.
My favourite memory of her is of her throwing a rubber boot at the chickens from the porch
when they dared to venture into her gardens!
What a lovely tribute to the person inside!

These photos touched me, of course, because I knew the subjects in them, but then
I went to Elaine Briere's webpage and was so impressed and in fact moved
by her work, that I was immersed in her photos.
I sent her an e-mail to ask permission to post her photos and she
wrote me back very quickly saying of course I could and that we might
possibly be relatives too!  She also sent along a couple more photos to use here.

Ed Johanneson, on his boat, Nanaimo, BC, 1976.
Fishboat Reflection, Port Alberni, BC, 1970
With her permission, I added her name onto the photos to protect them because,
if you stop in at Elaine Briere's website you'll see she has her photos for sale!
Not only does she do great people shots from everyday life, but has also focused on
East Timor, Workers and Unions, Poliitical Struggles, Places, and Inequities.
She's a filmmaker as well.
She has a very unique eye don't you think?

Thanks Elaine for allowing me to show your beautiful photos
and Thanks Steven for posting these thought provoking photos on facebook.

Taken with Dan's iphone...
            This beauty on your left is my Canon A620 camera, which I bought ....oh.....let's say approximately 8-9 years ago!  I've used it quite a bit throughout the years, but really?  Just on the Auto settings.  I once took a gorgeous photo of a hummingbird that I submitted (because you could see the feathery wings fluttering very clearly) to a contest and won!  But, that would have been in the early years when the instructions on "how to use it" were still fresh in my head!  I mostly used it for family gatherings...you know - the usual things people pick their cameras up for or the odd bird outside in the yard and sunsets of course.

            It's a 7.1 megapixel and when it was bought, was worth quite a bit of money and was actually sought after.  Hahahaha!  Now you can pick up a Sure Shot and get 18mp...too funny!  What's even funnier is that years ago, when digital cameras first came out, Dan & I bought one of those Sony 5.1mp (I think 5.1, but we gave it to one of the kids after we bought the new one) and paid almost a thousand dollars with the super expensive memory stick and taxes!  Wow...cameras sure have come a long way.

            So, when I started this blog, I actually was using my iphone 4 for most of the shots, because the pictures were fairly wonderful, but then, of course, we all know I dropped that into my tea, so a new one is on hold 'til next week and I can't use that forever for my blog!   After I did that boneheaded move, I started to explore my old Canon and do you know what?  It's actually not a bad little camera for a newbie like me!  I found out how to just have certain colours show up like this photo here, just by spending Sunday afternoon playing with it outside.  Also, I found that I could adjust for macro setting, manual, portrait, scenery, shutter speed, panoramics and a whole host of other utilities.  That was when I decided I needed to learn how to use this camera properly, before I invest in a new SLR camera.

            This is where my daughter, Alana, comes into the picture (photo?).  We're having Dan's birthday this Saturday and the kids are coming...Alana is staying overnight...heeheehee...I'm going to pick her brain so badly!
I asked her yesterday to bring her ultra-deluxe camera to show me how to use the telephoto, wide angle and macro lenses in a tutorial for Mom.  I'm so glad our kids attended school - it's like having a secondary brain at your disposal! 

            In looking on various classified areas of the web, I found this beginners set of accessories for the Canon A620 at an extremely reasonable price (under $150.00 with taxes and delivery to Canada) on ebay and ordered it immediately.  I'm looking forward to playing with my camera now and hopefully sprucing this blog up a bit! 

            Another new learning experience, just from starting a blog. is underway!!  Yay!!