We've all seen the Seinfeld Episode about the Soup Nazi...
This past Friday morning, I was in Southampton with my friend Nancy, and as usual
we made our way into town to eat at our favourite breakfast restaurant,
The Lighthouse Restaurant.

It wasn't too busy when we arrived, but we were early....salivating no less
because we were getting Eggs Benedict!  Yum!
We've been going there for the last 15 years.  I've blogged about my wonderful experiences at this restaurant HERE where I rave about my
Macedonian Omelette.
This is what I usually order when I visit....I can't get past the deliciousness of it!
However, on this day (Friday) we decided to do the Eggs Benny.
We ordered and sat back to await the arrival of our mecca.
When it came, we cut into our eggs and the yolks were hard.
Not a huge deal, but....that's not how Eggs Benedict are supposed to be.
You're supposed to be able to swirl your yolks around in the yummy
hollandaise sauce and enjoy the burst of flavours that bring joy to your palate!
Am I right?  Am I wrong?
Well, Nancy asked the waitress, very nicely, if she could please make us two
new eggs each because the yolks were cooked too much.
At $9.50 a plate, I don't feel that was asking for something unattainable?
I told the waitress, very sweetly, that we were fine with the rest of the food on
our plates...not to make new plates or anything....and we thanked her very much
and proceeded to wait for our "perfect" eggs.
Nancy looked over to the opening to the kitchen and saw the cook scowling at
the waitress and waving his hands in an "off with you" gesture.
The waitress walked up to our table and said "Ladies, I've been told to ask you to leave."
Nancy thought she was joking and asked her if she was,
and she said "No, you have to go...now."
I said, "You've got to be kidding....we've been coming here for 15 years."
She just shook her head.
So, we left.
In shock.
We couldn't believe it! 
Can you?
We're both 50yr old, middle class women...we weren't drunk and disorderly
and we were not rude AT ALL.
We're still shaking our heads....as is everyone we told.
We're hoping the owners, who weren't there, are as shocked and appalled as we were.
Frankly, it was extremely embarassing and thank god we were at the closest booth
to the door, or there may have been a scene, had more people realized what was
happening because we would have informed them about the cooks behaviour!
Have you ever been kicked out of a restaurant for sending your food back to be fixed?
I'd love to know.
I'm not leaving it at just blogging about it....I want an apology.
I seriously will be taking it further very soon.
That cook has ruined our favourite breakfast spot for both Nancy & I and we're
so disappointed because it was always a happy place for us.
Just like the photo of the Soup Nazi at the top of this page, the Egg Nazi of
Southampton feels the Customer is always wrong.
"No Eggs for You!"

Early last week one day, Dan & I ventured out to Cambridge to
Southworks Antiques
which has over 30,000 square feet and over 125 vendors!
Paradise for us!

Here's what we found that day....

These are swaying curtain rods that are extendable....I have plans to
paint them and distress, then mount them above the windows on our french doors
in our bedroom leading to our balcony.  They were about $24.00 for the pair...great price!
They'll be great because we can open or close some lighter curtains on the smaller window insert and for extra darkness I'll put a full curtain spanning the whole door.
You'll see....

This plant stand really caught my eye for $18.00....Won't my spider plant
look beautiful hanging in this when I paint it?

After seeing all the beautiful tablescapes in blogland, I've been keeping my eyes
open for a set of dishes I might like to have.  I have good dishes made by a well-known local potter, Donn Zver in Troy, however, they are kinda scratched after all the years of owning them and more rugged looking than pretty.  I still love them though!
Not sure you can read this properly, but it's a Washington Pattern made by
T, G & F Booth of England.  What I found out when researching my bowl, was.....
it was made circa 1883-1991 by Booth Brothers...and....YOU CAN'T FIND THEM ANYWHERE ON THE NET!  Seriously....I finally find the pattern of my dreams and
all I can find is a gravy boat and a serving dish.
I noticed one of the blogs I follow had some transferware that looked very similar to
this pattern and perhaps now that I have an idea of what I want, I can find something close to replicate this beautiful, dainty pattern.
Any ideas would be welcome????
We also picked up a beautiful white, chenille, queen size bedspread for
only $24.00.  I was pretty happy about it because it's in PERFECT condition and when I
was in Toronto with Megan, we went into a sweet little shabby chic shop and they had one almost identical with a price tag on it of $134.00!  Woot!  Woot!
I cannot, however, show it to you today.....my dog jumped up on it and got her dirty paws all over it, sooooo....it's in the wash!  Hahaha!

Have you discovered any fabulous antique finds lately?
And, please....give me some assistance with the dishes dilemma!
All I can say is WOW! 
Okay...maybe I can say a little more than that!

Saturday, Dan's sister & brother-in-law invited us to their neighbours farm
across the road from them.
I met some lovely people there!
Kim Davies, who owns the business Tattered & Torn and sells from Southworks
in Cambridge, Ontario knows her stuff...when it comes to shabby chic...she's got it
down to an art.  She opened up a quonset hut on her property to the public for the weekend and it was "Spectacular"!

Here's where she lives.....
I know...funny!  But, seriously, all you can see around their place
is wheat for miles it seems!

Here's what we saw before entering the mecca and I was hooked already!
See these Newel Posts...I really wanted one of these...but couldn't
justify the price!  I'm hoping if any were left, I can go back
and swing a deal for one of them...it's for my secret project!

Okay...now we venture through the door.  Picture me with my mouth hanging open
and delight dancing across my eyes!
I was in love, love, love with the merchandise inside and felt like I'd walked into
the past and was enthralled!  I examined every single corner of that place...
like...3-4 times!
Amazing reupholstering with Authentic Grain Sacks....

See all the grain sacks hanging on the rack in the background?
They were $200.00 each....wayyyy over my budget, but I was in love with them!
I thought this wrought iron item would make an awesome
Elmo (our Shipoo) bed, but he really does prefer our bed..
and he's got his oh so shabby shic stepstool now, so that's not happening!

Check this booth out carefully...there's so much to see in it!

Although this photo didn't turn out as sharp as I wanted, I decided to
include it anyway....the chair was made, I believe, and correct me
please if I'm wrong?  from an old carriage seat?
And, I love the shoes on top!

Here's another of Kim's booths.  She did have a few other vendors in
the building who's wares were just as wonderful as hers!
I'm not doing justice to this venue, because honestly, it was like you were
walking through an 1800's Better Homes & Garden Fair.
I found these wee little Vintage Copper Stamps and bought one!
I thought they'd be fabulous to put on some of my herbal concoctions as a label!

This little lovely is.....MINE!
We  bought this wrought iron washstand which had a wash bowl in it (which we
didn't want) because we're going to refurbish this into our new
powder room sink!
Pat, who sold this to us was a very sweet person.  She gave me her e-mail address
and told me to give her a call....cuz she has lots more goodies in her home!

_Dan already started stripping it when we brought it home because
he's as excited about this as I am!  It works out perfectly because we can
integrate the pipework underneath and....well....I won't give away all the secrets
we're doing to it.  You'll just have to watch and see in a later post!
The gunky stripper is doing it's job....drip, splat, drip.

Sadly, I had perused enough, spent too much, and had to leave.
I could have stayed there all day soaking in the pleasures of another time!

I hope you enjoyed this outing as much as I did?!
Big thanks to Kim & her husband Dan for having this venue!
            This is my dear friend/neighbour/fellow newbie blogger Maureen from It's All Connected. Today and Tomorrow, she's going to post a guest blog on my site, and it's very sweet of her to let me do this because I'll be very, very busy taking care of my patients....my hubby (hernia) today and my mom (cataracts) was yesterday.  On top of that, I'll be taking my friend to the hospital on Monday and bringing her back out here for a couple days (with her dog..that'll make three...dogs I mean....) to recuperate from her eye surgery!  Holy Moly!  But, they're all worth it!  It doesn't rain..it pours                 Anyway, I'm grateful to Maureen for giving me a few days off where I don't even have to think and I'll be back on Monday!  I hope you enjoy her posting about Auctions as much as I did.  And, I hope you'll go check out her site after reading her blog here...cuz she's one intelligent, witty woman and is also a professional decorator who has been to many, many auctions!


                                               From It's All Connected

Everyone Needs an Auction

The best way to find everything from food processors to furniture to fine art is to learn how to work an auction.  I know it seems scary and we've all heard stories of people getting stuck with a white elephant or who scratched their nose and had to pay for a grandfather clock.  Those are really folk tales and auctions aren't as difficult as they seem.

I started going to them in the late seventies to pick up furniture for my little girl's rooms.  Scandinavian Modern was in fashion and no one wanted Victorian dressers and beds, so I could pick them up for a song.  I refinished so many pieces I lost count.  When I was broke, I'd buy more furniture and sell the refinished pieces.  Without intending to, I became an antique furniture dealer.  During a stint as a flea market vendor, I became familiar with "smalls", pottery, silver, housewares, linens and decorative items.

I've made lots of mistakes.  That's usually because I didn't go to a preview or show up early enough to look items over carefully.

Let's take a little tour of an auction preview.  This one is at my favourite house The Old Town Hall Auctions in Paris, Ontario.  I've been going to this auction for over twenty years.  The auctioneer, John Runnquist, is knowledgeable and honest.  Yes, there are honest auctioneers!  This auction has a printed programme and if something is found not to be as stated they will make a full refund.

It all starts here -                  

Assume the artwork, furniture and accessories grouped around the podium are the best goods offered that day.  I've learned more about fine art from listening to the descriptions and watching art dealers, museums and collectors bid on these items than I would have in any course on the subject.  John will start auctioning items at 10:30, and go without a break, until late afternoon, when all is sold.

I look over some furniture -
The bed will probably go for around $1,000.00.  If a freak thing happens (and sometimes does) and it goes for $200.00, I'll buy it.

Here's a table of "box lots" -
The box in front has everything from a barometer to a jigger shaped like a golf club.  Oooh, is that a glass desk set in there?  Clean that up, add a pen and ink bottle and it will be lovely?  If that lot goes for $2, it's mine.  I'll probably pass on the signed Harlem Globetrotters ball and go for the kids books beside it.

The old gas pump is neat to go beside the garage -
I don't have a garage, so pass on that one too.

Bingo! -
The sun dial and gazing ball are nice if they go in the $50 range.  But, the baby sleigh and stroller are wonderful!  Please, let those go cheap!  It's near the end of the auction and the crowd will have thinned out.  Maybe.

John will go like stink to sell the last of the stuff at the back.  Anything here will be a bargain.

Those are antique ice skates on top of the photos and roller skates -

Pass on the interesting wringer washer but might go for the ice cream parlour set -

I'll go for the wooden crates if they are under $10 -

I'd like this wicker for my front porch but it has to be under $100.  Pass on the brass bed that has rickety joints and no side rails -

Let's pray there are no toy collectors there and my sister can buy these wonderful items for her etsy shop, 2 Be Cherished, at a reasonable price! -

Ahhh, the sleigh and wagon will polish up beautifully and look fab for Christmas! -

If I buy this lot just to get the hat box from Picadilly, remember I have to take everything here -

I'll buy a $4 cataloque from John's wife, Winnie, to be sure I know what I'm bidding on.  I'll go an hour early and look everything over again before the auction starts.  I'll figure in a 10% buyers premium (fee to the auction house) and sales tax on the maximum amounts I will pay for something.
If you are sitting beside me, I'll gladly answer some of your questions.  Please don't ask too many, talk too much or too loudly or let the baby wail through it all.

Remember, you have the advantage over all the dealers.  You are looking for a good buy.  Dealers have to be able to get double for the item when they retail it.  You can always outbid us!

Start small, learn as you go and be ready to get hooked!!!

(Posted by It's All Connected on Friday, October 21, 2011)


Thanks so much Maureen for that informative post...this was one of my favourites on your blog because I've always had a fear of going to an auction for all the reasons stated in your first paragraph and I'm sure there are many others such as myself out there...but now, I'm itching to go to an auction!

Tomorrow, we're posting a different subject completely, also from Maureen's blog, because if you want to see how the How the Auction Went! you can check it out on Maureen's pages (most of you that read this probably will check it out right after reading this!  I wouldn't be able to wait!)

Have a Great Day Everyone!


Dan & I went antiquing this past Saturday, with nothing in mind
other than to browse around and not buy much.
We were good!  Honest!

All items purchased were under $14.00!
See...we were good!

We went out to Waterford Antique Market in Waterford, ON which has two
stories of awesomeness inside...oh yah!
See what a horribly dismal day it was!  What better time to hide inside
an antique market!?  I told you all recently that Dan's going for a hernia surgery on
Thursday this week....well....he had alot of outside stuff to do, but it was nice for us
to just go out on that cold, drizzly day and it'll be awhile 'til the next time we're able to!

Okay...onto the fun stuff!

Our Interesting Finds of the Day

We don't believe this is old....at all....but it was kind of a great thing to have around!
you can clip a strand of jewellry, or something you are trying to read, into
the two clips and magnify it.
(Actually....Dan was more excited about this than I...but you never know?  I may end up using it someday)

These two 16" long scrolly wood pieces were a conundrum when we got them home.
Where I had envisioned them,
(In the doorway between our closet hallway and our actual bedroom)
didn't work.  They just didn't look right.
So, I walked around the whole house holding them up everywhere
and I'm still not sure about them.
Dan wants to make plant hangers out of them for the front porch....not a bad idea?
I was thinking....shelf supports....Still thinking.....
Any ideas friends?

Of course, as a lover of the garden, who wouldn't love this find?
Because the plexiglass is aged, Dan is going to cut some glass for it
and that will clean it right up!

I have a secret plan for this baby!
Can you guess what it is?  ...the secret plan I mean!
This is a plant holder....er....was....

50 cents each
Brown Wood Pirns,
fit into a shuttle for bobbin winding when making wool.
Check out Spinning Lizzie to see how they would have worked.
(she got hers for 25 cents each....lucky!)
These are part of my secret plan....

And, last, but not least!
I've been so inspired by VillaBarnes and have read pretty much her whole blog!
She talks of collecting "embellishments", which I should
have been doing all these years and could kick myself for not!
So, these are two little 4" trivets I found that I thought might be kind of pretty
as an embellishment on the face of a dresser or chest.
It's funny, but when you are looking for embellishments....you are going through
every nook and cranny of an antique store and looking behind things more, just to find
those little goody bags they put together for next to nothing!

I've so enjoyed sharing my day trip with you!
Have a great day!
We did think that!  And look at it!  I had to dig through the drawers of
old photos to try and find just one of our old playhouse we had almost two decades ago
for Miranda and Megan...our youngest two girls!
Yep...you got it....we actually paid $50.00 for this!  There actually is a door
behind that blanket hanging there!  And a real roof!  But, sadly,
no windows or fancy accessories....ooooh....if I only still had it!

The reason for today's subject is that while enroute back home from
Southampton on Monday, I spied the shed corner in Tiviotdale,
also known as Bosman's.

OMG!  You should see these playhouses on display there!  I should have stopped on the
way up and taken photos, but nooooo...I figured I'd catch them on
the way home.  Dumb, dumb, dumb...it was pouring cats and dogs on the trip home!
These are three of the Play Houses!
The Firehouse
The Victorian Mansion
The Schoolhouse
Aren't they AMAZING?!
Can you imagine having the property and the money to build a wee town in your backyard (field)?
Here's my two Blow Me Away  favourites!
Play House General Store
.....wait for it......(heehee)
Play House Movie Matinee
Isn't this awesome?  A ticket wicket and everything?!  Billboard slots?!  Wow!
All this kind of puts our old playhouse to shame doesn't it?
Wonder if it comes with a big screen inside and reclining couches with cupholders?

I'm just so impressed with the imagination used to build these Playhouses,
never mind the imaginative fun times all the kiddies
who receive these buildings are going to have!

Go to Bosman
and check out all the different structures they make!
Gazebos, Sunrooms, Signature Sheds,
Recycled Plastic Furniture, Playsets, Chicken Coops,
Cozy Kennels, Pavilions and Pergolas, Sheds, Lawn & Garden Structures,
Garages, Play Houses and Wooden Furniture!
Whew!  That's alot of carpentry!

You never know....we are having a grandbaby....maybe just one playhouse though?
Not a whole town!

Maybe we'll just go play in them!

(ps....not selling these!  Just interested and amazed on my way home from my weekend away!)

            That's right!  I'm like a kid in a candy store when I go to this place.  They opened a couple years before we sold our trailer in Southampton and I was so looking forward to exploring it upon my return this past weekend.  I wasn't disappointed!

             The owners of The Cook's Cupboard, Elspeth Macgregor and Glenn Conlan, are so personable and knowledgable about the products in their store and are happy to answer any questions you may have.  If you'll recall, I wrote about the Paltita Avocado Oil?  This is the store I purchased it in the very first time.

The  Tour!

There is everything in this store!  This side when you walk in has gadgets, specialty cocktail accoutrements, candles, cookbooks, and so much more as you can see.
Can you picture when you were a kid picking out your penny candy!?

That's Glenn Conlan heading into the back room...they were very camera shy! 
The display area here has high end oils, vinegars, pickles, pastas,
sauces, chutneys, crackers, bbq sauces....it's endless and amazing!

There's a huge wall freezer at the rear of the store with I believe four doors on it
and it is filled with The Village Kitchen frozen prepared culinary entrees...
a fabulous idea for all the cottagers who arrive in
Southampton and don't want to cook, but still want
a gourmet meal!

Although I can't decide which section of the Cook's Cupboard I love
most, this back portion consisting of two rooms
is right up there on my faves!  Beautiful le creuset cookware,
dinner settings, linens, small high end cooking appliances, and gorgeous
cutting boards!  (I bought one a few years back for Dan...handmade out of Larch in Canada)

I picked up some coconut oil, which the owners told me was fabulous on popcorn! 
Definitely will be trying that!
Also, some jambalya seasoning and souvlaki seasoning.  I also nabbed
a little something for our grandbaby on the way....but shhhhh...I can't tell you what...cuz it's a secret!
All I'll say is they were made in France! 

It's an all round happy experience when you enter this store and the owners are so sweet, taking time to converse and share parts of their lives with their patrons.

If only they could move their store down the street from me!
Bon Appetit!